Truckers routinely haul loads valued in the hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of dollars without batting an eye or thinking of making off with the goods. Things like Pharmaceuticals and electronics can be incredibly valuable on the black market, but they just don’t have the classic allure of, say, gold. Roughly $5M in gold bars were stolen out of the back of a truck, and the two truckers hauling the freight may be suspects in the crime. [click to continue…]


    Trucker Clinton Blackburn is being called a hero after he intervened to save the life of a Kentucky jailer who had been transporting a prisoner when he was attacked. [click to continue…]


    A carrier owner is one of three men who have been found guilty in a plot that defrauded the U.S. military of millions of dollars. Christopher Whitman, owner of United Industrial, allegedly bribed his two co-conspirators as part of the scheme which grossed his company over $37 million and found him convicted on 54 counts including bribery and defrauding the United States government through interstate wire fraud. [click to continue…]


    Kenny Capell and his co-driver wife were at a weigh station in Georgia when an officer asked for the IDs of both drivers. Capell was in the sleeper getting his federally mandated rest, but woke up and presented the officer with his ID before going back to sleep. Three weeks later it happened again, and Capell, unwilling to jump through the same hoops for the same officer, refused. He was arrested and charged with obstruction of justice. Now, after a year, allegations of police misconduct, internal affairs investigations, and misplaced evidence, all charges against Capell have been dropped. [click to continue…]


    The former bookkeeper for a trucking company has admitted to stealing nearly $3.5 million from the carrier. She had been embezzling funds for more than 15 years before she was caught and sentenced to 63 months in prison. [click to continue…]


    It’s not unusual to hear about truckers rushing the aid of motorists in need, often putting themselves in harm’s way to help others. Generally, when pulling a man from a burning vehicle, a heroic trucker might expect gratitude and thanks, not a sock in the face. To one driver’s surprise though, that’s exactly what he got. [click to continue…]