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Beware Of These Trucking Companies

Companies are only listed here if they have some serious problems concerning drivers.  I will only put a company here after the offense has been checked out and verified. The offending trucking company MUST have 100 trucks OR more to be listed.

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JB Hunt  [Lowell, AR]

JB Hunt does NOT pay drivers layover for sitting on weekends.  If their drivers sit all 48 hours on the weekend away from his/her family,  they don’t get a dime.

CR England  [Salt Lake City, UT]

Many drivers have complained about CR England stating they do not pay their lease operators properly.  Drivers have stated that they will rip you off.  Beware if you lease onto CR England!  I’ve personally heard bad news about CR England for years.

Werner Enterprises  [Omaha, NE]

Drivers have stated MANY safety concerns with Werner Enterprises.  I have personally seen Werner drivers in orientation sitting for a week or even more waiting to get a truck after they are DONE.  They have some SERIOUS problems.  Click here for just ONE of their driver’s concerns.  I’ve had many people complain to me about Werner.  Werner Enterprises Rip Off Report

Covenant Transport  [Chattanooga, TN]
Covenant Transport’s driver trainers have stated that instead of training the new drivers they will instead make the trainer run the truck as a team which could endanger a lot of people.  Covenant Transport has a VERY bad reputation among MOST drivers and it is suggested NOT to work for them and especially not to be trained by them!  They have such an enormous turnover that this is what they almost have to do to keep making any money.  Covenant Rip Off Report

Eagle Motor Lines | Southern Cal   [Birmingham, AL]

Drivers have stated that Southern Cal Transport makes drivers falsify logs and violate hours of service rules.  These drivers have also reported them to the DOT who have apparently done nothing.  Drivers state that they DO have them recorded on tape telling them to run illegal.  Driver was then FIRED because the boss caught him recording the illegal directives.

Swift   [Phoenix, AZ]
In the recent few weeks I have had myriad drivers complain about this company.  I do not know what is going on at Swift but many drivers say they have cheated them,  ran shoddy equipment,  blatantly told drivers to lie on logs,  not reimbursed tolls,  etc.  Recently Swift has turned their trucks up to 65 mph to try and plug the hemorrhage of drivers leaving the company.  Beware of dealing with this company.  You are forewarned.  Swift Transportation Rip Off Report

UPDATE: Swift stock downgraded by analyst because of their treatment of drivers, company structure and low pay!  more…

Moskowitz Motor Transportation  [Plainfield, NJ]

People have stated that this company stopped paying benefits, has poor equipment, does not deliver freight,  doesn’t pay overtime and much more.

Teamsters Strike The Deadbeat… Moskowitz Motor Transportation

US Xpress Enterprises   [Chattanooga, TN]
US Xpress Enterprises has had a few reports against them stating drivers were stranded, hung out to dry, etc…

US Xpress Enterprises Rip Off Report

Prime Inc  [Springfield, MO]

I have seen this company literally run drivers into the ground!  They consistently keep a bad reputation among drivers.  A common joke when hearing of a trucker in the ditch is, “was it a Prime?”.  The state of Wyoming is considered the “Prime truck burial ground” as so many of their trucks have been inserted into the ditch there.  I suggest you think HARD before going to Prime Inc of Springfield, MO.

Prime Inc Rip Off Report

See what government safety rating any trucking company has here.

Stop working for these companies and I guarantee you they will HAVE to change !

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  1. sledgehammer says

    Ihad been working at Styline transportion for 7 years,but during the past 18 months it has went down hill.about 10 months ago they stop our retirement,quit paying layovers,cut our mileage pay back 4 cents a mile,cut holiday pay,cut hometime,and stated dispatch from 1700-2100 hrs at night and stand by your phone in which they don’t furnish.It’s time to bring in the teamsters for trucking.

    • pcl says

      I worked for Crete/Shaffer for 2 years. Their policies are
      always slanted toward the company, no matter what. Getting
      home on any kind of planned schedule was next to impossible.
      I notified them for 6 months prior to my daughter’s wedding,
      and still, despite reminders I sent regularly, was late
      getting home. Then, instead of letting me enjoy the week with
      my family, the company interrupted my vacation to have me go
      deliver a load.

      I missed other family events, holidays, & Dr appts. I was required to go sit in the truck, “return to work” status, even when there were no loads to pick up. Similarly, I was kept out on the road unnecessarily, when I might have otherwise been able to go home.

      I spent all day discussing finding a load home one day, in a snail’s pace dialog with dispatch. Nothing they offered made sense, and nothing was headed in the right direction. I would be out of hours before it was even scheduled to be picked up, and then I’d need to drive all night to get the load delivered on time. I told my fleet manager that, & she told me I should write my log book to show I was in the sleeper all day. I said, sure, I could do that. But it won’t make me any less sleepy tonight. I’ll still have to drive sleepy.

      I was feeling sick after that, & went to the emergency room. My blood pressure was high. Higher than I’d ever known, having been blessed with a very low bp for all my life. I got sent home, & I elected to travel by train. I had to leave most of my personal belongings locked up in the truck.

      Crete sent another driver to retrieve the truck. Over the next couple of months, thru Crete ignoring any decency, my belongings were disposed of. The other driver claimed I did not leave one of the locks, so I was charged for that. I lost over $4000 in personal property, that I’ll never be able to replace. 

      Crete will no doubt, deny any of this. But I have emails from them regarding my stuff. I listed everything I lost. It’s hard enough to get sick on the road. Harder still to lose your income because you’re sick. And then to lose your worldly belongings on top of that, to theft or callousness, I became severely depressed for months after. 

      • TruckerB says

        Sorry u had a bad experience but Crete isn’t bad like u are saying! I’ve been here for 2 and a half years straight outta trucking school and have NO complaints. I started at .34cpm until I hit my first year safely and then they bumped me up to .41cpm! I average 11,000 miles a month and I get home easily! No problem even If I ask my asset manager to just run me thru the house to pick something up and stay home for a quick 34 hour reset. People need to stop bashing the whole company and start thinking its either them or the dispatcher they have! The guy the trained me has been with Crete since 1997 and has NO complaints. I very rarely meet any Crete drivers with complaints. So bottom line is everything ain’t for everybody!

        • Papasout says

          When a guy gives hard data, the least you can do is empathize. Pcl’s experience isn’t yours, but it just as real. Have a heart TruckerB … or you’ll be seen as part of the oppressors.

  2. Dirk says

    Just wondering, I am new to the trucking industry. See the bad companies and some I had on my short list, could you recommend any companies that truly take care of their drivers?

  3. Anthony Conder says

    Prime in the last year implemented employ ment screening based on Body Mass Index. Any driver considering driving for Prime, Inc needs to realize, even if they hire on under the BMI, if during the course of employmenet you go over the BMI, Prime can fire you for failure to follow company policy. We all know where that leads. I seriously considered working for them but after thinking it over decided not having that charge on my DAC was more important than the job.

    • Randy King says

      I also worked for prime for 3 weeks but had a problem. I was falsely arrested at a port in washington and when i was aquitted of all my charges because they had to retreive the truck they put me down as a no rehire. I think that was totally wrong and unfair. So i too have no respect for prime out of missouri.

