Central Refrigerated Receives Sex Discrimination Lawsuit from Female Trainee


After earning the prized CDL A, we strike out on the road with a veteran of the industry who’s supposed to show us the ropes and teach us how we’ll be living for the foreseeable future. We place our trust in them to do it well.   Kathleen Robledo started out her career in trucking just like all of us do; with a driver trainer. Since she was hired by Central Refrigerated Service Inc, her trainer was a Company driver for them. Somewhere between Utah, where she had been trained, and Texas, the site where she would pick up her first load, something happened.

According to court documents, at some point in the trip her trainer called her back into the sleeper portion of the cab and showed her a “pornographic/sexually explicit video on his computer.” That right there was enough for a sexual harassment lawsuit that could have gotten the trainer fired, and a hefty settlement for Ms. Robledo, but like many women drivers, she decided not to make a fuss and just keep her head down. When she arrived in Texas, she informed the company about the incident and asked to be assigned to a different trainer. Not only did the Central Refrigerated not act on the information, but they actually told her trainer about the complaint against him. They were sent back out on the road together.

During the drive the trainer “yelled at and belittled (Robledo) for being upset at his actions and for complaining to the home office.” When Robledo stood up for herself, the trainer kicked her out of the truck and drove away. When she called Central Refrigerated and told them what happened, they sent a female driver to pick her up. Robledo ended up filing a written complaint with the company and then while driving with the female driver filed a complaint with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. When the female driver found out what she had done, she abandoned her, taking her belongings, and leaving her with nothing but the clothes on her back.

Robledo was then notified that her there was no longer an open position for her at the company. Robledo is seeking damages for back pay; reinstatement to her prior job and position; front pay, including employment benefits; compensatory damages, including economic losses, emotional pain and suffering; attorney’s fees and court costs.

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  1. says

    ” Audi altarem partem” , Roman legal concept that prohibits conviction until the other side of the issue is heard. There is also the legal right to confront one’s accuser. I call it ” all the liars at the same table ” . I’m not saying it didn’t happen , but it sounds like some incongruities in the account exist. If A person wanted to file an EEOC complaint and confront the employer , how would all of this be accomplished while ostensibly training ? Filing A complaint requires appearing in person at the EEOC office, and the process is rather time consuming. It sounds as if the aggrieved was combative and pursuing redress while working. That would be inappropriate , vacating ones assigned duty station to conduct personal business. This alone would be grounds for dismissal , especially in an ” employee at will ” state. The woman sounds like she is emotionally unstable and lacking in self control. Not truck driver material. If her given account is true , she would have had A much better chance of ” being made whole ” if she had kept A journal and waited until she was off duty. As it stands it’s A he said she said case with A female driver having problems with the plaintiff . Right or wrong , she shot herself in the foot with the ” hissy fit ” approach. As an aside , the military , police departments etc. etc. have learned over and over again that if you put the women in with men there will be problems. A lot of grief and aggravation may be avoided by segregating the genders when possible. They are wired differently , speak different languages, react and interpret issues differently. Often what is said is not what is heard .

  2. Happened To-me Too says

    I’m familiar with Central Refrigerated’s policy of male trainer to female trainee policy. The sexual harassment and forcible sexual situation happened to me also. It is not uncommon. Companies however use the he said/she said and pit drivers against each other. It made me look like the incident was a personal grudge and not what it truly was. How could this driver, who had been with the company for so long, accost this woman? Obviously HER FAULT and MISUNDERSTANDING of the actual events that took place. I was fired and banned from the property. I have had my cdl for 7 years now. I am a good and responsible safe driver.

  3. says

    central refrigerated has always been a joke there dick simon under another name thats all there always scaming people and shoving them new trks up driver’s butts more like a clown circus!!!

  4. buddy says

    I would agree that this is more of a hit piece. I like to read the news. This isn’t news. Try again. Facts and allegations. Learn the difference.

  5. carl says

    the trainers computer should reveal when and if pornographic videos were downloaded and viewed. if those times coincide with the plaintiffs account, it could be pretty damning. i don’t know what some drivers are thinking. i’ve seen a lot of inappropriate remarks and behavior from truckers at truck stops toward female employees. i guess some people just forget how to act civilized after spending so much time alone on the road.

