While the DOT isn’t generally known for being exactly speedy when it comes to instituting useful regulation, it appears that some people are getting fed up with their inability to produce a driver training rule. And since the rule is over 20 years past its deadline, it should come as no surprise that the DOT and FMCSA are being hit with a lawsuit. [click to continue…]


    Police are searching for the trucker who abandoned his trailer at a truck stop after he allegedly failed to extort extra money from his employer in return for completing the delivery. [click to continue…]


    Yet another trucking company owner has been caught using his trucking company as his own personal ATM. Charles Hammed, owner of C & A Trucking Company of Newark, NJ allegedly deposited $1,780,709 intended for his company into his own bank account. [click to continue…]


    Following multiple letters addressed to head of the DOT, Anthony Foxx, asking for the removal of CSA scores from public view, a bill has been introduced in Congress that would mandate exactly that. [click to continue…]


    The war over driver pay and minimum wage has raged off and on for decades now, but it looks like the tide may shift soon as a new legal battle is about to start in California courts. A judge has just approved class action status for a lawsuit being brought against Wal-Mart Transportation by a group of drivers claiming that Wal-Mart is violating state law by failing to pay them minimum wage. [click to continue…]


    A Pennsylvania driver claims that she was fired by her company after they discovered that she was pregnant. The incident has prompted a hearing from the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission concerning whether or not the company unfairly discriminated against the driver. [click to continue…]