  4. Anthony Conder says

    Correct, JB Hunt does not pay layover on Weekends AND Holidays. In addition, you must be without a load for 24 hours before they will pay layover. As an example, I drove for JB Hunt for almost two years. All in all, their pay at the time offset their disadvantages. I picked up a load of sugar out of New Orleans and delivered it in Branford, CT on Friday morning at 8:00AM. I sat from Friday morning until Monday before getting a load. If Monday had been a holiday, I would have sat until Tuesday before getting a load and wouldn’t have been paid a dime for any of it. Obviously, miles driven through the week are a consideration. I was hostile after sitting three days without a load. When I finally got a load headed back home, I stopped by the house on the way to the terminal and unloaded all my stuff. I got to the terminal, dropped my load, then called my dispatcher and told him I had had all the fun I could stand and was turning my truck in. He begged me to stay on for two weeks and he would get my miles up. I told him I expected 2500 miles a week. That was in September 2007. I didn’t leave the company until January 2009 due to a temporary medical issue. So, giving full credit to my dispatcher, he got my miles up to 2500, or at least very close each week (within 25 miles) giving me the incentive to hang in there. Also, JB Hunt requires drivers to send in a daily safety message each and every morning by 10:00 AM. Yes, safety should lbe our focus while on the road but treating driver’s like children is very condescending as their idea is by sending in the safety message each day, it proves your mind is on safety. No, actually my mind was on throwing something down that would suffice so I could get on with my job. And it didn’t matter if it was right smack dab in the middle of your break, you were still required to send it.

    • bob says

      I wanted to respond to your comments in regards to the direction that JB Hunt has gone in the last few years. I have been with the company since 1998 and am currently looking to leave. I started with them as an OTR driver and shifted into the DCS branch of the company and now serve as a logistics manager performing management functions for 2 distribution centers on the eastern seaboard. I give you this background to indicate that my comments are not from a driver who has worked there for 3 months and is disgruntled but from someone who started there and work his way up thru the ranks. The company took a dramatic change about 6 months after JB passed away. They have taken advantage of the poor economic situation that the country is going thru by cutting pay and benefits,decreasing the hometime for drivers and creating an enviroment of “accept whatever we do or get out”. They know they have 500 applications for every truck they have along with 1000 applications for every management job as well. There is a lack of concern for the lives of every empolyee in the company drivers and mangement alike as middle managers strive to make the largest bonus checks possible(this is a large portion of there annual compensation). They are a very safety driven company and I think your comments in regards to that are off base however. There programs have been proven to work and safety should be the primary goal of everyone operating any motor vehicle not just tractor trailers. There shortcoming is in there lack of applying common sense to the program.Example. Driver is parked at a truckstop and hit by another truck. The company attitude is to look for any reason at all to turn the situation into the drivers fault. This needs to be addressed within the company but sadly will continue. I would suggest that any driver looking to work for JB Hunt look at other alternatives. Any people who are looking to work for them need to understand that there pay,hometime and general treatment will not be what is was in the late 90’s to the mid 2000’s. As for myself I am geting back in a truck again as 18hr days are no longer acceptable to me in an office setting. Best of luck to all.

  5. Nelson Mead says

    I am surprised the list of rip off trucking companies is so short.What surprises me more is that they continually steal their employees blind knowing that they can get away with it.Let’s see they have the money and the big lawyers and have no remorse for their actions.Where is the help for the truck drivers that spend so much of their lives on the road working for free and paying tolls and other expenses for million/billion dollar companies.I have been both an owner/operator and a company driver trying to figure out how to keep my equipment and money without being ripped off by these people.I am a huge advocate on a trucker strike and am proud to say that there has been times that I would sit rather than just drive for fuel money/free work for companies.I can also say that I have never been afraid to shut down for a strike regardless of where I am.I know this wouldn’t prove anything because there are so many drivers out there who are under the impression that they are making big money and it’s ok to only have 1 or possibly 2 good weeks in a month.Alot of the reason this occurs is that drivers don’t pay attention to their pay,their under the impression that that’s the way it should be ,or the best possible answer is they have a permanent adress inside their truckSure I know you have to take the good with the bad but when the work is the same and your good weeks go to just surviving the outrageous insurances that are, imposed on you and tolls,scale,tickets that your still expecting to be reimbursed. The trucking industry in general is crooked as hell and their are few if at all trucking companies that pay fairly.Hopefully someday the truck drivers will wake up and their will be resolve for those of us who have given so much for so little.A strike would be nice but until everyone is commited this will never work.

    • Daphne Ball says

      Amen Brother… I’ve been saying this ever since I’ve been with my husband, who comes from a family of truckers. That’s the problem with most situations, be it trucking or whatever. We sit back and let the industry, who is ultimately run by the government, do whatever the hell they want. All that ever gets done is complaining ! I say “put up or shut up!” All it would take is not even 1 week! Nobody has the balls!

      • Mikki says

        I have been in and around the trucking industry my whole life. Trucking has become one of the most belittled jobs in the world, yet the most needed. I understand regulations to a point, but who is regulating the employers who don’t pay for loads delivered, scales paid, tolls paid, lumpers paid and anything else that is needed for the Truckers to do their Job better. The main point of regulation is correct logging right! Well most Drivers would be logging correctly if they didn’t have to fight for every penny they are getting from the companies they work for. I have been told more than once that my Hubby hasn’t turned something in, or he didn’t do it right. Well I know he is, it is just a way for his company to get out of paying him for the money he is owed. Trucking Companies keep taking more of Drivers money and paying them less and expecting more! Without regard to the laws that are there to protect the Drivers, that is what they are there for. Not to protect the Trucking Companies pocket books. But go figure there is no one there for the Truckers yet again, just continued slamming about the way they are fighting to get paid an honest lving

    • Harley Hogue says

      I realize I am responding to a very old post but I figured I would add my 2 cents…per mile. I think a strike would be a great start in getting the attention of the people who run these companies. You probably ought to start a contact list of truckers interested in participating. Then a proposal would be needed to state a case for what we “want.” Maybe OOIDA would be able to assist? It blows me away the sacrifices we make for such little compensation, not to mention the poor treatment by our companies and many times even our clients.

    • frank hughes says

      You got that right, I have been retired for12 years and have worked for 6 different company’s and have never had a job with an honest company, I have well over a million miles with no at fault accidents except for a minor fender bender in the L.A. area, I came to conclusion that there are no honest OTR COMPANIES OUT THERE PERIOD. IF I had all the pay that I have been cheated out of I would have a nice hunk of change. I HAVE FOUND THAT THE MORE EXPERIENCE YOU HAVE THE MORE THEY THINK THEY CAN RUN THE DOG CRAPS OUT OF YOU. I have had it up to my eyeballs in unfulfilled promises of trucking outfits. I THOUGHT ABOUT GOING BACK TO WORK BUT NOT OTR especially the long haul, I think I will try a cab at least you will meet a better class of employers.

