Shameful: North and South Express Threatens Drivers To Stop Complaints


In my opinion, North and South Express is a little unhappy with the things people are posting about them on the internet. It appears that Rod Larson, owner of North and South Express, is threatening to publish drivers’ private information, including Social Security numbers and Drivers Licenses, if they post anything negative about his company. You can read Rod’s threat below:

North and South Express Threatens Drivers

Here’s the text (I made some of the text bold to highlight it) for those that can’t see the image:

Im the owner of a small fleet of trucks, married to a lawyer. Im tired of you letting anyone say anything about myself and my company. I want all none truths, lies and defamation off your web site that has anything to do with North and South Express.

The courts did say you have freedom, but your making a profit off ads, that changes the courts ruling for you.

You dont screen or check on any post, you have no regards to truth…I have six pot is all, you cost me lost revenue from Owner’s that did lease on to NSE.

You decide if its worth heading to lawyers

I will start posting DL, DOB, SS numbers of all drivers that post anything negative on NSE//lets see where that gets your site..

you have 30 days… we are also sending a demand letter via mail.

I called North and South Express’ central phone line to confirm that this message came from Rod, not someone trying to frame him. Rod confirmed, “Yeah, that’s me. I wrote it.”

Here are some of the threads that have been posted about North and South Express by members on the forum. It’s worth noting that some of the users with positive things to say about the company all come from the same IP address, which in my opinion points to the possibility that it could be the same one person writing all the positive comments.

North and South Express, Cedar Rapids, IA


north and south express aka lms transportation

I feel that TruckersReport has a responsibility to fight legal threats so that drivers always have a platform for expressing their views, and we won’t be deleting any posts about North and South Express unless the drivers ask us to. How do you think the drivers should respond? Should they remove their posts to protect themselves from possible identity theft, or should they take a risk and stand by their reviews?


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  1. Avi says

    I have no dog in this fight, but this Rod Larson character is an Idiot First Class.

    I’d suggest that posters not reveal any personally identifiable information when making posts, as well as create a secondary account.

    It would also be quite hilarious if someone were to make Mr Larson’s information available. Bet he wouldn’t like that… but hey… what’s good for the goose is good for the gander… quid pro quo, and all of that.

    • says

      I agree that community members should be careful to protect their privacy and not post any personally identifiable information, but it’s not always that simple. If someone posts, “I was a driver for so-and-so and they still owe me $7,000,” that driver has probably said something similar directly to the company, and the company can connect the dots.

      If drivers don’t provide details in their warnings on the forum, other members are less likely to believe them. If they do provide details, it makes it easier for the company to identify them and enact retribution. It’s a tough situation.

      • Lenham says

        I have had a similar experience. The threat was directed at me not Truckers Report and I would say milder and really with no teeth. I chose to ignore it and press on. The forum did the trick and of course I am now leased onto another company. Again requests to take down the thread etc. They deduced it was me as has been said above simply by connecting the dots to the particular sums involved, not hard and almost impossible to disguise. You have to tell the truth and reveal specifics for it to do any good. Personally I will not be swayed.

    • Nate Clay says

      I was about to lease my truck on with this company. I called and talked to Rod and he made it sound like the best thing since sliced bread. I went on your website and read the reviews about N/S express and decided not to lease on. After seeing this, boy am I glad I did! Keep those post coming helps us drivers out a LOT!!

    • trucker60 says

      ***I have no dog in this fight, but this Rod Larson character is an Idiot First Class.***

      Avi, I agree with you 100%. If I had been considering going on with this company, Rod Larson’s attitude would definitely put a stop to that. I can only assume he’s not on trucking forums much or he’d see that there are happy/unhappy drivers with every company and it’s discussed openly which is the drivers right. I’d turn in Rod Larson to authorities if he gives out personal information that could cause a person to be caused Identity Theft. I would report this man to the Federal Trade Commission, Attorney General in his state, FCC and the BBB. And that’s just a start. I realize that trucking companies get complaints that may not be fair because of a dispute between them and a driver, but that works both ways and there are many times when the driver is in the right and this Rod Larson just doesn’t want that information out in the public eye.

    • ed gongre says

      Just my opinion as im no longer a commercial driver due to health ,but his threats and especially if proven to be from him ,well it seems to me that if he was to follow through with any of it it would be illegal in some way .Im sure there’s got to be a law protecting people from intentional use or publishing private information with out ones consent

  2. Derrick Belton says

    I am disable because of compamies like this one, always threading my job if i wanted a day office, and when I realized I was in pain and had to take a day to see the doctor then work slowed to where I could not pay bills, so it is about time we drivers got help, go get him/them.

  3. wonderkins says

    Is there nothing illegal about posting personal information like ssn for the public to see? Especially without consent from the ssn owner? He should probably be careful about doing that.

    • wells says

      Absolutely. I’m a driver and a lawyer and I’d most certainly make big trouble for this clown if he did such a thing with my personal information. Seems just like some of the obnoxious small business owners that I’ve come across who operate their business like the King of a small African country and expect everyone to treat them accordingly.

