Not everyone is cut out to be a Chameleon Carrier owner. You need a particular brand of stupidity to be shut down, reopen your company under a different name, and continue operating under the same unsafe conditions that got you put out of service in the first place. But it takes a truly idiotic mind to get shut down, reopen, get shut down again and sentenced to jail time, and then reopen again while serving your prison sentence. [click to continue…]


    Three truckers in a convoy recently came under attack by a gunman driving a white pickup truck on Highway 59 in Montgomery County, Texas. [click to continue…]


    A trucker is claiming that it was his GPS’s fault that his truck got stuck on a pedestrian bridge in a Milwaukee park last week. Whether or not his GPS told him to turn in the wrong place however, it should have been fairly clear that he was driving where he shouldn’t be. [click to continue…]


    The new driver training rule that the industry has been expecting for the last two decades is about to get one step closer to becoming almost a thing that the FMCSA might be ready to propose… someday. The agency announced that it will be conducting a survey of new drivers to gather data that will help to produce a new entry level driver training rule. [click to continue…]


    A Pennsylvania man has received a settlement of $3.8 million dollars from two trucking companies after a crash that caused traumatic brain injury and numerous broken bones including “all of the bones in his head.” [click to continue…]


    This is a friendly reminder to all drivers based or operating in California: The CARB deadline is approaching! If you’re driving a reefer unit without a CARB approved filter after the end of this month, you’ll be slapped with a fine. [click to continue…]