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One of my favorite parts of OOIDA is the legislative watch section.  No laws concerning truckers get passed before OOIDA has it’s say and is right on top of the situation. The Trucker’s Report whole-heartedly & without reservations endorses OOIDA, period.

There are a few other so-called trucking associations in America that flat out not only hinder us but stand up and fight against truckers!  It is a common misconception that OOIDA is only for owner-operators and this is FALSE.

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With an estimated 3.4 million truckers on the road today in America this membership number is ridiculous!  Join OOIDA today & let’s get this number up to where it MUST be!

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  1. CYNTHIA says

    I just wanted to put this out there that I always see drivers on their cell phones and not have headsets even the ones that are hauling hazzardous materials, and another thing I do see a lot of truckers not using there signals properly it is like they are in a hurry to turn their signals off before finishing their lane, I think that drivers should get a refresh course about driving a truck. A lot of drivers have been out there so long on the road that they tend to forget that this is not a car that they are infact driving a dangerous vehicle and I do see a lot of drivers not doing their pre-trip inspections I know that we are all out here doing the same job but what I see is a lack of responsibility as a driver an also a lot of shippers are taking too long to load you and they are not knowledged about our hours of service that we only have so much time here are a few places that i have ran into that have problems WALMART DC, FRYS DC IN TOLLESON AZ, BUT THEIR IS A LOT OF SHIPPERS THAT NEED TO GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER AND REALIZE THAT WE ONLY HAVE SO MUCH TIME TO GET TO WHERE WE NEED TO GO IS THEIR SOMETHING THAT WE CAN DO ABOUT THESE ISSUES…?

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