Pilot Flying J has just agreed to a $92 million settlement that will prevent any further legal action being taken against them by the government over the alleged fuel rebate scam that they were caught running over a year ago. This settlement is in addition to the previous $85 million civil suit settlement and does not stop any other suits from being brought against PFJ by individuals or corporations. Additionally, it will not prevent the government from taking legal action against any individuals within the PFJ corporation. [click to continue…]


    Tracy Morgan and the three other surviving passengers who were injured in the highly-publicized crash with a Walmart truck have filed a lawsuit against Walmart Transportation which claims that the company was negligent in its oversight of both driver and equipment. [click to continue…]


    A trucker in Oklahoma City has been charged with multiple crimes after shooting at a fellow trucker in an apparent road rage incident.

    The incident occurred when 55-year-old Benny Newcomb was allegedly cut off by driver Gene Paris. Newcomb pulled his rig up alongside Paris’ truck and opened fire. [click to continue…]


    Though stories of animosity between drivers are all too common, occasionally a brave and selfless act like this one will help even the playing field. A driver recently put himself and his vehicle in an incredible amount of danger to help a fellow trucker who had lost control of her rig. [click to continue…]


    A Tennessee trucking company owner has pled guilty to his role in a cargo theft scheme that stole entire trailers worth of cargo from across the country and fenced them to buyers in Chicago and Detroit. [click to continue…]


    An empty truck can seem like an easy target for thieves looking to score some quick cash, and not just from cargo. The cab of a truck often contains pricy electronics… it’s just generally a good idea not to try and sell your stolen goods to the people that you stole them from. A South Carolina woman has been arrested for just that after allegedly stealing a GPS and cell phone right out of a driver’s truck and then attempting to sell the stolen goods back to him almost immediately after. [click to continue…]