  6. says

    Actually, you do not need to make an appearance at EEOC to file a complaint. You can fill out the forms and email them to the office where an EEOC officer will call you and discuss the case.
    As far as truck driver material, you cannot find that out in one short trip. I have been a trainer for over 9 years and I can tell you that I have trained males, females and couple and never had a single sexual harassment complaint against me. WHY? I treat every driver the same. A company has to take every accusation seriously and investigate and the law forbids retaliation after a complaint has been filed. Whether or not the complaint is valid or not. Central, formally Dick Simon, does not have the best reputation in the industry and maybe her first choice was accepting a position with the company to begin with. That does not mean she deserved the treatment she got, if the allegations are true.
    You are right, there are two sides to every story, but sexual harassment is rampant in the industry. Anyone who denies that is just fooling themselves. It is time for people to stand up and say enough is enough.

  7. Fred says

    If the complainant was booted twice from Co. truck and last being a female driver than there are deeper issues with driver trainee.

  8. peterbiltprincess says

    I myself am a female driver. What we put up with from a lot of the male drivers in our industry is just sad. We are treated with about the same respect daily as prostitutes. We have everything imaginable said to us. If men in a office said the things men out here say or do you would all be unemployed. There is only so much of a sense of humour one person can have.

    You pass judgement of her like she is to blame. Kinda like saying a rape victim got raped because she was in the wrong place. Maybe she was a CHRISTIAN who found that type of material shameful. Maybe she became afraid for her safety. She may have gotten a give that the trainer was going to hurt her. It’s obvious he had a temper,had no respect for a lady,and behaved in a inappropriate manner reguarding his position as a trainer.

    Central Ref. Response is negligent at best. She should have been brought to a terminal taken of the truck and the trainer repremanded if not fired. He should not be allowed to train again. The female driver should ne charged sigh theft of personal property by local authorities. She should be terminated from employment. She is a disgrace to female drivers in our industry.

    What happened to this lady is just sad. Maybe we should have more respect for our fellow drivers out here again. No driver male or female should be treated like this by any company.

  9. bilbo baggins says

    It will be easy for the company to have a faulty memory where her complaints are concerned. But the fact that she had two drivers kick her off the truck is an undisputed fact and will weigh in her favor. What if you were a male newbie and your trainer showed you gay porn and made you feel uncomfortable? And the company did nothing about it but put you back with the same driver and ultimately fired? Same facts but different sex was involved. He would be entitled to as much money as this female newbie was.

  10. Bob says

    I believe she is doing the right thing by seeking damages, assuming what she said happen, really did happen. Previous comment said ” sounds like she is emotionally unstable and lacking in self control”. Mike, lets put you in a cell with Bubba and see if you remain emotionally stable.
    That trainer may be a good driver, but how he got to be a trainer with a female trainee is unbelieveable. That trainer is a emotional predator and has no business being a trainer for anything unless HE has training to change his attitude. Until he shows a willingness to change, leave him to run single so can satify himself or find himself a willing victim.
    I know his kind because I use to be one.

  11. Jonathan says

    Central is at it again I see. Glad I got away from them when I did. Was threatened with lawsuits 4 times when I drove for them over sexual harrassment just like this. Centrap just doesn’t care its about bottom line dollar my trainer kept tequila and vodka in his fridge on the truck. Central already had enough problems with out adding this lawsuit to the others lol

  12. John Sokol says

    I’m inclined to believe her story, because of the class of drivers I’ve seen in the last few years. I’ve been out here since ’62, and most of the female drivers I’ve encountered are good drivers. That being said, I have encountered somee attitudes on both sides. A certain US Express driver may remember me trying to tell her she was parking in a driveway. The lack of class is monumental, and even proper dress is lacking among most guys. Shorts and sandles are not work atire in this business, period.

