Truckers’ Poems About Trucking

    During the early gray hours.
    When fog covers the land.
    Bright white, yellow, and blue orbs,
    travel north through the fog.

    During the early gray hours.
    When fog covers the land.
    Red eye’s stare back at me through the windshield.

    The red eye’s disappear into the fog.
    Beckoning me to follow.

    It is at this time that my mind,
    takes the thought and runs with it.

    Are the red eye’s mine?
    Staring back at me through the glare?

    Are the red eye’s some kind of evil that
    cannot be described?

    Are the red eye’s that of a spirit,
    one that I cannot stop myself from following?

    Could the red eye’s be that of a flatbeds
    taillights that passed me a short time ago?


    Fort Hall has some good coffee.
    Think I’ll be stopping there soon!

    Copyright ©2005 Makin’ time


    I close my eyes at night and picture your sweet face, wishing you were here for me to embrace,

    Sometimes late at night, I lay in our bed wondering what your thinking while you rest your head, wondering if your dreaming of me the same way i am dreaming of you,

    Now I know it sounds silly, but I tell you its true, I count each day that goes by till I can see you,

    When I am feeling lonely and need you near, I pick up the phone and call when you answer and I hear your your voice the loneliness seems to somehow disappear. Hearing you say how much you miss me and that you can’t wait to be home to love and hold me all your own.

    You say you have two more stops and then your on your way, Driving that big orange rig across the states heading my way,

    When you arrive, I’m not sure what to do six weeks is a long time to be away from you, so I’ll lay back and let it soak in….Yes.. my love is home again.

    Copyright ©2005 Bridget Martinez


    In a big rig
    Going to Chicago
    Passing little 4-wheelers
    As we go on are way to Chicago
    Spending time with my dad
    Punch bug here punch bug there
    On are way to Chicago
    Passing Truck Stop 22 in Indiana
    Where we stop to eat
    On are way to Chicago
    There’s a wreck
    A big rig ran over a little 4-wheller
    On are way to Chicago
    Finally we’re in Chicago
    Our mission is complete
    Now back to Otsego, Michigan
    Spending time with my hero
    My dad
    Truckin’ aa the way

    Copyright ©2005 Corey Hentschel


    When I saw her I was amazed
    Big o wheel
    18 to be exact
    o what a feeling
    I will never have that feeling again as in stepped into my first rig
    to the day I day I will always remember that day and always thank my dad for it

    Copyright ©2005 Corey Hentschel


    Me and that old bulldog been traveling up-n-down these lonely highways together a mighty long time now. Counting mile sticks, marking time, just like best friends, you could say.

    Why I remember the blizzard of oh-five, yes-sir-ee, I swear that bulldog pulled those two wagons through the snow, and ice, like a Siberian husky if you ask me.

    Shoot, darn dog made me proud that cold winter night.


    We watched the sun rise many times; traveled big cities, and small towns too! New York, Atlanta, Detroit, K.C., to name a few. Oh! That bulldog just kept running.

    Seems like I spent more time with that old boy, than with my own family; although, I never planned it that way: so many mileposts have already passed us by.


    Me and that chrome bulldog been traveling up-n-down these lonely highways together a mighty long time…

    Copyright ©2005 KJ Santana


    Anger, Sadness, and Fear
    I am always alone
    You are never here
    Holding tight to the phone

    If I am lucky you will get time to call
    I know this is something you must do
    Slowly the tears begin to fall
    I ask myself , why must I love you

    As a little girl my daddy would go
    Eighteen wheels always calling his name
    Sitting at the end of the driveway all alone
    It wasn’t his fault, he wasn’t to blame

    Daddy was doing what he had to do
    Sitting in that truck day in and day out
    When I was small I had no clue
    Now I know what it’s all about

    Never would I be with a man that left
    That was the promise I made
    Now I can laugh at myself
    And tho anger begins to fade

    For a girl will marry a man like her dad
    It was you I picked for that reason
    Loving you will drive me mad
    But I will stand by you season to season

    There are eighteen wheels calling your name
    And I know you’re not to blame
    I will spend the rest of my life being happy and glad
    Because I was lucky enough to find a man like my dad.

    Copyright ©2005 Amanda B.