When inspectors put rigs out of service to keep the roads safe, it costs truckers time and money. Aside from maybe a bit of grumbling, generally drivers finish up for the day with no further incident. Recently though, one driver got so upset that he has been charged with threatening an FMCSA inspector. But he didn’t stop there. [click to continue…]


    When we reported last week on the crash that killed trucker Ewell Levy, it was noted that brake failure was likely the cause of the accident that saw the trucker trying desperately to keep from injuring anyone else before his rig crashed into an empty restaurant. Investigators now claim that mechanical failure was the cause of the crash, and the carrier was to blame. [click to continue…]


    It seems like this winter has been one big blizzard after another, bringing delays and fouling up the roads. During one such snow storm on January 9th, there was a crash that involved 193 vehicles. It was a domino effect brought on by icy roads, low visibility, and –according to investigators– drivers who were going too fast for the conditions. That’s why the Michigan State Police announced that they are issuing tickets to 58 people involved in the pileup for driving too fast in unsafe conditions. [click to continue…]


    A new bill is being introduced that would allow the Department of Transportation to recognize hair testing as an acceptable method of drug screening. [click to continue…]


    An every-day evening commute all changed in a split second when a truck lost control and rolled over the side rail of an on-ramp, landing upside-down in traffic. [click to continue…]


    Carrier PAM Transport has been ordered to pay 12 former drivers a total of $477,000 over their invasive medical clearance policy. The policy required the drivers to notify their carrier every time they had any contact with a medical professional. [click to continue…]