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  1. Karl says

    Acme truck line Inc. is a lousy company to work for. There’s little work. They pay a decent wage. Problem is, they may or may not pay you on time. You get paid or supposed to every week. They hold your first week pay which you get three weeks later. The driver finances the run by taking draws for motels, permits, tolls and anything else you need to get the truck delivered. Those deductions are taken out of your next check and your supposed to be reimbursed within two weeks. Problem is, if there’s an issue they can now no longer find a problem without going back to day one. The big cheese at the Justin terminal will refuse any transfers to another terminal with work even though there’s plenty of work and the other big cheese wants you to transfer. It’s a very political place. Terminal managers are allowed to lie, do anything to keep you from leaving. Do yourself a favor, don’t dip into your savings, just quit. If you don’t you’ll probably be bankrupt in two months or less. If you have a family that depending on your paycheck, DO NOT WORK HERE!

  2. RAG trucking says

    I work out of the Corpus Terminal and i agree. Acme takes too much money out and doesnt pay on time. They play faverites. Everyone is backstabbing eachother for loads. Acme doesnt give any support for there ownr ops either. They give the office workers company cars but give the owner ops scraps. not a good company you cant make money here not worth it.

  3. Harold says

    Do not work for Acme. The terminal manager in the Willis, Texas terminal is a real bastard. He steals the money from the drivers. Money is first paid to the driver, then it is taken back. The manager claims that the oil company won’t pay for the load because a stamp is missing from the invoice. He will try to get the pay back to you, but never does. He owes drivers thousands of dollars. You are not allowed to transfer because they want you to be their slave or fail. If you ever fall out of favor with a terminal manager or are not one of their favorites, you will starve.

    Forget about going to the district manager because he is just as big a jerk as all the rest.

  4. Phycocholo mikey says

    I completly agree with RAG trucking! The corpus christi terminal is FUBAR! I had two trucks leased there been there for two and a half years and finally left. Almost went bankrupt, still recovering. Lots of favoratism (wich cant be proven) lots of dispatcher #### ups along the lines of bad directons (waisted fuel) thousands of miles of dead head, favorites paying dispatchers and being in relationships with drivers creating an unfair and biast work place ( not all dispatchers they had two good ones in my time there they lnow who they were) no owner operator support no national fuel tire or repair discounts anywhere, And ya they take alot off the top and tend to change your rates on the loads after the load is done to a lower price cause they bow down like little bitches yo there shity customer, leaving you negative, they call the “rating adjustments” i had rating adjustments in dec. 2012 for a load that i did in nov. of 2011!!! Give you hell abput transflowing bills! Give u attitude for no reason, ostrosize you if you dont take a load, make up “rules for the bord ,or at least choose to apply them at the when its convieniant for them”. They will help u out with a loan but itslike pulling teath getting them to understand why fixing ur truck is important. Wont let you switch to another terminal cause every terminal robs from paul to give to peter and are there own bussinesses in there own. Sent me all the way yo louisiana to pick up a load it cancelles and never got paid for it!!! Dont pay u right most times. Its all a show to lure u in and take your money. It used to be respectable, im not that picky i dont like turning down loads but im in this bussiness to move foward not backwards and with there shitty murphy and many other contract the only people who make money are the people who have there own work or terminals and acme, YOU get shit one most of the time. I have hot some good checks but more low and negative checks than nothing else. Id rather run OTR and make a consistant pay check and always have money to fix my rigs than be wiyh a company who pits all there eggs in one basket. Its sad . I liked acme the first 6 months i dont know why i stayed there that long. I must have been in denile it was like being married to a company just for convienience and i hung out dumb enough to think that things would change. Now im starting over. If u do go to acme do not go to a company terminal cause they will never let u transfer go to a commision terminal, even at that good luck cause the commision terminal owners usually own there own trucks and will work theres over yours all year long while you stress and lose your house car truck and sanity. FUBAR

  5. Phycocholo mikey says

    And also all those years and i still dont understand my settlements there different and formatted in such away that when u question it every dispatcher or manager has a different way of explaining it. OOIDA needs to look into these guys and investigate. And they have to be paying someone off on there audits cause i know damn well %85 of there drivers dong know shit about doing a log book or keep track of there milage.

  6. Mack Schultz says

    I worked for terminal 146 Robstown for 2 weeks pulled 8 loads and broke down 5 times. The last time I sit on the side of road for 21 hours. It’s been a month since I quit and I have still not been paid for the loads I did

  7. jag8719 says

    I worked for acme terminal 17 and 129 and the both of the terminal managers did not know how to run a business the wanted to run your truck like if it was their’s and they did not treat the drivers with respect and all the terminal manager’s are the same u ask them for a transfer and they won’t let u go if only the real owners of acme know that there company has gone down the drain that’s why all the over the road companies have gotten into the oil field better service and cheaper rates I feel sorry for all my friends that are still with acme

  8. David miller says

    Acme truck lines / one source trucking is a great place to work if u like sitting at home , no money and being lied to at least once a week. THEY USE THE DRIVERS MONEY to finance their work. Also lie to u about the day rate pay for the drive away.

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