  4. Trouble Man says

    Like “Avi” I also have no dog in this fight, but this guy Larson just has failed up to this point to rip off or insult the right person. I myself am a black owner operator and I’ve kept away from people and companies just like this for the very reason of not wanting to find myself in prison for dishing out punishment to those who seem to believe that I work and run my truck for free or just for their profits. Just my two cents!

  5. roadtoad says

    Thanks for posting this Sam. I think Mr Larson showed more about his and his company’s integrity with the email he sent you than any of his current or former employees ever could. As for aanyone else sharing their opinions, I agree that you need to minimize any ties to yourself with the reviews you make. Whether it is secondary accounts or limiting the personal information you release on your profile, avatars, or posts (such as locations, age, or usernames that may reveal who you are)

    • Ron says

      Very true . Larson would have done himself justice , by just keeping his mouth closed or in this case his fingers still .

  6. Hal says

    If Mr. Larson want s to even TRY posting peoples personal information on the web, or by any other means, First, there can be federal charges of communicating a threat. (Federal because the threats are posted throughout the internet, which reaches…..EVERYwhere???) and second, He will readily be facing federal charges for violating the Privacy Act law of 1976, AND he could also face federal charges of identity theft, both Class A felony charges. If he thinks he is ready for some serious time, and loss of his company, just to name a couple of the possibilities, then I tell him, “Go for it!” Truckers report is here for the Driver’s benefit. Yes, from time to time, you will see negative reports about companies by disgruntled drivers that are just plain, Unhappy and want to “Get even”, but there will often times, be drivers that have a legitimet complaint and that are trying to help other drivers to make a proper and respectful choice of companies. Mr. Larson needs to back off and re-think his strategy and work on improing his perosnal and company image. Then, maybe the bad comments will stop themselves. Threatening people just gets you more problems. And if your wife IS a lawyer, then one of 2 things is taking place, (1) she’s giving you bad advice, just so you get yourself hung, or (2) She’s NOT a very good lawyer.
    Your’s truly, former government officer

    • Kennith Mangum says

      ROCK ON!!!! You hit the nail on the head. I have worked for a company where the owner cared nothing about his drivers all he saw us as were $$$$$$ signs! he only hires quantity instead of quality, 10 out of 60 of his drivers had no arrest records nor DOT violations so severe that it would prevent them from driving a commercial vehicle he is no longer in business and I thank God for the opportunity I had while driving with him for the experience. through that experience I have learned what to look for in a company this gentleman its just asking for trouble. I do not know how many trucks he runs but if more than a handful of drivers are all complaining about the same thing then maybe there is a problem he should listen to these drivers find the problem find a solution and carry on!

    • Kittin says

      I’m sure he’ll get PLENTY more applicants to work for his company when he threatens to toss their personal information out on the internet the second they disagree with him… I sure would be wanting to sign up there asap….

  7. Marcia says

    I don’t have a dog in this fight either, but wow, how dumb can Larson be? Wouldn’t he have to prove the negative posts are false? He shot himself in the foot with that e-mail. I hope the drivers in his company get together and sue HIM for making these threats!

  8. Two Thermos says

    This little hotshot loser Larson guy says he’s hitched to a lawyer? Maybe he should go talk to her (him?) before he goes releasing or threatening to release the kind of info he’s supposedly threatening to release.

  9. brian says

    Don’t know anything about N and S trucking, but if they are anything like C.R. England. STAY the HELL AWAY!!!! Usual practices for these companies, that they keep under wraps, is they think the working class should be treated like dogs on a chain. “He/she will abide by abuse or choke the hell out of them if they don’t”.

  10. John says

    We all know many people write things when they are upset. Over stating the facts and trying to hurt their employer. Personally I think their are ways to convey your message and then their are ways you should not. No job is perfect and with turnover at or above 85% almost all the time with trucking. I think its a mute point that every company deals with the same issues. My question to many drivers is this. Do you think maybe your expectations of trucking are not inline with many of these companies? I have been driving since 1989 and many of these complaints are still around today. Unfortunately its part of the job and yes we need things done to improve working conditions. But to blame certain companies as if to single out them as the whole problem is not solving anything. Might make you feel better, but complaining through official channels about trucking in general would do far more to improve conditions for the driver.

    • Ron says

      This post sounds like it ce fr a trucking companies human resource dept . My rebuttal would be . Drivers have aright to post company failures , just as well as companies do towards drivers , ie DAC reports . It don’t feel so good , the shoe on the other foot , that is .

    • Two Thermos says

      So this is an excuse for some company owner to threaten to release individual’s confidential information like driver’s license or Social Security numbers because you’re upset with negatives they might, or might not, have posted about your company an/or operation? Sorry, but when you’re running a company and you’re accused of bad conduct, you publicly state your case in your defense. You don’t go off half-cocked on some vendetta against employees or contractors who may, or may not, have a legitimate grievance who you may, or may not, have correctly identified. The fact that this Rod Larson threatened to do such and such suggests to me that his complainants very likely do have a case. Sounds pretty thuggish, if you ask me.