  13. dj says

    male trainer with a female student…a good company knows better, but this scenario was trouble from the name of the company..and their rep as both simon and central(still part of swift?)…this student didn’t have a chance from the start. entry level student drivers don’t know what companies to stay away from…and this is one of them. i hope she gets all that she asks for in the suit and then some.

    and for those of you that will take exception to my assessment of not some but many companies, i’ll just say that after 40 yrs of driving otr…i do know what i am talking about. there are a lot of very good companies and trainers out there but unfortunately there are too many still like this situation and sadly for our industry these are the ones that tarnish the others.

    to all the pro’s keep rolling, safely and proudly…

  14. Lowcountrytrucker says

    A lot of these companys are a joke these days. They target school grads so they don’t have to pay a fair wage. Cause any problems they kick you out the door cuz they can easily replace you. They let drivers with 6,7, or 8 months experience become trainers so they can save money. If you don’t have 3 years OTR experience you have no business training anyone. I’ve seen these so called trainers who couldn’t back the truck into a parking spot, and they’re out here training people. Herd tons of story’s about companys treating students like crap. Theses days they’re looking for drones not drivers that think for themselves.

  15. Debi Burge says

    It’s all hearsay//oh well..if she was really smart she would have documented and took pictures on her cell phone..also being left by two drivers is not right but maybe she deserved it..

  16. Shawn says

    I think that it is in the company’s best interest to have male and female trainers. Also they should place cameras in the front seat recording, so that training can be reviewed.

  17. teresa says

    Good for her that she stood up for herself and filed a complaint with the EEOC. As a female driver myself i was first given a male trainer because i would have had to wait 6 weeks for a female. he consistantly stopped at rest areas soliciting himself for money. finally we bumped heads at the home office (i had sense enough to get to the safe zone before speaking out) he rushed in said he didnt want to train me anymore. the company gave me an old man who the second day out he said he would do all the work if i went (intimately) with him. i could have screamed….all i wanted to do was make an honest living at what i had accomplished by getting my cdl. since then i have left the industry, never to return………

  18. Cliff Downing says

    You go Kathleen! Burn them so bad that their ancestors scream for mercy! I trained students for several years in the 90’s, including several females. The actions of the trainer, company, and other drivers are unconscionable. We need more women in the trucking community and they deserve the same respect as any other human being. It is hard to instill professionalism into so many these days, but maybe the law firm of Burn ‘Em and Run, can help usher these folks to the unemployment line. I hope Kathleen ends up as a major owner in this trucking company so she can fire the lot of them.

  19. william says

    this kind of stuff dos happen and should have been investigated onthe spot by the carrier and the 2nd female driver should be fired on the spot , ive been at this for 15 yrs and would of kick the s— out of both these drivers if the investagation proves her right they both should be fired /fined/and lose there licinse

  20. Tired says

    We will never be accepted in a male dominated field. We will have to fight for the rest of our lives to show we are as good as, if not better, than men in any given profession. I’ve learned to hit below the belt when it comes to those that like to demoralize women for being truckers. It seems those are the ones that lack self-esteem and not sure of their manhood. I’ve had my CDLs since 1997 and I’ve also trained. It’s not like it used to be there out there. Kudos to you for your choice of professions and thank you for speaking up.

  21. Kaiyla says

    This kind of thing happened to me at CR England and they didn’t do anything to the person that harassed me and had the gall to grab my breast at a truck stop. I got off the truck that very day and they refused to listen. Of course, I quit soon after and found a job elsewhere. But this is exactly why I believe that female trainees should ONLY be trained by female trainers. It’s unethical to mix up the genders because this happens all too often and we fall between the cracks. I still paid off my tuition for the CDL CR England ‘trained’ me to get. Where I am at now, there is a ZERO tolerance on sexual harassment. Makes me happy.

  22. Rob Wilson says

    For the moment this is all hearsay. Many of you presume the man is guilty. What happened to due process, innocent until proven guilty and fair unbiased trials by peers. It smells funny because the trainer kicks her out. I think we all would if accused of such charges and innocent. Picked up by a second driver, a woman this time around. Something happens and the woman driver kicks her out but with even less decorum. I think the woman in question, is not stable and had a plan for something like this. The problem is when it comes to sexual harassment we lash out in judgement in favour of the woman because it is a grotesque crime. So when the proof of guilt comes out then indeed run both company people out of town. Otherwise, he is innocent and she should be charged with defamation of character. Perhaps cameras in trainer vehicles is necessary.

