No Experience Required: Truck Driving Jobs for New Truckers

Many new drivers believe incorrectly that there are only a few trucking companies willing to hire inexperienced truckers fresh out of CDL school. Maybe it’s because only a few recruiters visited their training program, or maybe when they first started job hunting they found a lot of ads requiring years of minimum experience. The truth is that there are many companies who are eager to hire drivers with zero experience. Some of these companies will even provide CDL training for people who can’t afford to pay for truck driving school.

Companies providing CDL training and jobs:

Central Refrigerated Service – Equipment types: Refrigerated Trailers

Guide: My Central Refrigerated Training Experience

Q&A: Questions about Central Refrigerated


Guide: My Experience with CRST

Guide: The Truth About CRST

Q&A: Starting With CRST

More CRST Discussion

Knight/Squire Transportation

Guide: Knight Squire Training Report

Guide: Knight Squire CDL Training Program – My Experience and Tips

Guide: Knight Transportation – Adventures in a Big Red Truck

Milan Express

Q&A: Looking for information on Milan Express

Millis Transfer

Highly Recommended Guide: Millis Transfer School Journey

Guide: My Experiences as a Driver for Millis


Guide: From Driver Solutions to PAM – My Individual True Story

Guide: Starting Company Training with Pam


Q&A: Questions About Life at Prime

Guide: My Prime Orientation Experience

Guide: A Running Log of My Prime Experience

R.E. West

Q&A: Anybody Have Experience With R.E. West Trucking?


Q&A: Taking A Job From Roehl?

Guide: Roehl Flatbed Division Orientation

Q&A: Roehl Trainer Answers Your Questions


Q&A: Swift Drivers: What’s Your Typical Day?

Q&A: Getting Prepared for Swift School

Guide: Swift Flatbed Orientation



Companies hiring recent CDL graduates:

Arnold Transportation

CCC Trans


Crete Carrier

Earl Henderson

Gordon Trucking

H.O. Wolding

KLLM Transport



Midwest Coast

Navajo Express


Star Transportation




U.S. Xpress

Venture Logistics

Watkins Shepard

Werner Enterprises

Truckers Report Jobs

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  1. T-Red says

    Hello everyone. I’m new to the trucking industry. I’m currently in school at one of the biggest companies. I got my permit and passed the written and backing test at the school. The students are waiting on new trainers to come to the company so we can finish our training. We’ve been waiting for 2 weeks now and were told that it would be another 2 to 3 weeks before we can return to finish in city driving training.
    I have a couple questions and I’m hoping someone is able to help. I’ve been reading comments for almost a year now and they have been extremely helpful in making my decisions that fit best for me and my family.
    Are there any companies that will hire someone with a permit and willing to finish the training? Would it be best if I just wait until the new trainers are available? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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