  6. John Krum says

    SWIFT : A swift recruiter, Jill Gibson, told me 3 times that I was good to go to work for swift. I resigned my teaching job and attended orientation. After completing orientation they informed me that THEY OVERLOOKED something in my application and terminated me at the Greer, SC terminal. They left me with NO Job, NO Income, and most likely to lose everything I own. DON’T TRUST SWIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bob says

      John, I wanted to address your situation. Swift transportation along with many larger companies have changed the way they process new hires in recent years. Companies used to process your data and confim your status prior to scheduling you for orientation. That practice has changed. Many companies now will take your information and bring you in to orientation before screenng and verifying your data. This is due to the cost being lower to process you in this manner. If they find a disqualifyer at that point they remove you from there on boarding process. I find this practice quite unfair to potential new hires to companies many of which like yourself who have quit there jobs to move to the new company but it is the way things are done across the board now for the larger carriers. I would say to practice due diligence prior to accepting an offer from any company by asking pertinent questions like”Do you use a third party clearing/on boarding company?” or “Do you clear me at orientation or before I get there?”. These questions while not eliminating this problem may help some folks to avoid your situation. Best of luck.

    • Lamecia says

      John, I use to work for Swift and they almost left me stranded in Harrisburg, PA after returning from medical leave. I thought to myself what kind of company will do their drivers like that. This is why I am trying to work towards getting my own truck and learning the business for myself. In this way I can truly be an Owner Operator with my own truck and trailer. I HATE it when the companies take people from their jobs and home only to leave them stranded. I could never understand why these companies will not do the checks thoroughly before bringing people into these orientations.

  7. Ralph says

    Comway truck load: watch out for as well. You are made to run over your hours, your 11, 14 and 70. Forced to take load you don’t have the hours for. they will let you work week after week,but when you ask for home time after being out 4 to 7 weeks, your told it is not guarranteed. you don’t get your money back on all your tolls. and depending on the dispatcher you have you can be left out there without a load, if it’s a week-end forget it. Warning!!!!!!!!!! don’t have Preston as your dispatcher or be prepared to sit alot.!!!!!!!!!
    You are really hit if you disagree with him on anything.

  8. james says

    swift is just as bad as the others they keep blamming me for low milage i.,m out here 7 days a week go home maybe 2 or 3 times a year .i take everyload i can get and they are still on my bavck saying i,m not running enough i run my logs and loads legal swift wonts me to do things there way if i do them there way i,m not legal if i do things the dot way i get jumped on . there always on drivers cases treet them like there dogs or in prision or the army basic trinning they dont listen to the drivers they talk cripe and you have nothing to say when you try to say something they tell you they dont wont to here it and everything you say is a lye.i,v been with swift 4 and 1/2 years would leve before they fire me but where do i find a company that will work with the driver not against them. and let me run legal with out all the abuse. swift dont cair about the drivers all they cair about is the all mighty doller

    • says

      James,I feel for ya and all the other truckers,no matter who you drive for. Swift runs continuous ads
      for “New” truck drivers,i.e., for their schools,as they make money supplying for the truck diving ( yes)schools. Some companies have 400% churn. Imagine 65 drivers a day!…….. Most of the large companies,as mentioned on the Wall Of Shame on this website, are bottom feeders or becoming so,very rapidly. I put in an application,3 times for Swift,here in Denver and the recruiter told me I had a job,and that was a lie. No accidents/dui/speeding tickets,ever. Always on time and gave the government a legal logbook,no out of services ,ever,always passed the drug screens and even took four in one day for a 4 state consortium. Been a skateboarder,dry van,refer,boom truck,doubles,rockies,turnpike doubles,UPS doubles and triples(Christmas extra),LTL,both local and OTR,U.S.Mail. Sent 50 pages with old DVR’s/DAC reports/resume,chain of custody copies of DOT drug screens(I have been required to take over seventy in 32 years),I am 6’2″ tall ,weigh 200 pounds,did a 300 # lift/push/pull/flexibility test and passed a-ok with med card and drug screen. TX and TSA class a endorsement,and paperwork to prove it. The app went to my brother-in -law’s company,which I KNOW FOR A FACT ,doesn’t run legal,and no company does(even Werner w/legalized falsification of logs by the DOT). I was told I couldn’t be qualified,even if I paid my own way to the job. So,my point is feel good you have a job,and keep reporting. It lets out some of the hot air you don’t need to keep bottled,just like a hot tire,ready to blow. No need to ruin your health over a truck. If you think I’m kiddin’,go the fmcsa site online,HOS Rules,page seven,see a picture of me in 1994 being road tested by under cover DOT officers who audited my boss. They actually
      liked my logbooks and after the roadtes in a flat top fld120/flatbed,I was asked to go to work for “them”. I’m the guy in the blue flannel shirt/black hat with two oncoming trucks filling the windshield in the pix.Hand on the stick and the wheel. Can’t pay to find a job,been out over a year,just paid 16.50 to what I’m startin’ to believe is a scam recruiter,as he wanted to check my Hirerite,etc. Same Jobs on his site,for weeks,and he has said he has 700 ‘good available drivers.Huh?
      Allow God and God Will Allow,

  9. says

    i dont see anything about werner trucking here it was my worst experiance ever when i went over the road with them a a team driver the pay aws a student is a shame the way the co. is set up the teacher !!! gets all the money and pushes you to drive until you fall asleep at the wheel practaly and they take advantage of you as a student by not stoping for showers enough running non stop with out getting any exersize or a chance to eat a meal and in my experiance i was in the ill. area and i was notifyed that there was a death in the family they sent me to elpaso texas i complained but the trainer bullshited me and said i would get home in time to make the wake but i couldnt i was to far away to make it back i had to rent a car to get home from ill. and didnt get erembursed for the rental or at least the bus ticket they were suposed to give me to get home . maby werner should take some time to look at their program the trainers are taking advantage of the students an they no it

    • Lisa says

      Hi George,

      A good friend of mine just completed classes and got his CDL yesterday. Literally minutes after he passed his tests Werner contacted him with a job offer. He was so excited that he said yes without even considering other options. They want him to go train with another driver for 2 weeks, 2 weeks home for christmas then 3 weeks out again. I am worried his situation may turn out to be similar to yours. I would love it if you could give me a little more information about your experience so I can pass it on to him as a warning.

      Thanks for your time,

      • quartermaster says

        hey lisa, i drove for werner back in 93 and was subjected to driving over my hours and picking up loads when i was out of hours and such. they will drive your friend into the ground and if he doesnt do things their way they will bring him to terminal and tell him he’s done.

  10. Tommy says

    I use to drive for Prime, I would drive my hours and get to my drop, my fleet manager wanted me to take my 10 hour break while I was taking my 10hr break, I could not get it thru her head that was illegal, she told me just to back up my logs and keep my mouth shut. I told her I would not do it and she would only get me 1500 miles a week, so I turned my truck in and told her where she could stick the truck.

      • quartermaster says

        you are not the only person who has driven for prime who got screwed blued and tatooed. i drove for prime in the mid 90’s and they were just as bad even then. they actually had drivers filing lawsuites against them that is why they changed their name 3 or 4 times that i know of and have filed bankruptsy several times over the years claiming they were broke and yet they are still screwing drivers left and right. the company drivers have it worse. glad you got smart and left.