  23. willie says

    Think you folks are missing the point. She did actually keep her head, although she could have plainly told the guy “not interested back off and keep it pro,” she had every right to tell the company what happened and be moved to another trainer, for that matter she or any person has or should have the right to say they feel uncomfortable sleeping in a truck with a person of the opposite sex. One tip ladies … don’t beat around the bush tell these guys they have went to far and most will back down. It doesn’t say she threw a hissy it says she filed with the authority and when the other driver found out she kicked her out. the other lady told to kick her out i would bet
    Whatever the case plain and simple she should not have been put back in that truck with him. no if and or but.

  24. john says

    central is not the only company with this problem.when my ex wife and i were gonna drive for crst there was a women and a guy that both had similar problems.the women was colored and her first trainer refused to take her and the guy when he got in his trainers truck the inside was covered with center folds and smutt mags

  25. Jim Taylor says

    @Mike Morley, I have no idea where you got your information from, but you need a new source. One does not have to appear in person to file a complaint with the EEOC, nor would the driver have had to done this WHILE wroking. Obviously you aren’t in the trucking industry, and have no clue how it works. Assigned duty station? Really? This isn’t a case of the Military, or police departments (of course I don’t know what military, or ploice department youare refering to) or any other type of setting. It is trucking, periodI do not know if the driver was harassed or not, but I DO know it happens a lot! I have trained many females, and I have never harassed one of them. As far as I know, every one of them are still driving, today.

  26. Joseph says

    As a trainer I refuse to take females because of this type issue. Don’t know if it’s true or not but that doesn’t really matter. I hope the courts find out the real truth and punish the offender accordingly. But sorry to say I understand companies are being for refusing to put a female with a male trainer. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  27. mike says

    Was not there I would hope that would not be the case . Is it possible yes probable not if a female driver supposedly abonend her. That is where I see a flaw in her story. Not discrimation at that point. But since I am not privileged to all info I LL keep my opinion to none.

  28. mike says

    Relax on this one you were not there we actually don’t know what transpired hold your judgment. People lie men and women. Don’t assume.

  29. mike says

    hI sorry I don’t share your opinion I am not positive that it’s true I wouldn’t condemn either party what I can’t confirm to be accurate . But it is something to keep in mind . I have women that work for me . I do have to watch my p and q s. I have witnessed false accusations against another supervisor due to being caught sleeping in the shop numerous times to keep from trouble. I have a lady present while any dealings with women . our policy gives them slot of power and most of my corporate is women.

  30. Tim says

    CRS has a no porn policy on trainer trucks…I can’t see how this could have not thrown a red flag up to mngt immediatley based on policy alone. i drove for central and had a great exp with my 2nd trainer. my first was a p.o.s i am interested to hear the other side of this story rather than just the slam the author gave crs

  31. lowboy says

    I have been out here since 1987 i have train woman and men both i think most woman i train have been better driver and they do need repect but but do not get it itrainmen and some i could not wait to get them out i never left them on side of road all way took them back to yard then kick them out after i told company i have seen a few woman that was harass and pick them up and took them to there home town and yes some of them file charge i think if a company wont listen then it falling on a deaf ear and they need to be taken accounted for it yellow freight went though and if a man has porn on his computer he shude keep it to himself or herself i know when i train i do not want to see what the other driver in to and dont care if they ask me i mite if it something i mike like but then i mite not and if it a woman asking me i mite feel like it a trap or something i mite not i feel sorry for the lady even i do not know what happen but it not rite to leave someone abanndon

  32. Michael C Kovarik says

    I think you need to go back to 1955 with your anti feminist crap! The fact is we have evolved from this kind of mindset because it is WRONG! If you can’t evolve then you will go the way of. the Neanderthal and die out. Get your feet outta the”leave it to beaver”era and jump into the new millennium.

  33. Kurt says

    This isn’t news this is business as usual. I used to train and was given a $$500 bonus.for training women that already had complains about sexual advances by male lead drivers. I was expected to give these women every concession to get them through training. Ordinarily. I would have failed the student for poor abilities. But had to make them happy so they would.drop their complaint. The training corrordinator would send them my way because I wasn’t so angry at my genitals that I would make advances. A few f these.women actually made advances at me.

