Cities Banning Trucks and New Truck Stops


Despite pumping life into every town and city that they haul freight to, truckers are still looked upon as a nuisance by most areas. They think of big trucks as rolling death-machines that bring pollution, noise, and crime to their towns, not realizing that what they really bring is absolutely everything the town needs to survive. Well, yet another city is taking steps to ban these “nuisances” from their streets entirely.

The mayor of Columbiana, Alabama has called for a ban on semi-trucks driving in their downtown area. He says that trucks are the main cause of traffic jams in his city and that truckers often drive over curbs. He was quoted as saying “I really feel like we are doing the city a disservice by allowing these large trucks” to drive in the area.

It seems that it’s not just one man’s misguided quest to turn truckers into a scapegoat, the city council has cast their lot in with the mayor as well. “I think it’s unanimous that everyone agrees if we can keep [truckers] out of the downtown area, we should do it,” the mayor said.

Towns across the country trying to keep trucks of their main streets cause annoying, time wasting, and sometimes dangerous detours, but even more worrying is that towns are now trying to keep truck stops from opening their doors anywhere in the town limits.

In Mesquite, Nevada, a building and 21 acres of empty land have been unoccupied for quite some time, but when a buyer for the land presented itself, city officials and residents turned out to protest the sale. The reason? The empty facility would have been turned in to a Pilot Flying J Travel Center. A hearing was held to decide whether the city of 20,000 would allow the sale. Of the 16 people who were given the chance to speak, only 3 spoke in favor of the truck stop.

Among those speaking was former mayor Susan Holecheck. She spoke against the planned sale saying that the travel center would increase traffic, air pollution, sound pollution, and road maintenance. And despite adding 75 jobs at the center alone, she said that the project would do more harm than good to the local economy.

While both towns have the right to mandate what happens inside their borders, their actions show a clear lack of understanding of how truckers affect the daily lives of every single person living in the United States.


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  1. J. Carter says

    Yep, let these idiots wake up one day needing to drive 60 miles to the nearest town that does allow trucks, and they’ll start changing their tunes.

    Trucking companies need to get together and say “No freight to these towns. They don’t want the trucks, they don’t get what trucks bring.”

    There is one town to which I refuse to haul freight, or take freight out of; Louisville, KY. Those people in that town do not want the eye sore of trucks. I actually received a parking ticket for parking on an abandoned street, the police officer telling me I needed to park outside of the city limits and then drive back into town when it was time for my pickup. I was scheduled to pick up freight in Louisville that morning.

    I left Louisville, called my company and told them I wasn’t going to pick up the freight, and if they asked me to return, I would quit. When asked why, I told them I was cited for being inside city limits before the actual time of my pickup.

    Get in, get out, that is what these towns are starting to want. Never mind we’re real men and women who have needs just the same as everybody else. Bring us our freight, but get that damn truck out of here as soon as you’re done! We don’t care if you want something to eat, or need to use the restroom. Just get the hell out of our town!

    Well, when a loaf of bread costs $10 in gas to just go get, for these stupid people in these closed-minded towns and cities, you may rest assured, they will start changing their tunes.

  2. Susie says

    Shut them down, just quite taking them supplies and then maybe their attitude will change!! Enough said!! GEEZ people doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Sometimes y’all just think too much!!! The old saying “your making a mountain out of a mole hill!!”

  3. Ray Tyrell says

    It’s real simple if they don’t want us then just stop delivering freight to their town, period. Without us their town will shivel up and die. Why do we put up with this when we have the upper hand?

  4. Ron says

    Simple solution is to stop any freight going to these cities or towns, when their grocery store has no food on the shelves they will be begging for trucks.

  5. John Sokol says

    I’ve said many times, the general public doesn’t make the connection between the trucks on the highway, and the merchandise on the shelves. I totally agree, boycott all deliveries to those places, and give them a wake up call!

  6. David says

    Shut the entire trucking industry down for a week, and sit back and watch change happen! Organizations like OOIDA could make a significant impact on making this happen, but they fear their own bottomline being affected, and forget about the ATA, this is a group that is in the pockets of DC.

    With that being said, expect no change, and make the best of the abuse that is given just about everywhere that you go, as it appears, Truckers have masochistic tendencies, because we seem to just go with the flow, instead of making it!

  7. Dave says

    I agree,stop delivering to these towns. why are we the ones that suffer because of ignorance. we need more truckstops and if these towns don’t want one,then they don’t need the freight. period!!

  8. Slow Poke says

    Nothings going to change, there will be no boycott of these towns and no trucker shut down….
    These are that same people who want to enjoy a nice steak for dinner but are against the killing of animals. It’s the dumbing down of the American people.

