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  1. Samuel Huff says

    FFE has refused to pay layover when owed, payed less than owed, and charged repairs as advances to me. I can provide documentation if needed, but a company that allows 160 in personal advances per week somehow got over 4000 dollars in deductions from me in less than 3 months.

  2. Richard says

    When I went with PAM, at first I was treated good. When my trainer picked me up it started off good, then we started getting loads back to back. with just two days training, I was forced to be a team driver. Driving in the mountains of Virginia and Pennsylvania. I told the trainer this wasn’t right and he said we had to keep going. All during this time, I’m told I will get a load when I get on my own that will be on my way home. After four weeks of being on the road, I got back to the terminal and met my dispatcher. A real jerk. He told me my first load would be going to Arlington, Tx. I told him that was opposite direction of where I lived. He just said he would do his best but wasn’t going to promise anything. He told me I would have to work Christmas Hollidays. I told him I worked Thanksgiving Hollidays and I needed Christmas off. He said he couldn’t promise anything but he would try. They put me in a International that was almost four years old and had almost 450,000 miles on it and it had just come out of the shop. It started having trouble on the lot before I left. After about an hour later and the mechanic looking at it they sent me on my way. Wrong directions to my first destination. I had to call my cousin in Dallas to tell me where I was going. When I got there, the load was refused because the company didn’t have anywhere to put the load. After about three hours my dispatcher told me to bobtail to Irving and pick up an empty trailer and go to Tyler, Tx. When I got to Tyler, the load was on the wrong trailer, then my transmission warning light came on again. I called the company and told me how to reset the transmission. When I got to Greenwood La. to fill up the tarnsmission light came on again. I reset it. The next morning I went to Harahan, La. I had to wait till the next morning to unload, only to find out the Trane company had put the wrong sticker on the box inside the trailer. My dispatcher told me to take it to Wilmington N.C. I told him, I had been on the road for five weeks and didn’t have the money to go another five to eight days without going home first. He said that wasn’t his problem. I told him where he come and get his truck.

  3. Mike says

    Do not go to work for Austin Trucking Inc, in Vernon Ca, This man will not pay you what you have coming, He will take more then 30% and put in his own pocket, He does not keep his trucks up and running right, He does not care about his drivers only putting money in his own pocket, He will screw anybody and everyone.

  4. ann says

    ACT does not pay layover on the weekend if dispatched more than 400 mi!! I sat for 32 hours and didn’t get a dime. And if they send you out of route to repair the truck, they won’t pay for the miles. Further if you complain, you get the boot!! They cater to owner ops and want you to drive 55 mph regardless if co or owner. Newsletter (nov or dec) from owner even said anyone that is company driver is costing them money!!!

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