  34. Nutritious says

    Good for her! Two trainers put her out on the street? That’s a threat against her safety! If nothing else, she should make an example out of that Company for endangerment! As for women truckers being harassed, a good remedy I use is http://www.iHeartradio.com. I haven’t been harassed in years because I don’t use a CB radio. Do yourselves a favor and download the iHeart app onto your mobile phones and invest in a headset. Good luck to the young lady!

  35. thomas says

    I hope and pray she gets millions. the company hung her ouy to dry. No wonder so many want out of the industry these days

  36. says

    How is iheart radio a remedy???She should have kicked him in the gonads.Might not have solved the problem,but i bet she would have felt good about it.

  37. Kid says

    i am by no means defending pervs but you cant always blame the company..but central & others like them i.e. cr england definitely need to put a better trainer-trainee system in place. i started my driving career working for england, who is very much like central, and was trained by a 26 year veteran. i never had a problem with my trainer, great guy. i’ve logged close to 1 million miles and we are still good friends to this day despite the major age gap. anyway, the guy went on training new drivers for the company when a couple months later he was assigned two female trainee’s. the trainer specifically requested to train only trainee’s, and to be more specific male trainee’s who smoked or would be fine with his smoking habit. anyway, he calls me up and tells me about the situation and how he called the company to address the issue that he did not want to train female trainee’s. they turn around and pretty much tell him “tough” you can either train or not train at all. well seeing as how he needs to train to make any real money he decided to go with it. to make a long story short, two weeks later the the two female trainee’s (who were butt-buddies before they got hired) while at the petro in kingman, az decided they had enough training? or something, so while the feller was in the truck stop they call the cops because they said they felt threatened by the old man. so the officer stood there while they gathered up their belongings from the truck. in the mean time the trainer is standing there struggling to comprehend what just happened…and trying to figure out why this was happening. could it be just a few days before when the first female driver stalled the truck going up the mountain & he awoke because he felt the truck start to stall and roll backwards down the mountain side and he had to jump out of bed and pull the breaks and jump in the seat to save their lives? or was it when he gave the second female driver his good pair of tennis shoes because she only came with one pair of ragged boots and being the dead of summer and she having zero funds decided to help out a poor student driver? anyway we will never know why people do what they do, but i can guarantee you that trainer went through hell and back just to clear his name with the company. he had done nothing wrong but give his all to every little punk that comes into his truck and thinks THEY KNOW IT ALL. but he still had to sit around for 2 weeks on his own dime at the company headquarters going to hearing after hearing to eventually clear his name. all i am getting at is these companies have to fix their training system. again, i am by no means defending pervs or creeps.

  38. Wicked says

    If you can’t handle something like porn then u can’t handle the truck driving life…..I get some kind of sexual harassment everyday as long as they don’t touch were fine.

  39. Nutritious says

    PYCHO, my point is CARRY YOURSELF LIKE A RESPECTABLE FEMALE PROFESSIONAL TRUCKER AND YOU WON’T GET HARRASSED! You said you get harassed everyday on your job. Maybe you should not be jaw jacking so much and just drive your truck. That will keep the harasser off your back. The truth is, most Truckers like the freedom of being AWAY from their wives while still providing for their loved ones back home but, they’re still men! Respect yourself and you will be respected.

  40. Lsdy Driver Silent Night says

    This is a true story. A company hired me giving their word that I would never have to team run with a stranger. I was called into a conference with the manager. Asked to” PLEASE, JUST THIS ONCE…ACCEPT A TEAM RUN WITH A STRANGE MAN. ” He made a joke about someone in Corporate accepting more than they could chew. The run was high dollar imported roses. Stores everywhere would be waiting for our loads. Valentines Day Nightmare. Rush, Rush….Well my first load with this Company and already they have lied out right to my face. The strange man started the run. I enter the bunk with my steel toed boots on.