  9. steve says

    Wonder if Harry Reid wanted to do this if it would’ve went through. Well, there’s 2 places i refuse to stop or deliver freight to.

  10. gary says

    Just remember who brings your food an gas to your town,its always someone complaining about trucks try drivung one an find parking or sitting at a shipper or reciever for hours an hours waiting to load or unload then you run out of time on your log book an now trying to find a truck stop. that’s safe o park for the night

  11. Ralph says

    Stop at the town line, call the receiver , say “since you don’t want me in your town, come get your stuff, bring LOTS of pick up trucks, you’re gonna need them!”.

  12. Bluevike93 says

    I bet there’s a WalMart in that town. I wonder how the town would cope if WalMart Transportation decided to shut the store down because they make it too difficult to deliver?

  13. Tim says

    Well Mr. mayors Think about this next time your grocery store or gas station is empty Lu won’t let trucks in. If I saw a sign that said no trucks in your city ….oh well deal with it and explain this to your constituents. And then see if you get re-elected. What a bunch of jackasses!!!

  14. Shane says

    It would be a big help if a list would be published of all the towns against trucking was banned so in turn drivers could refuse to deliver to “their” town. But you’ll never get 2a drivers to agree on anything. Still it would be nice to have a list of those towns and cities.

  15. Rick Smith says

    Have a national database of “do not call on” cities and towns.
    Make sure the cities and towns know what they are in for,
    then make all of their merchants collect their wares from the
    nearest “trucking friendly” town.
    The added cost would be passed on to the sensitive consumers,
    and everybody would be happy. Maybe.

    • RC says

      I agree with that 100%, thats exactly what we need, a data base/website that will post info about problem towns. city and states. A data base that would be updated regularly with details, also sending out texts/emails to those whom want it. We can start with a simple blog right here on this very site. Drivers can simply put the name of the area and/or company, with the descriptions of the problems that they had encountered. This would line up the communications between the drivers and company’s. Some of these warehouses have no respect for the driver either, they also need to be high lighted in this, and boycotted.

  16. Fred says

    How loud will the complaints be when the city residents and mayors that deny truck traffic have to travel to a city that permits trucks delivering to stock shelves of groceries and underwear ?

    A wine is no good without cheese.

  17. Don Dierdorff says

    These out-of-touch idiots will be the first to complain when they can’t go to the store to buy their loved ones Christmas presents. Of course, nothing can be done about their infinite ignorance regarding big trucks.

  18. Don Dierdorff says

    If I had not experienced truck driving personally, I would not believe the horrible, beat-down lifestyle a driver is forced to endure just to try to make a paycheck.

  19. Original Straight Jacket says

    Real easy just boycott them,like we did to Indiana in the 80’s. When our money isn’t spent to help their tax base they might change their minds. But once a mind is closed it will be hard to reopen. I do my part to help in boycotting certain cities and business. The ones I refuse to deal with are the ones that prohibits trucks when I’m in my personal vehicle. OOIDA can’t support a boycott due to the R.I.C.O. act , ATA doesn’t care big money drives them.

  20. Lizzyd says

    I swear we all need to shut down for 24 hours and let all the big mouths realize how bad they need us and how we are humans and are not their servants! I also would like them to know I can not carry a weapon and run legal but its ok for me to get assulted while im minding my own business delivering and having to park in an unsafe place. How about how bug truck drivers have to be or the lookout for the crazy 4 wheelers texting, eating, drinking, putting on their makeup, and cutting us off? Sorry, I’m just so tired of this.

    • RC says

      We have to have a solid boycott, one that would last at least 3days, no truck should run, period. Once people see and feel the domino effect, everyone will recognize the importance of the the Big Rig, and the trucking industry all together. Most people really don’t equate trucks to their everyday needs, goods that they buy/use all day, EVERYDAY. A freeze at that magnitude would back up most of the freight industry for close to a year with most companies. It would also force the shippers/brokers into an urgency level in order to get their freight out (being backed up) which means more work for us, including more money to move freight. Unification and communication is the key, the formula is rather simple, getting drivers to obligate themselves to this needy cause is the hard work (although it shouldnt be). But again, communication is the key..

  21. jim cox says

    this so called mayor in alabama says trucks are the problem for conjestion, well i guess people in cars talking on their phones, surfing the net, texting and emailing each other, while driving, would never cause traffic problems. he is probably one of these idiot that do that. yet they will also be the first to complain when they have low or no supplies. the companies in those towns that depend on trucks to get their products in and out of town, need to ban together with the trucking companies and fight them in court. the truck co. cannot go it alone…..

