Truck Drivers Review Celadon Trucking Services

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Company Overview
Number of trucks: 3,168
Number of terminals: 7
Specialty: dry goods
Labor status: Non-union

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  1. Roger Wilson says

    Certainly not currently one of the best companies to work for. Biggest problem with Celadon is there maintenance department. Usually run pretty good miles. However evertime there is an issue with a truck you are down for several days, without pay. Regardless what it is. Pm Ect. The down time really hurts your income. Most the benifits at Celadon have been decreased or dropped all together. There turnover rate is very high. If your looking at Celadon I would keep looking. At this time I don,t see the grass any greener on this side of the fence.

  2. WM says

    Celadon is not a long haul carrier like they use to be. Average haul is now less then a 1000 miles. They will shave 10% off the paid miles for their pocket an call it a accepted 10% error. If over 10% they will only pay the extra miles after 10% still shaving 10% .

  3. bubba says

    I drive for celadon it’s a okay company fair pay and mixed but my only issue is that payroll love to short your check so every Friday I’m arguing with them don’t let them screw you over .

  4. says

    I went to Celadon because they offered a week off for every so many miles driven, (four weeks per year, max attainable). The pay was ok too, (relative to other companies). One problem I had with them is that they do per-diem skimming. If you’re not familiar with this, it’s where they take a tax break that’s supposed to benefit the driver, pretend it’s part of your pay, and pocket an extra penny or so, per mile, per driver. Nice scam, huh?
    Anyway, I had a tire catch fire, (inside right front drive), and couldn’t see it. A four-wheeler alerted me, and the wheel was so hot that, everytime I put it out, it would flare back up. Long story, short – by the time the fire truck arrived, (this is Detroit), the whole tractor was in flames. Celadon blamed me, saying I drove on the tire knowingly. Thing is, I was approaching the Canadian border, about to cross. Who is going to knowingly try to cross the border with a flat, let alone with a flaming tire? Not that I would do that anyway.
    I was in my fifties, and it was the first time I’d ever been fired from a job. That didn’t bother me, but the fact that I couldn’t get a decent job after that did. Celadon really messed my life up, and all over something that was obviously not my fault. YMMV.

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