    • David G says

      You are right about some drivers complaining, but this Larson dude is out of control. Makes whatever has been said about this company more credible. If the drivers working for him are smart, they should all get new jobs with someone more reputable.

  11. TW says

    Forward said threat to expose personal information to law enforcement. If Mr Larson was truly married to a lawyer, said lawyer would have smacked him upside the head for making a threat like that. Said lawyer would have also shown Mr Larson that sites such as Truckers Report fall under safe harbor laws.

    It’s up to him to decide what’s more important. Straightening up his act or explaining to the feds why he purposely exposed personal information.

  12. Donns says

    I believe that this company he owns has some major issues.
    If I owned it and the feedback was negative an coming from several not just one
    Individual. I would definitely be trying to FIX it not threaten people
    Cause buddy mothing like throwing up the bullseye that YOUR GUILTY…..

  13. Jim Weisbeck says

    I worked for Rod….he paid well…..I think he didn’t treat his o/o very well….as a 30 year driver and an o/o for 10 years I was going through a divorce and working alot……when I decided to slow down some dispach started to make things hard for me……I fell and broke my arm…..I was told that if I got a lawyer he would fire me…..I moved on….Rod print info please…..Your not the good guy you pretend to be….

    • Glenn Holland says

      This small business owner has opened himself up to class action lawsuit against several of his practices. For example, labor law, workmans comp law, and right to privacy law. Its not always about money to gain but stopping bad business.

  14. john says

    what is he, 13 years old. that he is dumb enough to post something like that publicly. if he does it he deserves everything he gets. if he thinks the drivers are herting his company, wait until the lawyers get ahold of him.

  15. James C says

    And at light speed, to class-action suit this idiot goes…

    To be the subject of one.

    Even this guy can’t be stupid enough to believe that he can give out personal information like that and get away with it.

    Nope, the dude’s threats are as hollow as his skull.

  16. Roadghost says

    What you read on the internet is just opinion based on posters experience. It’s your choice whether to believe or not. Some of the posts are done by people who are just angry, but as the negative posts build up the truth becomes clear and the company in being talked about is bound to get angry. Good companies will have nothing to fear, but there are so many bad companies stealing from drivers that getting the word out on the internet can only be a good thing for the trucking industry. New drivers go to these bad companies and quit the industry after a few weeks in disgust over the lawlessness.

    Free speech is free speech for better or for worse. Trucker’s report should defend free speech vigorously an without apology. It is what a free society is based on.

    • Ron says

      I hear a lot of rhetoric about drivers that are “JUST ANGRY” .. This kind of belittling should cease . If a or any driver is angry , something caused that anger . You think , just maybe it could have been … I don’t know , just maybe could have been an employer . NAH!!! Probably not . Employers wouldn’t EVER do something to set an employee off , especially when they got 15 to 30 new drivers ready to take his place .

  17. Von says

    Did this idiot ever hear of Freedom of Speech??
    North and South Express and Rod Larson is forever imprinted in the book of stupidity and worthlessness.
    To all drivers: refuse to work for this company. Shut them down. Period.

  18. Cliff Downing says

    He may be married to a lawyer, and if that lawyer advised him that what he is threatening to do is free of any wrongdoing, that lawyer must have graduated bottom of the class and bribed the Iowa Bar for admittance. He would have been better off if he would have confronted allegations that were made against him instead of throwing a temper tantrum. I am reminded of … “me thinks ye doest protest too much”.

  19. PB says

    I am not involved in this, however, the issue here is more that Larson trying to bully his drivers. What about the “Freedom of Speech” issue? All of us hear things we don’t like and don’t want to hear but this is America. Man up Larson, some people tell lies and others post the truth: Everyone has the right to speak their mind.

  20. Robert says

    The whole idea behind job referencing is for an employer not to get stuck with an employee or independent contractor that’s bad news. Unfortunate for employers the internet provides the opportunity to label them according to their own bad news.

    If the shoe fits . . .

  21. Gary Scott says

    I am the O/O that made the comment about NSE owing me over 7,000.00 and I thank you for publishing his threat to publish personal information about former employees. He has had so few that he could easily identify who is posting about this company. I have filed a complaint with the Texas Workforce Commission about back wages and I will be forwarding this threat to them. He may be married to a lawyer but my lawyer and the district attorney for Parker County will be getting this threatening information.

    • yogibear says

      Gary, If you need a character witness in court, let me know. Rod fired me on the side of the road after my truck broke down ad after the fact he said he would help with the repair bill. He too still owes me for back revenue, but I have all I could ever ask for, Seeing him go down in flames and everyone knowing just exactly a bad person he is to work for

      • Gary Scott says

        Yogibear, If he owes you back pay file a complaint with the Texas Workforce Commission and they will try to get your wages from him. Rod might need a character witness after I get through with him.

  22. James says

    I had my job threatened by TMC when I worked there for posting negative thoughts on a website. I think this guy revealed his character in this email and anyone that would lease to him is asking for trouble.

