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    Naturally, someone who’s interested in becoming a trucker wants to know about truck driving salaries. Truck driver salaries vary with the type of freight a trucker takes on as well as its weight. For instance, there is specialized freight trucking and generalized freight trucking. Trucker salaries also depend on a person’s training and experience. The following looks at the different types of truck driving jobs as well as their salaries.

    A Heavy Tractor Trailer Truck Driver

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), heavy tractor trailer truck drivers earned an average annual salary of $37,770 in 2010. These truck drivers have CDL training as well as a high school diploma. A truck driver of this type can earn a higher salary as he or she gains more hauling experience and establishes a stellar safety record. With more industry activity and new businesses opening up, this trucking occupation is expected to grow. [click to continue…]


    The trucking industry is a beneficial and necessary part of American culture. Many of the products people take advantage of would not be available without the truckers who transport the goods to and fro. Truckers are the ones who transport the food, livestock, refrigerated goods, fuel, household goods, office goods – the list of supplies is endless – from Point A to Point B every single day. Without the trucking industry, tangible goods would not get to where they need to be. Without the trucking industry, people living in remote areas would not have their daily supplies.

    This might be why some chose this vocation. Maybe they wanted to be part of this critical industry. They may have taken your CDL training and passed and are now happily licensed to drive truck. They deserve the high-paying truck driving jobs for which they earned their license. Go into the Truckers Report trucking forum, however, and you’ll see CDL driver jobs are in high demand. Don’t fret. [click to continue…]


    There are many benefits to truck driving jobs. The trucking industry is growing, which means trucking jobs should be available in most any area. You can choose between local truck driving jobs, and driver jobs that will have you travel across the country. Truck jobs allow you to either work for a trucking company or to work as an independent contractor. This flexibility will let you determine how much you make when you start driving. Some truckers begin by working for a company to learn the ropes before breaking out on their own.

    Local Jobs

    Many people mistakenly think about long hours on the road, when they think about truck driving jobs. However, there are several trucking jobs that allow you to work locally in your city or within a certain radius. [click to continue…]

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    How much do truck drivers make

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    Rollover the Original shares his experience pulling reefers:

    I love a reefer! Never a problem waiting for a load as dry freight fits just as well!

    I do not sweep out a reefer! I have a small battery operated leaf blower! But Blue Beacon does a great job also when water is needed! Not ALL meat loads bleed on the floor.

    Yes, jumper cables are great, just get the LONGEST ones you can find such as 20’+. and the smallest gauge you can 3 gauge or smaller. I also have a long 3 gauge wire with heavy duty alligator clips for using when needing to run with a cable between the unit and the tractor. I got mine from a commercial construction site and works great for an emergency. You only need one as the ground between the truck and trailer is all that is needed. You use this setup when your alternator in either the truck or trailer is bad. It will work in a “jump” situation but it takes a lot longer for it to juice up a set or batteries but when it’s all you have go with it! [click to continue…]


    Your have received your CDL license, and now you are ready to find a job behind the wheel.  But where do you go?  Thankfully, there are plenty of options available to you to help you find the position you are looking for.

    Your truck driving school

    One of the first places that you can go to find a job is back to your truck driving school.  Some truck driving schools will offer job placement services, helping to introduce you to companies looking for drivers.  Others may have a current list of trucking companies that are hiring which you could consider applying for.  It never hurts to check back with your truck driving school as you start your job search, particularly if you did well while you were there. [click to continue…]