        • Gene says

          That is one of that largest benefits of electronic logs. I know most drivers and especially companies hate them, but no matter what the dispatcher said, I could never be forced back on.

  11. hemingway says

    Well after reading ALL the comments I think I’ll just stay where I’m at. Because going OTR sounds like a real nightmare.Driving local seems to be the best.

  12. Leary says

    I’d to nominate Smith Transport. Smith will welcome you alright in a form of indentured labor without your knowing it. Touted as company paid orientation, travel, meals is not a company expense when they knowingly demand you sign a document which gives them the right to force you to pay back to Smith the so called company expenses.
    Attending orientation is a labor on your part, the reason they pay you for it. For them to say if you leave before your 90 day probationary you must pay this back to them it becomes involtary servitude. Any company that would rather threaten a employee when the employee desires to leave and retains the rhythm of termination instead of a resignation has many a problem in communication.

  13. CRE VICTIM says

    CR England is a scam. I WAS RECENTLY DISQUALIFIED BY CRE TO DRIVE FOR THEM. I WENT THROUGH ALL THE TRAINING AND THE PROCESS THAT INCLUDES TRAINING STUDENTS FOR WHAT THEY CALL PHASE 2. This is what I have learned. Many people used to warn me about how bad this company was so I decided to find out by myself. In my opinion their training is very good if not excellent. The pay is just one of the worse if not the worse. Their trucks are always defective and they have created a system to force you into leasing a truck that guess what? Once in your hands you have to fix any damages that were hidden and it has in the engine from previous drivers, out of your pocket if you do not have warranty on the tractor and trust me, they won’t tell you a thing to get you into the lease faster. They take 0.14 cents out of your 0.90 cents that you get paid as a lease driver that if you do not finish the lease, whatever money there they will simply keep it! They kept around $1500 dollars from me in my case. This money is suppose to be for maintenance of the truck when you need it but why they keep it if you are fired? yes terminated! They told me that money is to pay the truck, so there you go! Also I requested my home time as they teach you, a month earlier and 15 days prior to my request, they sent me home and I left some of my belongings still in the truck because I was a second phase trainer and i did agree with the student that he will drive solo as part of the training to get experience while I go home to spend time with my family. Suddenly I lost contact with the student and I called the driver manager and she said that i was not supposed to leave the truck in first place that I needed to find my way back to Salt lake city from North Carolina ( that after she scheduled me to be back in the truck on the 26th!), I told her I did not know what was going on and i had to call other people to get a hold of the student and get my leased truck back ( this was a loaner truck cause my truck was at the shop getting the engine fixed). Once I got a hold of the student he hanged up the phone on me. The next day someone called me telling me that they would send the truck to get me from Arkansas. Two days later the safety dept called me that I was DQ for unreported accidents and I was miss treating the students. I called them to get more information and they said they were not willing to discuss with me their reasons that what was done was done and that is it. Now I have to find the way to get my stuff. In my last week I made around $5800 dollars but I got paid only $40 and they said I consumed around $3200 dollars in fuel in one week. If you get lucky you can make it but I did not. I do not recommend this company. In here you are just a number unless for training purposes, after that any other company is better than CR England were your family means nothing and so with you too. All these happened on this Christmas from the 23th to the 28th of December 2010. They still owe me around $600 dollars but they put it on hold for 45 days, so till then I will not get my quarterly taxes money, also taken from my 0.90 cents per mile, so will see then what happens. Good luck to you whoever it is who will train with CR England. They told me they had a lot of loads to NC to seduce me into the leasing but the reality was another sad story. I went home only twice in a period of time of 5 months and the second time to stay home for good. Thanks God I am out!

  14. Lisa says

    I just finished my 6 months OTR with Covenant. I will say this up front, they are a good company, if you know how to play the game with them.

    The first thing they will try to tell you when hiring you is you will not only make $350 a week, but $0.14 mile. This is a lie, you only make $350. then they will basically make you take their family insurance plan under the idea if you don’t you will be let go because you have to carry insurance at all times. This sint true at all, and it is the reason they have a high turn over rate. I was stuck paying $110 a week for insurance alone. I barely ever made a paycheck and constatly owed the company money for the insurance.

    The training I went through was excellent because my trainer was just good. But I have heard horror stories of trainors making students drive on their logs, drive under low bridges and trying to hit on female students. If you ever experience this report it immediately, Covenant does take that seriously.

    There is money to be made here if you have a competant fleet manager. The sad part was I made more money in the last 2 weeks then I have since I came here because my co driver is awesome and my manager gives a damn. They force you to take a partner for 6 months, but you don’t get to know who these people really are until you go out with them and most times their true colors appear in the middle of nowhere where no one can help you. It took 3 drivers to find the right one. Now that I have 6 months under me I am going home to get a local job.

    Covenant makes you fight for what you deserve at times, and back slapping happens a lot here. They won’t let you cancel the insurance until the new cycle starts every October. You DO NOT have to take insurance, and don’t be made to feel like you have to. Just say no, trust me, there are cheaper ways to get insured if you can go that route.

  15. Band J Trucking Inc says

    While we own a very small Company( 5 plus) Trucks and even help our drivers purchase and own their own Trucks, pay for their repairs,fuel, had advanced them $$$ most of our drivers can leave after they work and earn their truck if they choose, We haul livestock and are home almost every night. Some guys have come to us with zero credit, not even affording a cell phone, hospital bills following them as well as child support garnishments. If they need off for school events and ask we work to see they get off if possible. We do take repairs out of their checks for the truck they are purchasing from us as well as insurance on the truck etc, and they can either have their own authority or run under ours if they check out with insurance. We have had good luck with this and most guys do not take advantage of us. THey are considered a independent contractor. Because we haul livestock it does require timeliness and dedication. We may have to do more than drive—loading and unloading experience with livestock is a must!! Since you are independent contractor you pay your own taxes and insurance. Has this work for anyone else?? Also approaching retirment age and would like to sell our trucking business and Truck Wash in Columbus, Nebraska

  16. Withheld says

    Back in November 2009 I began to seriously explore being a professional driver. I had thought for years that this would be a good fit for me as I enjoy driving, traveling, and love the big trucks. Though, as much as I liked those aspects I knew that being away from home for weeks or months at a time were not going to work out for me as I enjoy being a family guy. Love to be with my wife and kids more than anything. My search turned to local driving jobs and companies that ran day cabs and city routes.

    I searched out the best available training in my area; Clark State Community College. I liked this program as it is not just a CDL mill as are other schools in the area. The program there, since it is a state college, is well, operated by the state and an accredited program. There are also college credit hours which fit well into my Logistics Management degree. While the degree is pretty much worthless in this economy I at least got the opportunity to complete the degree I had been working on for nearly 10 years. I rounded out my degree with a solid 4.0 GPA and received an award for having the highest GPA in my class. Next, the job search.