  23. Gordon A says

    If I worked for them and he posted my personal info he would not be in business very long. No wonder this clown ( being polite here) is having problems. He with out a doubt is treating his employees like dirt and doesn’t like it to be public. I think turn about is fair play. Obviously he has little or no business sense and has no concept of the term People skills.

  24. Bandit of Muncie says

    This guy makes me sick, I own my own company and this is not how you treat drivers ever!!!! I own my company and I am STILL! a driver!!!!! Fair pay for a fair day work is the way it should be!!!! I am soo PI$$ed I want to make it my personal mission with my law team and company to put North And South under. You don’t screw drivers that are trying to provide for their families!!!!!! This is why I am still a Driver, so I don’t lose touch with what my drivers go through!

    • Ron says

      Now BOM sounds like a great employer . Fair pay for fair work . Great concept . You should do seminars for other companies in the industry . No , I’m serious , they really need it .

  25. Trucknmom says

    He says he is married to a lawyer clearly she forgot to inform him of the legal ramifications he could face. He said the postings has cost him revenue… Hhhmmm wonder how much his stupid comment will cost him. There’s 1 thing about people always trying to get over on others they tend to dig a deeper hole and create a bigger mess for themselves.. Clearly he wasn’t thinking before he made such a stupid threat.. To anyone doing business w/ this guy I suggest you reevaluate your dealings and cut ties before that sinking ship takes you down w/ it..

  26. Coiledvipers says

    If he posts that info online he will be going to Prison so let him do it he don’t have the balls to do it. BTW this is Extortion aswell so that is federal crime aswell.

  27. T Wade says

    Why not sue instead of making threats to present or former employees? Who would want to work or lease for this man if he will use your personal information to keep you quiet about his operations?

  28. PENWORTH says

    If…, married to a lawyer, she or he is probably some sleazy divorce lawyer who knows nothing about criminal or corporate law.

  29. Brian McClernan says

    This is the problem …..some of these trucking companies try and strong arm you……..New England Motor Freight does it in Pennsauken NJ

  30. B Sanders says

    This needs to be brought to the attention of Ann Ferrell head of the FMCSA. If he is threating drivers what else is he hidding. A full blown audit plus a visit from the FBI about internet fraud and identity theft .

  31. Scooter74 says

    Great that he owned up to the post – that provide proof to the authorities and will be his undoing when this winds up in a courtroom. Those sorts of threats might even constitute that ‘wonderful’ class of Terrorist Threatening.

    Sorry to hear that this idiot thinks he can do this but I feel pretty confident that will be about the last threat he makes before he finds himself looking at some law enforcement folks.

    I would suggest that each person potentially affect contact their local law enforcement office to start the process rolling. Or call your hometown District Attorney to enlist their support. In any case this is just the sort of thing that should put him out of business for a variety of reasons.

    Good luck to all of ya!

  32. James Maxwell says

    Please post my information so I can own a piece of your company. Your wife must be one of the dumbest lawyers on earth if she told you that is a good idea.

  33. Taylor says

    Wonder if he uses hireright? he wants posts to be truthful, sounds like our gripe with hireright, doesnt it? enjoy what we deal with daily, rod!

  34. NoOne says

    Like many I don’t have a dog in this fight but if this guy thinks he can away with posting confidential information about people who have had negative experiences with his company or who know people who have had negative experiences with his company then just maybe he needs to consult with his Lawyer spouse on the repercussions of doing so.

    • says

      Yah, but you just put your
      tail in the water bowl. If you’re gonna make waves, then stand tall. NoOne, I hope your moniker
      doesn’t mean your not in the battle withe the rest of us to get rid of this type of scammer. You are someone with a voice, and so even if yer dog is on the sidelines, make a noise for the drivers who have been ripped off by the likes of this reported’ company. This thievery hurts us all.
      To scammers everywhere….let it be known, God Sees…. and He will repay, in this life or the next.

  35. THE BOSS says

    This guy ROD LARSON is an idiot, if he is married to a lawyer, he should know that if he does post any drivers personal information, HE CAN & WILL BE SUED. Where’s that going to get you & your wife? Someone can find her information too and report her to her State’s BAR. he’s a total jackass blowing smoke, HE CAN’T DO ANYTHING & HE WON’T DO ANYTHING. TELL HIM, I DARE HIM TO TRY. He’d have Class Action Lawsuit against him and his company like no tomorrow, and no judge will ever justify him for doing that. I also notice, he’s probably one of these chameleon companies because I read that NSE was LMS TRANSPORTATION or something like that….he better be careful…ONE CALL, THATS ALL.

  36. Andrew H says

    Every driver is going to complain about their company, its just how it is. Heck even Werner Enterprises has a whole hate site against them from a disgruntled driver. But most just take these sites as a grain of salt and carry on, but the reaction of this disgruntled company owner is a little out of line. Almost childish to make such a threat, especially without thinking it through because like others have mentioned; releasing of Personally Identifiable Information from a third party into the public without the owner’s signed consent is illegal.

    So this is just going to backfire on him in the end.

