A Listing Of GOOD Trucking Companies:


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Crete Carrier

Reason(s) Picked:
Crete Pays Practical Miles
Crete Pays Hourly Detention Pay After 2 Hours
Crete Has A Very Good Reputation

CFI (Contract Freighters Inc.)

Reason(s) Picked:
CFI Pays Practical Miles
CFI Has A Very Good Reputation

Marten Transport, LTD

Reason(s) Picked:
Marten Charges Detention Time After 2 Hours
Marten Has A Very Good Reputation

Heartland Express Inc.

Reason(s) Picked:
Heartland Express Has One Of The Highest Pay Rates & Is NOT Unionized.
Heartland Express Has A Very Good Reputation

Knight Transportation

Reason(s) Picked:
Knight Transportation Has A Very Good Reputation
Knight Transportation Has Very Good Equipment

Note: This listing is my opinion ONLY. ALL these trucking companies still have their problems and are NOT perfect by any means BUT it’s a good start!

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  1. Louise Cooper says

    My husband has had his CDL-A for over 20 yrs. I am wanting to get my CDL-A so we can team drive. I don’t know what company would be best to start with, as my husband has been driving in TX and most companies don’t consider this as OTR. What companies would you suggest to be the best companies not only for my training but also for husband/wife teams?
    Thank you so much for your help. Have a great week.

    Louise Cooper

    • Jonathan says

      FFE Transportation SVCS they are out of Dallas Texas however the main Terminal is in Lancaster I was in the same situation as your husband I drove a wrecker for 2 years in Texas and no one would hrie me but FFE did its the largest reefer company in the U.S. and the 3rd largest trucking company and I have no problems here I got a 2009 truck with low miles on it and I get very good miles and run alot of the wide open west hardly ever come east.

    • monster says

      i would suggest Panther expedite, they have light loads and everything is negotiable, very good for teams and husband and wife teams, great starting pay, decent lease program. better to own your own though

  2. Robert says

    I worked for Knight Transportation, one year as a full time driver and 3 years as a casual driver working about half time. I really enjoyed working for them, and the only reason I left is because I now live in Thailand. They had great equipment that was well maintained, they were not at all petty and there were as many miles available as you were able (physically) to drive. Knight seems to be quite particular about who they hire, but once you estblish yourself there they leave you alone. I really enjoyed the lack of pettiness I’ve heard about at other companies. They also never left me sitting for days like the first company I worked for did.
    I retired from a professional job and drove a truck because it’s something I had wanted to do since I was a child. Knight made it a great experience, and if I ever move back to the USA, I will go back to work for them.

  3. Never will says

    I’ve been driving for over twenty years. I hauled general frieght, van, flat, reefer, tanker, for the first couple years to get my feet wet. Barely made a living, the best year I did was 52,000 dollars. Now that may sound good for somebody working 40 hrs a week 9 to 5, but when you rarely have a day off and irregular schedule sleeping in a truck and living on the road like a cockroach, showering at lousy truckstops bad food and ignorant other truckers who have the mentality of a 3 rd grade retard, it just isn’t all that great.

    I new this going in being a second generation driver. I became an O/O 18 years ago and got into specialilty commodities and what a difference. Make money pick and choose where to go and haul what you like. I hear all you big riggers talk about new trucks and blah blah blah. My ride is over 15 years old works great rides great sure it has miles and a few little quirks but I don’t have to answer to some 8 dollar an hr office geek that don’t know squat about trucking. And I make money. I’ve thought about doing a local job what a joke, the best I’ve seen is 50 to 60k a year. LOL! Bottom line do your research, there is not a perfect trucking job out there. But don’t cave and work for nothing. I see ads for O/O and companies brag about 1.10 a mile to the truck, what a joke. If you don’t get at least 1.90 plus fuel you are not making money. Company drivers I wouldn’t start for less than .60 per mile and if you do your damn stupid. If everbody would realize this the pay would be where it should be and drivers would be making the money they should. Wake up be smart and be safe.

  4. Prentis Martin says

    I am currently in the military. I was thinking about truckdriving when I leave the air force. What are the top companies for military veterans

    • Bill says

      Prentis, There are a ton of companies for military vets. I’m a vet too and had the same question when retiring. The best advise I can give you is look for a company that YOU fit into. Some will do their best to keep you away from home. Some won’t give you the miles and starve you out. All the companies are “hiring”. If they have a big turnover, say over 120% of the drivers, something’s wrong…. bad safety record, accidents, low pay, no miles, etc. etc. I have a lot of links and the truckers report is a good start. If you have direct questions, shoot me an email. I’m a driver also. Bill traubbj@gmail.com

  5. Jackie says

    I would love to work for someone who would pay that much per mile. Do you know anyone who does? Would greatly appreciate it.

  6. Greg says

    I worked for Crete for a couple years and absolutely loved them. I’m looking to get back OTR, and they will be my first choice, with nothing bad to say about them. I appreciate this list though, it gave me a few other options to look into :)

  7. Wildcat says

    I work for Transport America. I have been here almost a year now and been driving for 10 years total this is a very good company and they look out for there divers! They have competitive pay and excellent benefits! The dispatchers really work for you! Also Excellent home time!!! I am proud to be a diver over here and am here to stay!!!

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