    I actually began the job search in January of 2010 even though I did not graduate till the following June. I began by reviewing every piece of information on every company I had ever heard of and many I had never even seen before. After a short period of time I determined there are a lot of bad companies or at least a lot of drivers unhappy with their companies. But how could I be sure the information was accurate. Companies tell you they are the best and disgruntled drivers say they are the worst. I joined several forums and chatted with current drivers. I also went to local yards and truck stops and spoke directly with drivers. I quickly learned much of the bad stuff was not made up, but was indeed fact.

    I put Swift and Schneider on my list of companies not to drive for as well as many others. This did not seem like a big deal as those companies do not run many day cabs and operate OTR and regional truck load services. But little did I know…

    After applying for a hundred or so local company driving positions online and not receiving so much as a “Not interested” response I was surprised. No responses at all. Zero. Not to be deterred I mailed seven or eight dozen resumes and cover letters; Not a single call. I then spent six to eight hours every day for over a month visiting all the companies I had sent resumes to or filled out applications for to make my pitch in person; Not a single interested party. However, I did pick up a consistent theme; Insurance will not allow you to drive the trucks till you have six months or more experience driving tractor trailer.

    I soon found the only companies that will hire straight out of school are the very companies you will find in a list of the “biggest scum” trucking companies on the road; Fact. I then reshaped my plans based on what I had come to discover. I applied to thirty or forty companies that seemed to be the best of the worst; Again, no response. Gheez… Disappointed to say the least. Where were all the jobs that the trucking magazines promised? Where was the big opportunity to be my own boss? No where to be found.

    I broke down and applied to Swift and Schneider… Schneider would not hire with less than three months experience at the time. Swift hired me for a dedicated regional job. After Orientation, four weeks with a trainer and two weeks solo I found out that contract had not been renewed with customer before I ever pulled the first load for them. I ended up as a regional driver out for two weeks at a time and home for two days. This was not what I agreed to. I was suppose to be on a contract that would have me out two days and home a night, then back out two days and home a night, then again out two days and home till Monday AM. Driving 6 days, home Sunday, and a total of four nights a week at home. I ended up as a dedicated Wal-Mart driver pulling out of Baltimore Maryland… I live in Columbus Ohio. I stayed on for three months while trying to get set up with better home time. It actually got worse; I left.

    In January 2011 I spoke with Schneider Intermodal about an ad that listed local runs, home nightly, and off most weekends. They said that I could apply for their van division and after driving three or four months and then transfer to the intermodal division. I applied to and was hired by Schneider National. They offered four days on with four days off, which I was hired for this schedule. However, after completing orientation (1 week) and training and testing (1 more week) I found out that to have this kind of schedule I would be slip seating.

    Slip seating is not a good arrangement unless you are a dirt bag and the other person is a dirt bag also, otherwise one of you are going to be upset. They and I came to an agreement and I drove five days on two days off. Not what I was looking for in the least but I did it for five months. Now have eight months experience OTR in last year and am now eligible for other opportunities. It ended up being a no go on Schneider Intermodal as the nearest location is an hour away (On a good day) from where I live. I left Schneider in July and am back out beating the bushes for a Monday through Friday local job. I know these jobs exist as I see hundreds of local day cab trucks everyday here. I have again filled out nearly a hundred applications; still not a single response. Going back to school.

    I received a lot of pressure to stay at Schneider by my Driver Business Leader (DBL). Pressure that was not exactly appropriate. DBL threatened to terminate me and damage my record if I did not agree to stay. I told him I would think about it and then went straight to my attorney. I am not sure if this is a Schneider company policy but it sure seemed like a well oiled program. I was surprised that I had to enlist the assistance of an attorney to complete my resignation. Seemed like a silly dance. I Still am not sure if they are going to try to trash my DAC record. It would be a shame if it ended that way. Either way, I have prepared for the worst and am hoping for the best.

    I ran every single mile offered over the past year. I averaged 2051 miles a week over 34 weeks for a total of 69,734 miles. I earned 25 cents a mile at Swift and rarely got home. I earned 27 cents a mile at Schneider and was home an average of 48 hours a week (Sleeping.) I earned around $18,000.00 over the past year driving. My CDL cost me $5089.00 to obtain. My personal liability insurance cost me $900.00 (Most truckers are not even aware they should have this.) By the time I pay an accountant to do my taxes and figure my on road expenses, plus figure baby sitter costs for when my wife was working when I was on road I only expect my time on the road to have cost me everything I earned, plus another $5300.00 over the past year. My advice to anyone considering a career in trucking; Find another career.

    For now I have applied to and have been accepted to a Radiology program at a local college. Maybe a medical degree will treat me better.

    Good luck,

  17. says

    Beware of COLONIAL FREIGHT SYSTEM…They rip all there drivers off,every which way they can…don’t ever work for them,because you will be another victim …they will lease you a truck,but you will be in the hole every week,if your not careful …just to let all you drivers out there or the ones who read this…spread the word to other drivers , we need to put a stop to these scum balls of trucking companies…They have a huge turn over,do to ripping drivers off …please beware of this company….Colonial lies to its drivers just to keep them from quitting…ask other Colonial drivers and you will see what I’m talking … Just beware and warned of this company…..BE SAFE …

  18. Steinerline says

    Well my opinion about trucking is that it is all based on the driver. I been trucking for 16 years, and 10 years of that was OTR. I made an average of 42,000 annually running OTR. For the past 6 years I have been running locally averaging 82,000 annually. I think its all about sacrifice. If you really want to be successful in trucking, you have to deal with the crap for the first couple of years, work hard at the hand you are delt, keep a good track record, and work hard regardless of your low pay. Learn to adjust to the way of living. Then after the war is over, a great company would love to pay you the big bucks to work for them…..well done…

  19. Not Important says

    I too have had a similar experience as “Withheld” above. I was in a job for years and decided to make a change into something I thought I would enjoy since I love to drive, love the rigs…
    Well, I enrolled in a school and paid close to $8000.00 and graduated in 2009. I did a lot of research and found very similar complaints about various mistreatment from many of these mentioned companies so I avoided them. I actually found a job with a respectable company who agreed to take me on as a new driver. Well, during my training, the trainer for this company was having an affair on his wife. Whenever we stopped somewhere I was asked to leave the truck, mostly on weekends, so that they could have their time together. I am by no means a prude and a perfect person, but “are you kidding me?” So enough of that and I left. At this point I had been out of work and found a job out of desperation. It is not a driving job.
    I have been in this job now since 2010 and have to say I hate it albeit I’m grateful I have a job.
    So, I recently attempted to find a local job back in trucking since my area is inundated with companies looking to hire. Problem is they all want experience, and where do you get that experience?? Companies like Swift, Prime, Schneider…
    It may well be an insurance issue to mandate 6 months experience but I don’t buy it. Just look closely at their ads, many of theses same companies will hire you if you had felony convictions and DUI’s in your past. That doesn’t make sense. So needless to say I can’t find a local job even though my work history is flawless, I went to college, never went to jail. It is because I don’t have 6 months experience driving a truck ? The only option out there is to be mistreated and be paid poorly and never see your family? No way! They can keep it!
    Bottom line is this: I give you guys out there a lot of credit. You are doing a very difficult job and you are being taken advantage of each and every day. You are not paid your worth and the companies know this. This industry needs an overhaul. It is poorly run, corrupt and it needs a fresh approach. I have much respect for most you but until you guys collectively say “ENOUGH!” it will continue this way. Good Luck!