  37. Dan M says

    Sorry to hear drivers have to put up with the likes of a Rod Larson. This is a perfect law suit in the making. Ideal for a class action law suit where the drivers of this company get help from an attorney. Trust me when I say the court is more than capable of putting this Rod character in his place.
    My recommendation to all drivers that work for him, start keeping a record of his actions and his threats. Make notes of his statements he made in front of others. Keep records of how your driver records are being used. Not everyone can immediately quit their jobs, but going elsewhere would be the easiest solution, and be glad to have gotten away from there.

  38. average Joe says

    Sounds like a little school boy telling the teacher the girl behind him won’t stop poking me
    It’s inevitable you run a company it’s gonna get good and bad reviews, because some people are just never happy, especially truck drivers.
    The you hurt me I hurt you thing is pretty adolescent as well this guy sounds like someone that doesn’t have the ability to run a company anyways.

  39. Frank says

    This guy is a fool. Try posting my personal information you idiot. You are nothing but a cry baby Mr Larson. I hope every driver sees this and I hope your business runs into the ground (after your drivers leave your shitty company). It doesn’t deserve to prosper after the threats you made…

  40. NIGHTSHIFT says

    good luck mr larson, your going to need it in spades. I dont usuallty post in this kind of thing because i read this like a news paper. but this guy… afther this article went out im sure we wont be hearing from north and south much longer. as for the FMCSA getting involved. remember this,, whether you run a legit business or a driver grinder, an honest truck driver or a twisted machinist. the feds are NEVER ever YOUR friends.
    as for larsen i hope when he goes under he ends up working for a guy just like him.

  41. Brian says

    The trucking companys have been ” smearing ” truck drivers records for years putting things on the drivers record ( D.A.C. ) to try and keep the driver from working . Its about time the driver could return the favor and keep the good drivers away from slimeball companys like the one above.

  42. Dogcmp6 says

    My advice to all drivers from north and south is to get together and find an attorney, as this rod Larson character is encroaching on your first amendment rights, as well as violating several federal laws for just sending that email, the truckers report is ad supported, but falls under the domain of a public forum, and threatening to post personal information of employes, and threatening your employes is harassment

  43. Ron says

    A driver should protect their personal data and I could be wrong , but there are possible liabilities this company owner would face if identity theft accured from his release of their information . It sounds like a great class action suit . As far as someone not believing the driver because of lack of personal info posted , well … If a reader decides not to believe what is told them , and they go and sign on with this idiot … All I can say , is , it’s their own problem when they start dealing with the crap that befalls them . I know that drivers can tell some tall tales , but I’ve been driving for over 22 years now , and its my experience , that when a driver warns you about danger ahead … You might want to listen . Here’s my experience with trucking companies , and I’ve drove for a crap load of them …. Here it come … Watch out … They ALL ARE A BUNCH OF LIARS !!!!!

  44. says

    Hello?! Where is the government that harasses truck drivers continuously. This is racketeering and could well be prosecuted under RICO. How about a First Amendment class action against this company, as he has clearly tried to shut you up, ripped you off, by all reports?
    No, this is a quiet FTC, DOT, TSA,etc.

  45. Krash says

    If this guys wife is a lawyer, then she would know, like a business owner should know? That’s its illegal to post employees information like he threatens, Privacy Act of 1974.
    Also, the host of a forum is under no obligation to censor the content of topics posted.

  46. DALE A PRESNELL says

    United Road Services is doing the same thing. I received a call from a mgr. in the Human Resource deptartment asking why I am placing comments about the company online. Whenever I responded to him by telling him that I am posting the truth, he said I advise you to stop immediately or you will never haul cars again for anyone.
    I was injured on the job, broke my back in 6 places, closed head injury. But received papers in the mail stating that if I didn’t return to work within 6 months after my injury that I would be fired. Well I was fired. I even have it in writing from United Road Services. There is nothing misleading about it. Why can companys such as this get away with treating drivers however they like?

  47. Moxie says

    Personally, I’d leave my post right where it is and let Rod do his thing, and then I get through with him, everyone can call the company by it’s new name, Moxie Transport, Inc.

  48. Moxie says

    And just because it needs to be said; Rod Larson has deep physicological problems. He has no business running any kind of company, let alone a trucking company.

  49. bossman says

    As being in trucking 21 years 17 o/o all these post sounds like everything I hear and have heard on the c b radios forever, drivers you have the knowledge and power to put any or all companies out of business, if they are doing you wrong I have had many do me wrong steal from me lie to me first time it happens I leave, there are good companies out there you don’t have to put up with the stress and misery of theses thiefs, the pay has not improved enough in the last 20 years we all be better off saying welcome to wal mart or getting a job at home being with our love ones , no job specialy trucking as sorry as truckers get treated these days are worth missing and staying away from our love ones, we only go around once and trucking is no way to live our only life……my 2 cents :)

  50. Turbo says

    He is probably of the same ilk that falsely files negative DAC reports on drivers not willing to tolerate his bs.