    A few hours later the truck is weaving down the road in jerky movements. I enter the cab to find that he has one hand on the steering wheel the other on the trucks spotlight. (he is moving the spotlight in rapid motion) Thinking we may be in a deer crossing section of interstate. I calmly ask. “What is wrong?” I am told that he is watching the border for his relatives. WE are going to stop and put them in the trailer. No, NO… This is just not happening I am thinking fast.
    I inform him that it is my turn to drive and that we need to stop driving all over the road. I managed to get behind the wheel.
    By Gods grace and being a solo driver I check my route. I get us heading in the right direction. I pull into the place with brand new Kenworths lined up in a pretty row. We are the last ones in.
    Slowly I setup for the last hole. You know the one. Yep right next to the wall. Blind side? Now see here a minute. I get as close to the front row as a good driver dares and begin my backing.
    The strange man jumps out of the bunk yelling in a strange language and pulls my brakes. I sat him in his seat and firmly commanded him to silence. Now mind that over four reefers running drivers are now standing outside their trucks watching. The strange man decides he better now pull that little stunt again. I put the truck into the last hole perfectly so. As soon as I pulled the brakes I Take the Qualm Calm and inform them of what happened. I need out of this truck right now. MY truck door is open because I am leary of this wild eyed lunatic. The drivers saw him grab the Qualm Calm out of my hands. My finger is now bleeding. One of the Drivers a thank goodness large man informed the crazy man to get out of the truck. To behave or they would lock him in the trailer. I was told it was now safe to get my things and we were going to the first aid station to have a look at my now dripping with blood cut on my finger. I get my things out of the truck and the drivers posted a guard on the truck. My finger is cut from the knuckle to knuckle. The drivers are clapping me on the back commenting on my backing skills. Telling me I need a rabies shot. After calling the company to inform them that I was in the right and that someone was watching the truck. The company makes me ride with the two drivers parked next to me for two weeks. I needed the job. Every day I call in to be told that they are looking for a Truck. The truck they finally found was an old yard dog truck. Trashed from the inside out. NO air, no heat. No radio….No antenna. Running me out of hours just to tell me I have another load to run. I flat out refused to run Interstate 4 out of hours during season. It is a truckers nightmare. All Drivers know their seasons. I-4 is home to tourist traps all the way from the line to the tip. I was fired for following Company Instructions to the letter. FOg rolling in I called the Company to tell them I am where I am supposed to be on time load is fine. To be told that they do not care what I am told enter the gate where they told me to enter it. IT cost me my job. I could not see. Everything there is a mess. When I attempted to take them to court. An Att. settled out of court for two weeks of pay. Making me sign a paper not to tell who did it. I lost my home and my land.

  41. Lsdy Driver Silent Night says

    One more story…..

    Because I was a Former O/O. I went looking for another job after thieves stole my truck. I ended up
    at Englands front door. We were taken to a Rat infested HELL HOle. I was in a house fire as a young girl and no matter what I wear to sleep in it is not going to stay on. Whatever is next to my scars is going to get off of them. I wake up to strange noises. There are no less than ten strange men in the room the door is wide open men are laughing and pointing at me. I am embarrassed to death. I have no covers on and the two nightgowns that I put on hoping that I would not come out of them in my sleep are on the floor. Pictures and other awful things were being said. I look aghast at the roommate they assigned me. The woman did not even bother to wake me. I demand the men to leave the room. I called the hotel office and then I called England.
    I am livid. I am told that I must remain at the hotel until other arrangements could be made. We are moved. Now, I ask patience. I am tired, hungry, and cold. I put on extra garments to put in an appearance on their training field. I am asked to do a professional dismount from the truck. A three point contact dismount or exit from a Class 8 rig. I turn to dismount and the men are now talking about watching me naked and now dressed in “Pink Panties” I was appalled. I have three Federal O.S.H.A. Certificates qualifying my Rank of Haz-Mat and Tanks.
    I was so shaken I could not Back into a simple hole for the rest of the day. Thinking a good nights rest would help I called home and asked my mom to pray for me. I just could not take the whispers and rude outloud comments by a strange group of people. I had to leave. England will still not compensate and I hope no “Rookie” that dares to dream of being one of the few that make it to the entrusted rank of Class 8 C.D.L. ever has to suffer the vulgar, disrespect of less than common American standard. Btw…..If any needs proof of my backing skills. I can provide 5 Star O.S.H.A. plant proof of my skills. Rookies, the Federal Mandates that govern the United States are tough. They have to be. Do not give up on American Trucking. Believe it or not….There are very real, very tough American Men that do not take lightly the right to protect the highways and byways of this our great Nation. Guard your C.D.L. Be a quarter of a mile ahead of you. A Quarter of a mile behind you and around you all of the time.