  20. joe says

    i got out of driving truck 6 months ago as an owner/operator for 16 years,got tired of all the new rules and regs,csa and fmcsa!! i’m a truck mechanic for a local private trucking and love it.home every night and weekends off,i’m my own boss.all the big trucking companies will paint a pretty picture to get you to drive for them and then lie thru their teeth!!no wonder there is a driver shortage,anybody in their right mind wouldn’t put up with whats going on in the trucking industry. i’m glad i got out when i did because its only going to get worse!!good luck in trucking.

  21. ANTOINE UTLEY says

    On 8/31/2012 at 06:58 we were contracted to carry a load from Chantilly LDC and deliver to
    Bloomington, IN delivery 9/4/2012. For a rate of $1600.00, we then asked about
    quick pay and getting a fuel advance for this load and were told that it would
    be no problem. Which we never received for this load. Driver was dispatched and
    shortly after he called back to inform us that the information that was
    provided for contact was incorrect. The address that was given 3900 Stonecroft Blvd Chantilly Va 20151 was a business complex with multiple business / warehouses located in such and there was no contact number on the confirmation sheet for him to call. After about 2.5 hours of googling the address and calling all the numbers associated with the business location and Ms.
    Rachel Bernard at TransNet Logistics we finally got the correct
    information. The driver then got to the correct pick up, but then we got a call from Rachel shortly thereafter stating to tell our driver to stop loading due to the customer being in the
    arrears. We then placed the call to the driver and passed the information along to him. By then we were about 4.5 -5 hours in from the time that we began this. About an hour or so later we
    received another call from Rachel that they worked out the payment issue and
    she told us to get our driver loaded. This was at 16:30.
    Around 10:44 we placed a call and also an email was relayed to Rachel to inquire about
    detention time being paid for this situation and she informed us that that
    would be no problem “My manager is real good at paying detention time to the
    drivers so there will be no issues for this”. Now being that this was a new client to us we
    asked about how to submit documents for payment and was told by both of our
    contacts just to email or fax them to get the process started and of course
    mail in the hard copies which is what we did. We emailed, faxed and mailed in our original paperwork on 9/6 at 16:31.
    On the 5th, and 7th of Sept we kept inquiring in regards to the detention time and kept getting
    the same response “waiting on manager” and then on the 7th of Sept
    she told us that she would be out of office and for us to check back with her
    on Monday. Finally on the 14th of Sept we stopped receiving any communications from Rachel all together. In between the 14th and the 25th we kept sending emails and kept calling and was getting no response and was told that Rachel was no longer with the company and was given Mr. Willie’s contact information at 14:00 an email was sent to him in regards to the situation.
    After getting nowhere with Mr. Willie for 21 days in regards to getting this
    account we decided to file a report against them on Internet Truckstop.
    The tones changed when TransNet claims that they never received the original paperwork. A total of 10 Bol’s went out that day from the same post office to different companies from the East, West, South and North and all but 1 was delivered and 2 went to IL one to Alsip and the other
    to Morris and Alsip is the only one that never received there Bol’s nor did it come back.
    After all of the running around with them we decided to file a report with Internet Truckstop
    just as soon as the confirmation came back to us we received a call from Ms.
    Laima (don’t have the correct spelling of name) and was told very rudely, and
    unprofessionally that if we don’t take our posting off of Internet Truckstop we
    will be fined $1600 per day, and don’t call back to them checking on the status
    of payment and she slammed the phone down.
    Again we made a report of said conversation with Internet Truckstop. We have been calling and they either avoid our calls or they take a message and never call us back. On 10/23 a call was placed to Mr. Willie and he told us “Oh man I forgot all about this, let me check on it and I will get
    back to you”. Again no return calls. So today another call was placed to the
    accounting department and the young lady who answered the phone was very polite
    but once she (assuming) pulled up the account very hurriedly said “Um I
    need to transfer you to someone else”. Laima (again spelling) came to the phone very rudely “Who is this” she was told who we were and we asked her where we stood on
    payment. She then went on rudely ” We stand nowhere with this payment and we will never be anywhere with this payment until you remove your posting from Internet Truckstop” we then in
    the process of telling her that we would remove it if they would pay off this
    account. She then proceeded to rudely say “bye bye” and slammed the phone down again.
    We then pulled up there company information to locate there bonding company and was told that we need to fax any and all information in regards, and another report was made to
    Internet Truckstop in regards to the conversation that was just held.
    All corresponding communications will come to follow in regards to the attempts made in trying to collect in regards to this account. Load was contracted for a total of $1600 now we have 8 hrs of detention time owed at $50 an hour and late fees at 15% which starts to accumulate at 60 days for a current total of $2300. There load number for this load is 26363 and our load number is 1083
    Thank you and have a wonderful day
    Antoine Utley
    TransXpress LLC
    615 800 6761
    615 690 7403 fax

  22. fred says

    I worked for Hill Brothers out of Omaha Nebraska
    Was hired for a Sams Club run from Phoenix Az to Albuquerque NM anD Santa Fe NM
    The dispatch was a joke
    The Company is a joke
    I got hurt and had to fight with them the whole way
    The day after I got released they fired me for having applications with other companies
    They have also messed with me getting another job and with my insurance settlement
    You would be better off to work for Swift than Hill Bros
    That’s how bad they are

  23. someone that cares says

    Shaffer, is no better. won’t get driver home for dr. appointment even after 4wks out and 4wks notice and reminder ever week. Just a few problems.

  24. Jim says

    STAY AWAY from STARPORT LEASING out of Strattford,MO (suburb of Springfield). They consistantly over charge lease operators for old equiptment. They also generally require the company the driver is leased to to submit 100% of the drivers pay to them before the driver sees a dime of their settlement. In my case I was leasing purchasing a 2007 Freightliner Century full automatic. When I figured out the truck payment it came out to well over $70,000 far too much for such an age truck. STARPORT LEASING will also screw the driver on final pay, one instance is I was to see over $1,000 in a settlement they decided to short me over $700 that week. I am at this time consulting attorneys to rectify said problems.

  25. says

    Well boys and girls read most of the reports and worked for Swift,Tried JB.and theres more but the truth be known the truth seems to be the norm your going to take it in the shorts .I think there needs to be an overhaul also.Some of you guys figure your hours sitting time ,puts you below the resaurant national average of makeing money.Its a bad life style we were routed in.Thats the majority.there are the few,and sometimes even a blind squearl will find a nut.Good Luck and happy hunting

  26. western flyer express says

    this trucking company out of ok city is a joke they want you to run the miles to make them money and have you go over your hours to it if you tell your driver manger you dont have the hours to run he says he dosnt want to here this . just get the load there on time ok as a driver thats what i was taught years ago so thats what did .guess what i was stopped by DOT and received a warning . the company didnnt want to hear this next thing i knew i was let go thank God i Was i cant Aford to work for a comany who Discards all the rules of trucking and makes fun of the DOT Guess the jokes on you

  27. says

    Aries Express LLC .
    Dishonest company having serious issues with driver compensation trying to blame drivers for any expenses connected to truck or trailer and this way have them to cover it with their paychecks, does not have toll passes, drivers have to use their money very often which those dues are trying to be very often forgotten. I’ve heard also that driver’s are required to operate company vehicles illegally !!!!