  51. kate says

    I have been with North for 4.5 years-what a joke–ask Gary Scott why ? he paid dedcutable
    he said he bumped a car- he almost killed 2 people when he slammed into them on 35 or 45–we all had safety watching us after that dork.
    I think our owner has just had it with deadbeats —some day we all will be driving for JB making 500.00 a wek.

  52. says

    It appears that Mr. Larson is already in violation of the law:

    “When you publish information about someone without permission, you potentially expose yourself to legal liability even if your portrayal is factually accurate. Most states have laws limiting your ability to publish private facts about someone and recognizing an individual’s right to stop you from using his or her name, likeness, and other personal attributes for certain exploitative purposes, such as for advertising goods or services and/or in this case retribution.”

    ALL company’s and corporations are bound by their “Fiduciary Duty” to protect personal information! When you “threaten to publish personal information by way of a “quid pro quo” (if you do or don’t do this, then I’m going to do that), then the mere threat represents a series of violations of Federal and State Law starting with ‘violation of privicy’, to ‘contempt of Fraud’ thru ‘conspiracy to commit identy theft’ and a whole host of other violations inbetween. Nobody has to even wait until such information is actually published before you can file a complaint!

    You could just call an attorney who’s fees, by way of federal law, are paid by the plaintiff (Mr. Larson) or you could file complaints here:

    AND/OR Contact your States Attorney Generals Office

    • Penny says

      Yeah, if he is an idiot on top of what the reviews say of him, he’ll get himself in hot water! Oh wait, nevermind! He already should be! His statement should be turned in! (TTR)

  53. Ron says

    It’s up to the truckers to watch out for each other. The police,and the trucking companies,and the courts sure don’t ! I drove truck for 38 yrs,and was always told by the “old timers” in trucking how dishonest the Ohio police officers were. I even told the company I was working for not to send me there.Well the company sent me there in 2005,and guess what? The Ohio Police’s dishonest reputation is true.My wife now knows what I was talking about. She saw it first hand. Rod Larsen, you can’t cheat people,and not expect it to come back on you. You publish these driver’s informations,and I’ll bet there is a law against it,and these drivers collectively could put you out of business. Read Proverbs 26 vs 27.

  54. Geo. says

    Hello Mr.Ron Larson in your best interest you had better stop ranting and raving about your company i see you are having problems why don’t you address the problems and find out why everybody is giving you a bad rap address the issues at hand or what goes around comes around
    and it will bite you and take you down faster than you can blink

  55. Captain Drakon says

    Maybe his threats are empty, but there is the possibility that he’s willing to settle for a pyrrhic victory. Such a person would have no qualms about docking drivers’ pay so he’ll have money for defense, or posting bail, whatever, should he get sued. Even then, the punishment would be too late. Havoc would’ve already been wreaked once the information is present online.

  56. simpsonteam says

    This is a public forum where free speech is protected by law. This has already been addressed in many court cases. Now, if a driver or o/o were to threaten to set fire to a company’s vehicles or property that is considered a liable threat for which law enforcement will investigate. In the very same theme this company owner has threatened personal harm to individuals on this forum. I truly hope that the owner/owners of this website has passed these threats onto law enforcement.

  57. kent0242 says

    I just visited the DoT’s Safety Measuring System and looked up NSE. 17 trucks, 17 drivers.

    Out of service rate for drivers was 6%, out of service rate for vehicles was 11%.

    BASIC scores for unsafe driving is 67.9% and Hours of Service compliance is 74.4%. Vehicles BASIC is 62.9%

    I have worked for companies like this before, but with an eye toward moving along to some other employer. No need to have a federal bulls-eye on me if it isn’t needed.

  58. JP says

    Will Mr. Larson might check with his wife first about posting any one S/S numbers that could put him in deep do do with the FEDS. Must be some truth to the drivers complaint’s if it make him this crazy?????

  59. Blaze says

    The “lawyer” he alludes to being married to must be an ambulance chaser as she isn’t schooled in media law otherwise she would have told Larson to keep his mouth shut and that he has no ground regarding drivers’ posted OPINIONS. As along as there is no outright libel regarding his company Larson hasn’t a leg to stand on and may have problems for making the threats should a certain party choose to pursue them. I doubt he will post any personal information. He’s trying to do what amounts to business-as-usual for him … intimidation factors. This time it backfired. Let the entire trucking world know his actions. Drivers should avoid this company like the plague. He’s the kind of business person who hurts the industry. Here’s to hoping his business goes under … fast. good job, TTR.

  60. Gary Scott says

    NSE claims that the negative posts are all lies, non truths and defamation. You should go to Craigslist for DFW in transportation jobs and search for his phone # 877 290 9492 and see all the lies and non truths, he posts for his own company. Oh yeah, you might see a few other truthful ads that are probably the real reason for his business going down hill

  61. Kurt says

    I would have to say trucker’s report pointing this small business owner is wrong considering they remove bad reports made about their best customers large companies that use their site as a recruiting tool. Sometime ago I made a well written post about what to expect from Hogan Transportation, those scumbags. I even placed blame on myself because I that’s right I let it happened. This is like the pot calling the kettle black. I bet they solicited that cat for some business and he refused. This is a BS site like the globe or national Enquirer

  62. Tom says

    How about telling the whole story before you ask for comments.