  42. Lsdy Driver Silent Night says

    GO Cliff Go….My trainer gave the the greatest gift any female “Rookie” Could EVER

    When I first met my trainer he eyed me hard. After a few minutes he opened his wallet and informed me that the lovely woman in the picture was his I was not. I have eight weeks to turn you into a polished professional Class 8 Driver. It is “Yes Sir and No sir from this moment on; provided this is clear to you you may store your gear.” I held his gaze and shook hands with the most amazing veteran I have ever had the joy of meeting.
    Weeks of intense training later. He gave me a gift I will never forget as ling as I draw breath on this earth. I am behind the wheel when he began his lecture. Young woman…..I have had many students in my rig. Not one of them were even close to you in skills. Now I would like you to know that I am going to release you two week early. I usually give my students something to remember me by. A ruler, a log pen, or an Atlas. After giving the matter some thought. I have decided to give you something I have never given any of my students. Cabbage Patch is 50 miles ahead of you. Do not throw me out of this bunk. He did not say another word to me until we were safely up and down the other side. I backed into the truck stop. When I returned to the truck he was grinning from ear to ear. Very well done he said.

    You know, I wanted to be a trainer. I would hate to have my trainer see me now. I would be literally ashamed. I walked into a miss written M.S.D.S. report in the valley and can not drive. That is unless there was a Trainer as dedicated as he was. Trucking was the only industry that never cared whether or not I was scarred. Just in my seat proper.
    I live at home with my mom now who takes care of me. I miss all of you more than I can state in words. I can just about hear his lecture voice in my ear. You come back here with my name this minute. My humble answer Sir, Yes sir! Truck is inspected. Window clean and clear. Fuel is recorded logs ready to be inspected. I did make sure to inspect my food before I put it in my mouth. Sir..

    “Lead by example” Cliff…..You can do it! Be that inner voice they hear the first time they take patch at 40 degrees. OR the first time they meet an individual that is shocked to meet a 5ft 100 pound female delivering steel coils….This American Female SAlute’s American men with the intelligence to train the next generation of Class 8. Protect the legacy. Freedom is an amazing responsibility.

  43. says

    I didnt say i get harassed.I treat everybody possible with respect out here on the road male r female,a driver is a driver.But your msg may not had been for me.Im psycho not pycho.Be safe drivers.

  44. Brett says

    It sounds awful and if it is true I hope she is awarded large compensation – trouble is deciding how much of the problem is the individual(s) or the company’s fault. Also I have a problem with these sort of commissions, tribunals and the like deciding such things as they often use very loose standards of evidence that would not stand up in a proper court. To my way of thinking if their awards are going to be significant then the whole sad story – and really that’s all we have is a story – needs to go before a court and there needs to be something more than he said/she said.

  45. Deborah Green says

    The same thing happened to me. They told him to drop me of at the bus station and not to talk to me. He still was a trainer after raising his fist to me and saying”don’t make me hit you bitch”. Some guys won’re take NO for an answer. This was the third time they had a complaint on this guy too! He was married but that didn’t stop him! I still drive and that was 12 years ago, but I’ll never forget him or the way the company handled the situation. I’ve been with my company now for the post ten years and they don’t have these problems.

  46. Mortifis says

    More proof that the ATA’s expalnation of why there is a driver shortage is WRONG! It’s the abuse we drivers take from brokers, dispatchers, shippers/recievers and other drivers. It’s a hard life out here. This jackwad trainer needs his head caved in just for thinking that he can exploit another driver for his own sick pursuits!

    I’ve heard lots of stories like this, even about gay trainers getting their jollies off rookie drivers …

    We drivers need to stand up and MAKE the industry include us in the profitability of the trucking industry .. we aren’t mindless mules following a carrot, it is the drivers that are keeping this nation viable not the rest of the industry.

  47. Jayme says

    You know I have to laugh as I saw a few weeks back someone had fileds a suit against Prime Inc for it’s policy on not putting females with male trainers. Well whats it going to be ? Stand your ground and say no that you are not interested. But wait lets sue and see how much money we can get maybe we wont have to work for a while I guess that is a good answer for a week minded woman who cant stand the heat.

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