  28. David Lindsey says

    Oakley Transport Lake Wales FL Is the worst I ever worked for or heard about from misleading just to get you there all the way to spiritual,moral and finacial corruption! From home time and truck repair running you out of hours and writing you up! If you spend you’re money on anything it is very hard to get it back unless you go threw a long approval even for a light pulp. The short of it is thy don’t follow the rule’s and you don’t kiss ass run illegal and go whenever wherever they will BANKRUPT YOU INTENTIONALLY they fired me Maine told me find a way home on my own. I have not received any of finial pay and only maid 60 percent of agreed in six months.This is my first time trying to sue any business .Please be helpful and don’t work for them .I hope and pray for all involved that God’s will not mine be done.

  29. jane doe says

    No, there is not. I’ve worked for a few of the biggies and a couple mom & pop ops. They’re all the same. They want, and definitely try to get, the most they can from the driver and from the truck. Worked for JB Hunt back when it upped the pay to .37 cpm, really averaging 2800 mile per week. Next 4 years, pay went up, miles went down. At .42 cpm, I was getting 1500 to 1800 miles a week.

    Tried Swift. Always (every month) 4 to 6 days late getting home for time off. Couldn’t make any appointments, any family plans. Screwed on pay and reimbursements at least once a month. Schneider? Had 4 years experience when I hired on with them. They treat you like you are still a trainee. Umpteen messages they require you to send, EVERYDAY, taking up your time with BS info. Like having to enter the date and time of arrival at customer in EVERY message you have to send.

    Werner? Did a dedicated route for them. 2500 miles per week but .24 cpm. They claimed the “perk” was in being home every night and off on weekends. But they damn sure tried to get you in on the weekends, unpaid, to get the truck into the shop for repairs when needed.

    Small companies? Low pay and no benefits, although it was my experience they tried harder to get you home on time.

    No, there aren’t any decent companies to work for. They all want to make as much money as possible and pay out as little as possible.

  30. keith says

    all of this is disapointing for me as anew driver. However I was just let go by a smaller company called Preferred Cartage out of Greeley, Co. and Garden city, Ks. I was constantly badgerd by the head dispatcher. I was stranded twice for 3 days and 50 miles from home. (no pay) With in the first 2 weeks of running, one day I drove for 22 hours and on another run 27 hours and then had my butt reamed by the safety officer in the same office. The last run I made I spent over$300.00 on toll roads and was not reimbursed. Then they held my last paycheck for 2 weeks and deducted all but $6.37 The company in Colorado also is under P.C. but goes by trek.
    Good luck to all.

  31. says

    Dont Drive for Flat Creek Transportation,this company out of Kinston Alabama hires an bunch of meth heads and crack heads. He dont care what kind of felony you have as long as you have an CDL He cheats the drivers out their pay and talk to them like dogs. he gives the decent trucks to the white guys and the piece of shit tricks to the black guys. no benefits, and you have to wait two days for your pay after you come back to the yard even with direct deposit. the company has an red flag in California and get pulled in DOT scales all the time Drivers has abandoned loads to get high and turned over trucks with co drivers in truck and hurt and he doesnt fire them he gets the decent and good drivers and they end up leaving. this man sleeos wth anita the dispatch so they will lie together. you have been warned this company has unsafe equipment on the road that can cause peopls lives and drivers that does drugs or medical problems that shouldnt be driving could kill people on the highway I know Im stuck here in Yuma AZ. on this piece of shit truck. only pay isnt worth teaming up with meth and crackheads and guys that falls asleep behind the wheel and wreck,no cliff off an mountain dont catch trucks.

  32. Don Dierdorff says

    Knight isn’t bad, but watch out – they have a major problem with empty trailers. Aside from that, they are non-forced dispatch.

    • jdb says

      Once worked for Knight, refer div. Transferred from OH to ID to be w/ family there. They claim 2wks out (10-14 days by my math) b4 hometime. Later discovered I had to be out a minimum of 18 days. I had to severly pressure and guilt trip my rookie dispatcher to find this out. A mutual quit/termination resulted in Dec ,08.

  33. McGruder says

    I have been studying the trucking industry for a few months now. I have just one question: are there any good trucking companies in the United States of America or is this industry just like the Computer repair industry, just so saturated that nobody can make anything?

  34. Elton says

    I tried out for Pam in Indianapolis, IN after driving my personal car 10 hours to get there. On the second day of orientation, they told me I’d have to pay $3000.00 for training.. that would be locked in after the third day of orientation. Unless I signed a one year contract..I already been driving for over 15 years at the of the reasons for driving that far was my sister stay near the teminal and I was told I was to just sit through these classes. but then was told to go home and wait for a phone call on where to pick up my truck. I drove back to NC,, never got that phone call…. maybe they changed.. give them a call

  35. Rick says

    I went to work for Cr England in March of 2009 did a three year lease did the phase2 driver trainer thing of which out of 5 students I had one good one and one of them was as big a round ashe was tall brought none of his own bedding stunk to high heaven and couldn’t back a wheel barrow but anyway .I drove for them from march 2009 to April 2010 out of that year I got to go home 3 times after my 3rd time home I was dispatched to pick up a load in Lagrange,Ga.going to Paris Tx.,you guessed it Kimberly Clark,well in route I had an accident in Monroe,La. on I-10 west.upon having this accident I was told that I had been suspended and could no longer haul any freight for CR England leaving me stranded in La. with no money and no food.I was told by safety that I was not to move the truck till they coul get someone there to down load the info off the black box,remind you now this was on a thursday,the people from the freightliner place would not be able to be there till that mon.So I had a decision to make either sit there with no money or food or drive all the way back to Macon,Ga.where I am from,well you can probably guess what I did.On Sunday morning I fired my trusty 2010 Freightliner Century up and drove the 700 miles back to macon.On monday morning I informed safety what I had done and also informed my DM and let them know that I would be taking the truck to the Freightliner dealer in Macon and turning it over to them so it could be retrived and returned back to Salt Lake City.I informed them that I WAS QUITING I have recently found out that according to their lousy screwed up records they are saying I was TERMINATED due to so called SAFETY CONCERNS and now this is stopping me from getting hired on with anyother company so as a warning “RUN DO NOT WALK,RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN FROM CR ENGLAND THEY ARE NOTHING BUT CROOKS AND WILL TELL YOU WHATEVER THEY THINK YOU WANT TO HEAR TO PUT YOU INTO ONE OF THEIR SLOW ASS MOVING TRUCKS”

  36. says

    Yeah you know really what screwed the trucking industry was deregulation,Back in the old days you could make a decent wage drive for good companies,Nowadays as long as you have a truck and enough of the required paperwork you too can pull freight,And therein lies the problem,RATE CUTTERS have taken turns cutting each others throats and its been at the expense of the drivers,You have JB,Swift,Schneifer etc….. buying 100’s of units at a time and therefore buying in bulk gets em a discount through purchasing power and the trickle down effect takes over,And now it gets better we have our dear friends the guest workers i.e. (illegals) bringing their sub standard equipment and spanish speaking only ass’s over here and further driving down the already ridicules freight rates,And its a tired arguement among most hands but until a (real) strike happens and cripples the economy for about a week,Nothing will get done aside from more regulation,As most hands know theres an awful lot of red tape just to qualify to drive in these dangerous times and the least you should be able to expect is to make a decent living,The government has succeeded at one thing and thats making this a world of haves and have nots!Kinda makes you wonder what their end game is,Huh?