    I have no idea of what’s going on here but I also don’t think that we know enough to comment on the subject from what I have read.

  63. kevin chevalier says

    what a cry baby sounds like a spoiled brat that’s not getting his bottle, dude grow up you actually
    own a truck company, I guess anybody can own a trucking company, somebody change this
    guys diaper and give him a passy quick before he throws another temper tantrum.

  64. Deborah L says

    If companies read the posting of people, which I am sure they read some of them, then said companies may need to learn to keep their employees a little happier by not treating them like scum. It is always a good idea to not give out too much info that would identify yourself, esp if you are still with a company. With all the lawsuits and firings of people using Facebook, this should be a warning to be careful.

  65. Paul says

    His wife must not be a very good lawyer, if she let him send this e-mail to you guys. He has threatened to break privacy law as retribution and as a result, would now be found liable for any breach of privacy that results from his companies activities. He is on record as being willing to place the identities of his drivers in peril. His legal goose is cooked, so to speak.

    And as this is a community based website, driven by user posts, you cannot be held liable for libel charges. I really doubt his wife is a lawyer.

    I would not remove a thing, and if he is dumb enough to follow through on his threats, he will not be able to hide behind his corporation, as he made his threats personally. He has put all of his personal property and belongings at risk for law suits.

    He is truly a dummy.

  66. overworked/underpaid says

    First of all it’s illegal to post a drivers ss# and personal info online and second If i were a driver at this company ? i would send a copy of the email to all tv stations in iowa or nation wide who would stand at this clowns door step with a tv camera in his face then ask him about his threats.

  67. john says

    Companies report drivers to DAC, fire without cause and if something goes bad on the road, “It’s always the driver’s fault.” This website is the nearest thing to collective response by drivers and it is effective in revealing the slimy practices of ruthless corporate jerks. The government, cops and corporations work together as in classical Benito Mussolini-style Fascism and still some truckers falsely believe themselves free. At least on this website, truth rules and when a driver says something about a company, we all need to take notes. If this Bozo actually is imbecilic enough to publish a SocSecNumber, we need to act collectively against the company idiot and maybe send a few bucks to the victimized driver for a lawyer to sue under the privacy act of 1974.

  68. Truck504 says

    I am glad to see drivers sticking together I was gonna work for N and S Express but after I spoke to Rod I knew he was suspect. To many guys get destroyed by liars they need to be stopped.

  69. Rob F says

    When will these company owners learn, for better or for worse, that this is the age of information.

    The 1st thing I do when considering a company to sign on with is to look for reviews online. I read as many posts as I can and take into consideration all facts. Location, promised pay and home time, good and bad reviews, equipment and maintenance, etc.

    I know nothing about and have never heard of North and South Express. I may have considered them in the future but because of his threat, I’ll never work for them. It shows me that they are just another company that views drivers as cattle to be done with as they please.

    Wise up, comapny owners! We’re not as dumb as you think we are.

  70. Chris says

    Folks…. I have to say a subject like this saddens me a touch when I read some of the responses here. While I understand that “CYA” is important and all and folks should never post ANY “identifiable” info on the net, “IF” the allegations are TRUTH (I tend to side with the drivers, especially the O/O’s in those threads but hey, I “could” be a bit biased), then I say take the stand!! I agree with the forum’s management here. Again, “IF” it’s true.

    So, find out if the allegations are facts. Those driver’s that posted know if they are. If so, they should have proof to provide (preferably on paper). I’d think especially the O/O’s. If it turns out they are facts then fight it to the end I say. Let the guy post what he threatens to. There’d be one hell of a lawsuit there I should think.

    Folks… our country, our way of life, and yes our world is coming apart at the seams with corruption, lies and theft from the highest levels on down. WHEN will we have had enough and stand for TRUTH? After everything we know and love is already gone? All evil needs to succeed is good men and women to do nothing! The fight here is for truth, integrity, common honesty and trust, MORALS! You know, all those little annoyances the political correct just despise but the rest of us folks live by.

    If hard times come with it that’s the cost of the battle. (Yes folks, freedom (truth) isn’t free). The only question is, is it worth it? I think so. To use a “modified” quote another poster wrote, “We ALL have a dog in this fight” if we stand for truth. If I were one of the drivers, I’d stand up against it and take what lumps may come. My conscious would demand it. So maybe I’d lay my head down with bruises, but I’d sleep sound with my heart knowing it’s right. We ALL instinctively know what’s right and wrong. Time to do what’s right, and fight what’s wrong. 

    [To the poster with the “I don’t have a dog in this fight” line. Not picking you out brother, just a great sounding line that fit my point. Hope you don’t mind me using it. ;)]

  71. Skan says

    We’ve seen this with another company. Instead of being threatening, which only adds credance to the complaints, how about communicating with us as a group and tell us why each complaint is erroneous. Stand up for your company by debunking, if you can, the stories told about you.

