Heroic Trucker Pulls Pregnant Woman From Rollover Wreck


A driver is being honored as a Highway Angel after his selfless actions helped to save the life of a pregnant woman who was involved in a rollover.

Josh Grimaldi, a Prime driver from Springfield, Missouri, was headed west on I-80 over Donner Pass on December 13th when a car that was trying to pass him lost control and hit Grimaldi’s back trailer tire, causing it to blow. The car then spun and flipped several times before coming to a stop, but the situation looked grim.

“The car was completely crushed, I thought whoever is in there was dead”, stated Grimaldi.

Despite that thought, he tried to open a door to look inside. When he was unable to, he called to another motorist to call 911 and got his flashlight from his truck. He used that to force open the door where he found a woman in shock and screaming that she was pregnant.

When she couldn’t move, he entered the vehicle and pulled her out, first putting her on top of the car and then bringing her to an embankment nearby.

Finally another vehicle stopped and the occupant happened to be a nurse on her way home from a shift at a hospital nearby. It was only then that Grimaldi left the woman’s side to put on warning lights in his truck, set up safety triangles, and call 911.

This marks the second time in his year-long career as a truck driver that he has been able to assist during an accident. Grimaldi credits his five years in the Marine Corps for being able to think on his feet and for his basic medical knowledge.


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  1. Kolbie says

    That’s awesome. Semper fi! Every trucker should be rewarded everyday for the hard work they do. However, there are those that go above and beyond the call of duty.
    from a fellow truck driver and long time RN.

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