  37. ANTOINE UTLEY says

    I agree with you about TransAm. We contracted with a Jeremy Wardle for them to be our factoring company and it was a joke from the beginning. He lied about the length of our contract and that was just the beginning. We submitted to them our documents so many times we went back and counted one bol and we had submitted the same thing to them over 5o times. Not to mention that they never returned our calls or emails finally we stopped using them at 3 months. We never heard from them and they never heard from us.
    Since the last time we have done any business with them our company has grown and started to shop around, it was then that we were told that basically TransAm Financial was holding us hostage (cant do any business with anyone else)
    We emailed and called to have our “contract” terminated and a letter of release submitted to us asap. “in short your contact will be terminated in march and to get a letter of release you will need to wire us $1000.00”
    Ask them for what and they tell us “it is standard in this business”. If so would it not state it in your lengthy contract? Nowhere does it state that there would be any penalties or fees for early termination. Hell they should be paying us for : carriers calling us looking for payment, not responding to calls or emails, forgetting to attach or save invoices, bol’s etc, time wasted with them period.

    TransAm is a waste of time energy and effort!! beware

    What a crock of crap

  38. Mark Brown says

    Western Express: Count them as being a non-trustworthy,back stabbing,poorest of the poorest! From the owners @ the top to the mechanics in the shop! Welcome to the”prison”of trucking.
    Illegal logs are the norm here,(unless they are using e-logs)? One of the illegals they do is,one wk. they will pay you for your tolls/scales. & then,take it out the next! Hoping you wont catch it! When you are legal,& begin needing relays(@times),they will leave you sitting. & as we all know”if the wheels aren’t turning,we aren’t earning! So please,if you hire on @ W.E.,keep very astute records. &,when/if wrongfully terminated! You’ll be able to get your just rewards. Keep it upright & between the lines! M.R.B.

  39. Cliff Brady says

    I have no idea why people are hating on conway truckload? They were amazing. Conway gave me brand new equipment, an inverter, and a competent trainer. Everyone has bad experiences, I had a few with conway, but when my son was being born conway made sure i was home even offering me a rental vehicle. I knew my dispatcher by name and she knew me, my problems, and what i needed to succeed. Conway truckload gave me training that has been used by me even after i left them. They are a great company. The only reason i left was to spend more time with my son and soon to be wife.

  40. Really? says

    what a disappointment! When is the strike and why haven’t the drivers demanded better working conditions and treatment from the industry? Where do I sign up for a driver union? This industry is-due to the management and dispatchers,a grave for so many innocents thinking they have to take the abuse from the companies-how many are in the grave due to being pushed over the edge by dispatchers who then just blamed the accident on the dead driver? soooooooo disappointed and angry. I dont see any thing on here about Frozen Food Express=FFE=,another scam company for 90 out of 100 drivers. What can be done with the chaos in this industry? The scams-the abuse,the lies?

  41. P. Murphy says

    I was a driver trainer for Covenant they are a pretty good company as far as pay goes. I was never shorted on a check and the miles were good to. But BEWARE the trainee!!! When i was at the Chattanooga Tn yard for my student to take his yard test I stood on top of the hill and watched them push the trailers together so that you could’nt fit another one inbetween them thus making sure you failed your backing test. That made me mad enough to quit because they just killed all the confidence in my student that took me a month to put into him. As for the stories about some of the trainers YES some do treat their students like crap. Just so the new guys know it is illegal to sleep on the top bunk while the truck is in motion. And some will try to make you pay rent or rent movies from them all kind of stupid thing like that. All I can tell you is you have to stand up for yourself. I wish any and all of you good luck in the screwd up wold of trucking as for me i retired after over 20 years of OTR .

  42. Candie says

    Sorry I also wanted to include that along with my clean MVR, DAC, I have maintained my class A CDL with TX endorsements since 1991, yes I’m proud of that. However I do NOT have enough recent EXPERIENCE so I’m a piece of chewed gum? My driving job with the state does not fall under DOT, so these jokes wont even count this towards experience!

    Thank you for letting me rant, I know it wont do me much good, other than to let others know what to look out for but mostly so someone knows what a useless piece of crap this makes me feel like. I really need to get out there on the road soon, we already recieved our eviction notice, since we havent made rent this month, and dosent look like we will next month either.

  43. says

    I work for a company out of Pacola Oklahoma. I was hired on for local hauling out of the coal mines but took semi long hauls to Kansas-Utah-Texas ect. On my last weeks check I was short 209 miles. When I approached the office staff to get it corrected. I was suddenly told “We pay from center city to center city”. The odometer and logs show the miles I drove, and did not have this problem on the last two checks. I am being ripped off but what can I do? Thanks Rick

  44. dustin says

    i cant believe no one has mentioned CRST expedited if you go to iowa driving school for them dont expect to be there for the 8 month contract to pay your school tuition off they look for any reason to get rid of you before the 8 months is up you make no money and finding a team driver is a nightmare my trainer was a middle eastern o/o an he made me driver over my log alot to make him money then after 6 months of busting my but driving a minor accident no ticket and cop even said i wasnt at fault they terminated me so beware because a lot of similarities with the other companys on this list.

  45. Kim says

    I have a friend who works for Steven’s Transport . He went under contract where they paid for his schooling and his license, with agreement he would work for them until he paid them back what he owed which equals about one year. (He should be done in Dec. 2013) Lately, however, they have been taking his paychecks in full and placing them on his BILL… Which, now makes it impossible for him to pay his bil;ls nor is he able to eat or shower while driving nation wide for this company. Out of his past 6 pay checks he has only seen two. They stated when he started that they would be taking a percentage out of each check. I want to know if it is LEGAL for this company to take his full paychecks? Is there something that can be done or someone whom can be called? The company themselves don’t do anything. They just say, “Oh… well call accounting… then accounting says… Oh something must have gotten messed up… the next thing you know 2 weeks later and he has a check for $53.00. The company is located at 9757 Military Parkway Dallas TX.

  46. Aretha says

    How can a person lie about their medical condition when applying for a position with a truck driving company and get away with it. He has sleep apnea. Just had surgery and have 3 degenerated discs fused in his neck with a metal plate, takes meds for high blood pressure, and not caring about putting lives in heap parody!

  47. Ron Michaelson says

    Non-union OTR trucking died 25 years ago. Anyone who disagrees with this, is either a fool or hasn’t been driving very long. In the early 1980s I actually earned a living!!!!!

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