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Interstate Design

? The interstates were originally designed to be able to run military equipment from coast to coast on flatbed trailers at sustained speeds of 75 mph.

? Did you know that if you’re on interstate 5,  you have 5% of the U.S. left to the west of you?  If you are on interstate 95,  you have 95% left to the west of you?

? If you are on interstate 20,  you have 20% of the U.S. left to the south of you?  If you are on interstate 90,  you have 90% left to the south of you?

? ALL  [or mostly all]  interstates going east or west have EVEN numbers.  ALL interstates going north or south have ODD numbers.

? If a city bypass has an even number it loops  [called a LOOP]  back to the same interstate. i.e. I-440 ends back up on I-40.

? If a city bypass has an odd number it does NOT loop  [called a SPUR]  back to the same interstate.  i.e. I-540 does not come back to I-40.

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Mile Markers

? Did you know that ALL mile markers go down as you head south and go up as you head north?

? ALL mile markers go down as you head west and up as you head east?

? If you are in Tennessee at the 300 mile marker on I-40 heading west,  you have 300 miles to the Arkansas border.

? If a mile marker looks like this:  195|5  what does it mean?  It means you are at the 195 and 5 tenths mile marker.  The use of the tenths in a mile marker can be very helpful if you are broke down to allow police or other help pinpoint your exact location.

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Interstate Signs

? Did you know that if the exit number on an interstate sign is on the top right of the sign that you will exit to the right no matter if it says exit only or not?  See the illustration:

? The same rule applies if it was on the left side!

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Truckers in Construction Zone Facts
Why are Truckers made to get into the left lane in some construction zones?

One : the right lane many times is put up in a hurry with VERY soft temporary blacktop and trucks can an DO topple over if in that lane.

Two: the left lane many times will have what truckers call a “jersey barrier” (concrete wall) that is narrow and the government would rather pros be in that situation and thereby lessen SOME of the potential danger as truckers usually will be more watchful.

IF they have truckers in the left lane and it is NOT a construction zone it is because they want to even the wear of the freeway out and thereby lengthen the life of that stretch as much as possible.

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  1. Pam - Coomes Inc says

    is there anywhere on the internet that shows where a mile marker is on the interstate/ other highways that also has the cities on it, so when I am checking logs & a driver puts a mile marker & highway on his log, I can look and see what city it is close to, so I can check his miles?

  2. says

    Hello…..when there is a mile marker you don’t know where you are at in location…….is there a way where you can find out through the mile marker the city or area location to which it is at………or is there a website that converts or shows the mile marker locations………what do the police use to identify where to go.when help is needed………..please help to defog this confusion……thank you , best wishes nikki

  3. Ken says

    We drove on 99W between Corvallis and Junction City, Oregon. This is a pretty straight N/S highway that originates in the Portland area. Contrary to your above information, the marker numbers increased as we headed south. How come? Thanks.

    • Cash says

      the info above pertains only to the Interstate Highway System. The N/S interstate roads in the west have low numbers like I-5. I presume the road you mentioned 99W is a state highway and follows some other convention.

  4. Block says

    okay to answer your questions the mile markers are not designed to tell you what city you are at, but when you are inneed of help the police can pin point your location and send help from the closest checkpoint/toll plaza/service station nearest to that mile marker, it can also advice state troopers of your locations if you don’t know where exactly on the highway you are or which way you are heading/facing.

    Also another intersting highway fact, for every 5 miles of highway there is 1 mile of straight line driving, that one mile lenght allows for emergncy airplane landings if needed.

  5. Harold Eugene Johnson says

    Mile markers on north/south interstate highways … over-ride mile markers on east/west interstate highways, which can cause some unnecessary problems for drivers.

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