A trucker who was fired in retaliation for refusing to drive her unsafe rig has been awarded over $115,000 dollars in a case brought against her former employer. In addition to the monetary compensation, the judge also ordered that she be reinstated in her former position. [click to continue…]


    New regulation is coming down the pipeline exactly as fast as was predicted – which shouldn’t be a surprise given what it concerns. The speed limiter rules that the DOT warned might be coming this year are indeed slated to be published before the end of the year. [click to continue…]


    Back in 2010, CARB implemented a greenhouse gas rule that required California carriers to outfit their vehicles with SmartWay verified equipment to improve aerodynamics and reduce fuel consumption. Unfortunately for CARB, the rule was unenforceable as it conflicted with a previous federal ruling from the EPA. Now, however, the EPA has granted permission for the CARB rule to be enforced, leaving carriers scrambling to become compliant with a 4-year-old rule that they never expected to see again. [click to continue…]


    A new highly controversial 3-part news segment produced and aired by CNBC has been taking heat from the trucking industry due to claims it makes about truck safety, accidents, and who’s to blame for fatalities in truck crashes.

    The segment begins with a shocking statistic, “up to 4,000 people killed out there every single year.” The death toll is then compared to a commercial airliner crashing every Friday of every week of every year. According to the NHTSA, that number is accurate, but it wasn’t the concrete number that ruffled feathers – it was the implication that appeared to some to accompany it. [click to continue…]


    Freight and trailers that were previously considered secure may become a target for cargo thieves as new tools are helping them steal entire rigs and get away with it. FreightWatch International warns that thieves are starting to use jammers that scramble GPS tracking devices that can be used to track down stolen loads. [click to continue…]


    Authorities in Saint Croix County Wisconsin are trying to figure out who shot 9 bullets into a truck and why after the crime was reported on August 2nd. The truck was driving on I-94 when it was fired on by someone in a car driving alongside.

    No one was hurt in the incident; in fact the driver didn’t even know what had happened until later on. According to the driver, as he was passing the car, he heard what sounded like someone knocking rapidly on his cab. He pulled over to see what happened and noticed that one of his windows was broken. [click to continue…]