  22. Filippo says

    Funny how all of the answers above are filled with good intentions and griping but none of the solutions have any teeth. I am personally forming a group to begin assessing and addressing the behavior of towns toward truckers and give the truckers and companies some teeth to do something about it. Most times articles like this are printed for the replies it will get. Not for the action we can cause. So, let’s get on the ball and make something happen. Otherwise we better just sell out our voices to the bitchgripes.

  23. jim cox says

    I just sent the mayor of columbia, al the followin email:

    to MayorHandley

    how you became mayor is beyond me. you clearly have not thought through this ban involving trucks. you are quick to blame truckers. but what about people in cars texting, serfing the net and emailing on their phones? i bet you’ll say, well thats does not happen here. you are probably one of those people who get distracted by your phone while driving. you also obviously do not care about the buisnesses that rely on trucks for their services. i am also sure you would be one of the first people screaming when you have low or no supplies or goods in your stores in town. insread of blaming truckers why don’t you find a solution that is good for all involved, not just your popularity in town. try and be a pioneer in creating a harmonious enviroment for trucks intead of treating us like dirt. good solutions take work. maybe you ought to take a trucking course and you would have a insight that would help solve this problem. safe trucking requires safe solutions. from a concerned trucker, Jim Cox 145 E Ohio ave Dover, Oh 44622

  24. Paul says

    If we don’t unite and shut down for a week or 2 then this hits will keep coming. Doesn’t have to be all trucks just all o/o. Theirs enough of us to make a difference. Show America how much trucks are needed since they can’t see it them selves and look at us as like we are criminals or whatever they think.

    We’re allowing this to happen. Organize a shut down and well see a big change.

  25. Paul says

    Not even organize a shut down since that is and would be illegal lol we can all plan our vacation the same week or 2. Ain’t nothing wrong with that I think. Just gonna be one big vacation for us.

  26. Debbie says

    I will admit that I use to be one of those people that didn’t totally understand how important truck and deliver was. My husband starting driving last year, and I have road a couple of times, I have a totally new respect for truck drivers and what they do and how they have to deal with stupidnest on the roads. So I say NO TRUCKS NO SUPPLIES…Then let see who they want back in thier cities.

  27. DJ says

    So after Google Mapping this little podunk town I have to ask What Traffic???? This place is so small it’s hardly a blip on a map these people are morons. I wonder how McDonalds is going to get it’s food without a truck to bring it into town…I didn’t see any trucks on the satelite image anywhere in the town when that pic was taken either…One car at an intersection is a traffic jam in there

  28. under paid / overworked says

    mesquite nv. has nothing more then retired people and golf courses. It’s not worth the tire chains in my truck , wonder if alabama plans on paying off its federal debts before declining on any new buisnesses looking to help them out ?

  29. Will says

    You are inncorrect about OOIDA, Their bottem line is affected by membership rolls, and where they to do what you suggest, OOIDA would indeed make a significant impact. So much so that is would affect their bottem line…To The Possitive, their membership would swell.

    However, were OOIDA to do so, their offices would be swarmed by federal officers shutting them down and arresting everyone there. It is illegal, against the law, for them to do so. That is why they have not.

    You are somewhat correct about the ATA, it is a consortium of Shippers, Receivers and the large Carriers. Basically the large donors to those in DC. They care little to nothing for the drivers and owner-operators.

    No David, while you are correct that shutting down for a week would bring great change, it has to be a grass roots beginning.

    So I suggest you start talking to the DRIVERS, instead of whining about OOIDA or the ATA

    ONLY the Drivers can change OUR FATE


    • RC says

      Will, I concur..
      Just like Jimmy Hoffa, most of these organizations, unions especially (most of them), play games tap dancing in the middle. They are for “their own” bottom line, “not” for the people they are suppose to represent (although meetings are held & dues are payed). The only one that can take charge, is the man that really is in charge, that is the man with the key. If that key don’t turn, the wheels don’t turn, if the wheels don’t turn, the freight don’t move, which means, neither does that dollar. THIS IS ALL EVERYONE UNDERSTANDS. ITS THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE THAT SPEAKS TO ALL IN BUSINESS. Hitting people in the pockets is action, not words. Begging never gets anyone anywhere, we’ve done the asking, attempts to negotiate already, anyway, through these organizations over the years, and its gotten worst not better. So you tell me if you believe that works. lol.. (Its a joke, its really the long form run around). We need action , that’s what wakes people up, empty warehouses, store shelves, consumers complaining. Gotta make their mouth drop, and their eyes big, snatch them out of their comfort zone…

  30. says

    its really sad to see how stupid a town or a mayor trying to get this passed ,i am a truck driver and i hope that i have a load going to that towm because i wont make my delivery to them i hope they dont have nothing to use in any type of needs thet have if truck driver would get some balls and do the wright thing and shut the trucks down to show jyust how much they neeed us not us need them i dont think train go to every store or even back up to the docks and then sit for hours waiting on stupid lazy ass recivers well its time for us to stand up and say no to them..

