The war over driver pay and minimum wage has raged off and on for decades now, but it looks like the tide may shift soon as a new legal battle is about to start in California courts. A judge has just approved class action status for a lawsuit being brought against Wal-Mart Transportation by a group of drivers claiming that Wal-Mart is violating state law by failing to pay them minimum wage. [click to continue…]


    A Pennsylvania driver claims that she was fired by her company after they discovered that she was pregnant. The incident has prompted a hearing from the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission concerning whether or not the company unfairly discriminated against the driver. [click to continue…]


    A truck driver was killed a fatal accident involving his rig and a local fire truck. The strange thing is that there was no collision. [click to continue…]


    You may recall the fiery crash in 2011 that occurred when a truck collided with an Amtrak train, killing 6 people including the driver of the truck and the train conductor. The controversial case is coming to a close after a jury has ordered the carrier to pay $4.7 million to Amtrak and Union Pacific Railroad. [click to continue…]


    A carrier has lost a legal battle over who is responsible for paying for the $8.5 million of mostly uninsured cargo that was stolen out of one of their vehicles. A judge awarded almost $6 million to the broker after they filed a claim alleging that the carrier was contractually responsible for any damage that occurred during shipment. [click to continue…]


    The truck parking issue can be broken in to two separate problems. First that there is simply not enough safe, reliable parking to go around, and second, that even when there are open spots, it can take lots of time spent cruising around multiple different rest areas to find one. A new program that’s about to roll out nationwide hopes to make it easy for drivers to find nearby parking. [click to continue…]