As many as 20 highway shootings have occurred over the past month in and around the Kansas City area. Authorities are unsure which shootings may be connected, but it appears that the spree started on March 8th and continued, increasing in frequency over the next month. [click to continue…]


In the comments section of our news stories, in our forums, and many other places in the industry,  truckers, carriers, and lawmakers are speaking out against the negative impact that the July 1st HOS changes have had on trucking. The report that the FMCSA finally issued to justify their decision that affects millions of drivers across the country used data collected from only 106 drivers.  There’s a new survey being taken that will help the voices of the other millions to be heard. [click to continue…]


In 2005, the FMCSA instituted a program that allowed for drivers to informally contest enforcement charges that were brought against them. In theory, this would let drivers reverse erroneous citations, audits, or compliance reviews and wipe their records clean without the legal hassles and tremendous legwork of a formal contest. Then, amidst concerns about the effectiveness of the program, it was shut down temporarily “pending a reevaluation of the procedure” which hoped to find a solution to the program’s problems. After a nearly four year hiatus, the FMCSA informal hearings program has been reinstated. [click to continue…]


As truckers get more experienced on the road, they pick up all sorts of skills that aren’t part of a new driver’s training regimen. Veteran truckers who have been on the road for long enough are able to handle just about anything that might get thrown at them… even, as it turns out, delivering babies. [click to continue…]


It’s no secret that the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee doesn’t think too highly of the new Hours Of Service provisions, CSA scoring system, or the agency who brought us both. The chairman of the committee, Congressman Bill Shuster, has publicly scolded Anne Ferro, head of the FMCSA, on multiple occasions for going ahead with the HOS program despite not having any data to back up the claim that it would make our roads any safer. His remarks joined with Congressman Richard Hanna’s who previously called the data collected for the program “worthless.” Congressional confidence in both controversial FMCSA programs has reached a new low as the House committee is requesting an intervention from the Government Accountability Office. [click to continue…]


The California Air Resources Board is infamous in the trucking world for imposing the most strict emissions standards of any state in the US. Carriers and drivers who run in California know that if they don’t run compliant, they’re going to get slapped with harsh fines, but most don’t come even close to the $418,000 fine that CARB just issued for… non-compliant wiper fluid. [click to continue…]