  31. alltlzrd says

    i agree with their sentiments. let’s outlaw everything larger than a half ton pickup and force everyone to pick up their own supplies.

  32. says

    I have been trucking for 33 yrs and trust me there will be no shut down or lack of deliveries to these towns. Drivers have to make a living and if you turn down a load to any particular town you will be fired and someone else will do it. There are over 300 millions people in the country, so lets not get our panties in a bind over a few short sighted idiots.

  33. Tired says

    I wish we (truckers & trucking companies) would shut down for just 3 days. That’s it. No more, no less. All trucks. This country would shrivel up. It would open the eyes of ALL Americans, not just the ones that are close-minded. But as George said, it will NEVER happen. If you’re going to chose this industry as your profession, you may as well come to the conclusion that this is the way it’s going to be for the rest of your career, and most probably will continue to get worse. But if you truly are a trucker, you’re already doomed because it’s in the blood. Trucking is a disease that once caught, you will never get rid of!

  34. Jim says

    Don’t boycott that Alabama town. Get 100 – 200 truckers to visit that fine city all at one time. Make sure to use your Jake at every stop sign or light. Some of you drive at 5 mph, some at 20 mph. ALL OF YOU have signs on the side of your trailers saying: Stop trucks from coming to your town? Who will deliver your groceries, merchandise and gasoline? Make sure you make as much deisel smoke and noise as possible. Then stop in your tracks for 5 minutes, then leave at once, or sooner if it looks like someone will get arrested or something. Call a press conference on the outskirts of the town and tell the press that no trucker will ever come back, with food, etc. unless you get a public apology from their mayor. Just don’t break any laws.

    • RC says

      Not a bad 1st step strategy on the levels of action on the road. A parade with banners jamming the road ways does make an impact.

  35. Paul says

    Truckers ought to ban : All cities north of Richmond, Va. On I-95 over to I-81 up thru Obama country, into Maryland, Delaware, along with that state that looks like N.Y. Is popping out, New Jersey, and lets not forget Conn. and Mass. And Rhode Island… They are by far the most rude states of all.. Myself, I do not, and will never ever go there again..

    They should just build a huge warehouse near Richmond, Va. For them, and tell them, if ya want your “Stuff” …. Come down and get it yourself…

    Thank You….

  36. says

    Will, I think you are right. The only way to pull this off will be if the DRIVERS DO IT! It was shared with me that 85% of the people are afraid of change. I have seen this to be basically true, and with the truckers its seems that way too. Looking for solutions outside of ourselves is worthless. 100% dissatisfaction will bring change. When that happens, then we will see some real solution go into motion.

  37. Howard Lee says

    Ask people from Alabama how many trucking companies are registered in the state. Furthermore, ask them how many people do they know who is directly or indirectly affected by the trucking business. If they don’t know, they should be informed as trucking is the lifeblood of the state, especially small towns, But, many years ago I heard a woman from Alabama say “I don’t care if truckers go on strike, I’ll get my meat from Winn-Dixie.

  38. says

    In New Zealand the trucking lobby took a positive approach to educating the public, by putting huge pictures of newborn babies on the back of big rigs. The tagline read: “The only thing not brought by a truck.”
    Still, I reckon not dropping or collecting freight at anti-truck towns is the only sensible thing to do.

  39. James says

    Could not have said it better myself well done my friend I bet wallmart could get that ordeince changed or wallmart colud just leave town then what would all the people do without wallmart o no not that. Jusy tryin to be funny and o by the way have a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  40. Bobby says

    This article is lacking! Columbiana, Alabama has a state route that bypasses downtown, you have to leave SR25 and take “old” SR25 to go into town! I would avoid the downtown area with my truck, but there are the “new” breed of drivers that won’t/don’t know ( or just didn’t plan thier route) and those drivers cause the majority of the problems for the good drivers, I’m suprized all walmarts don’t ban other trucks from thier property considering what I see these drivers doing. I also see the time coming when walmart does ban us for thier actions. How many times you see a lemon drop in a parking lot where ther’s a bathroom inside the building! And running over/ hitting things. You wouldn’t allow anybody do that at your home! My should anybody else!

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