    Just recently we’ve seen this occur with Boss Lady Trucking and the lady that runs the company came across very well spoken, and I feel defended her position well. I tend to believe her version f the events over the other side. So, instead of trying to come across like an idiot, try to tell your side of the story.

  72. Pound Puppy says

    Well Im not one of theyre drivers but my wife is a prosecutor. Id be up for a battle. What this boils down too is intimidation by a man hurting his employees and profiting from it. I believ he is afraid of being found out and investigated. As well as not being able too recruit other drivers too swindle. The industry has a number of companies like this, and they use this lawsuit intimidation to make drivers drop theyre complaints. This website is a great resource for us too determine who too work for, and too save ourselves from financial harm.

  73. Pound Puppy says

    Furthermore, if the companies are able too use DAC to ruin a driver and make him unemployable, than we can have our own system to ensure drivers dont have to go thru the same problem as others have.

  74. Jason says

    This fool will be biting more off than he can chew, he has to contend with the U.S. D.O.T., state and local officials.

  75. road_runner says

    Quick personal input… I know people are all pissed off about the whole thing, but let’s have a little more class than calling people “skanks”. I think we are a bit more educated and proper than this.

    I think that as a person, Mr. Larson is way out of line and despicable in the way he treats the people that sign on with him. I highly doubt his wife actually is a lawyer since most lawyers would probably not suggest having their clients (or spouses) send out emails like Mr. Larson did. I do feel that she should have at least spell-checked it. I am shocked that someone with such poor grammar can manage a business.

    As for the legal side, IF such information (i.e. SSN, DL, names, ect) would ever be released, I am sure Samuel Barradas or one of his staff members would quickly remove the post out of sight and archive it for future legal purposes. There are plenty of organizations such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation that would be more than happy to take on the case in going after Mr. Larson.

    I myself would be more than happy to forward the screen shots of the email to local/national news networks to highlight the unscrupulous business practices within the trucking industry that rip off drivers and try to muzzle freedom of speech.

    If I were one of the effected people I would not be too worried about it. Keep in mind Mr. Larson only has TTR as his only real medium to reach a wide audience within the trucking community. It is also the TTR that Mr. Larson seems to be going after. If I were placed in the position of a former/current employee, I would try to distance myself from that carrier and warn others not to sign on

  76. tom havlik says

    I myself am a company driver but if someone owed me money they would have a lot of tire trouble before it was over!

  77. Linda PV says

    Here comes the grammar police. Anyone who has that bad of a grasp on the English language should not be allowed to conduct business at that level.

    Should he decide to DOX his former business associates (owner operators who leased their equipment to his company) there isn’t much any of the victims can do.

    No matter what the warnings are, there will still be those who for whatever reason, refuse to investigate those they do business with, and he will always have a steady stream of fools to rip off.

  78. Matthew says

    he can’t release the drivers personal information. if the man does. he will end up in prison for violation of privacy act. prettymuch it’s considered identy fruad. and the driver can seek justice for financal and personal damages. and now that the owner has made it public that he is threatening to do so. all the drivers have to do is print the story. I’ll have to remember n/s express. and about how dumb the owner really is.

  79. Matthew says

    honestly based on the story. I hope that politicans see that there is a deffinant call to action needed to put a stop to bullies,and bullieing. I think of it all like this. if the owner of the company is acting like this. then the disbatchers are acting like this thinking it’s ok. which in turn is how cmv related accidents are caused. so i think it’s time to force the fmcsa to create inact and inforce regulations where people just like the owner of this company can face fines, suspendion of dot certification leading to loss of income know that they can’t return to any kind of job where they work directly with cmv drivers or safety sensitive jobs involving public safety and cmv drivers. i also think that they should have a searchable dot service record. so if they find there selves out of the trucking industry due to there bad habits and mental ways. it will make it harder for them to lie to other employers out side of the trucking industry. which in turn will make it harder for them to gain new employment of equal pay. do i think all that work in the office of trucking companies are bad? no. I think it will be a major step in improving the industry. by putting out abusive people. or people who only thinks about how to take advantage of drivers and have no reguards to public safety. and it will also force out the ones who don’t want to under go the certification.

  80. Brent says

    I have worked previously before as a driver for cowboy companies who expect you to constantly rewrite your logs,& dodge scales, having you as their law breaking slave. Dispatchers who never ask you, or even care how many hours you have available on your logs. Companies & dispatchers should be under more fire & responsibility for what they put their drivers through! Drivers should have absolute immunity providing info to dot about the practices that are forced upon them. But, we all know that dot sees dollar signs at both ends so, the driver is not going to implicate himself!

  81. Dennis says

    Shouldn’t there be legal ramifications for mr Larson if he makes good on his threat. Sounds like promoting identity theft to me, personally I think he is a moron for making the threat. Maybe he should work as hard making his company better for his drivers as he does making threats against those making posts good or bad. Sounds like he spends a lot of time on the net instead of taking care of business.

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