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Company Overview
Number of trucks: 3200
Number of terminals: 20
Specialty: just-in-time, expedited, hazmat, constant security, deferred ground, retail, food and beverage
Labor status: Non-union

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  1. Road Dawg says

    I have spent my fair share of time on the phone with company recruiters. Mostly they want to do all the talking, but don’t really want you to ask any questions. Then they want you to hurry up and sign on so they can get their commission. Not with these guys, or at the very least not with Chris Bumpus with Covenant Transport. I spent almost an hour on the phone with him, qwustion after question. Gee never wavered, just kept answering. It was enough to give me a perspective on the company. He never tried to tell me what i wanted to hear just to get me to sign on. He was straight forward, no bowing of smoke up my you-know-what. I asked questions, and u got quick, straight up answers. Enough so that i do believe i will sign on with these guys.

    I’ve been looking for a lease/purchase option for quite some time, but never really finding anything that peeked my interest. The main kicker with Covenant is the fact that as an independent i have access to medical benefits from day one, and for a lot less than what it would be getting a package directly for the insurance group.

    Later on, after I’ve been on for a period of time I will follow up, and give you the skinny onthe company. Maybe you need to be here too?

    Road Dawg

  2. CA Medicine Woman says

    My experience with this carrier is limited to being a trainer for other carriers, and having more than a few come from Covenant that required total retraining, and with good reason. Nearly all had been with Covenant for more than 12 months, none for less than 6 months. None of the dozen or so trainees I inherited from Covenant could safely operate a commercial vehicle within the terminals, let alone on the roadways. None were able to complete training, despite multiple trainers (we really did try to train them right).

    This tends to be significantly different from what I have seen of their experienced drivers, who for the most part appear to be safe and professional. I have to assume there is (or was until 2011) a significant problem with their training department. Nearly all I tried to train that came from Covenant said their trainers told them they were “an extra log book” for their trainer to work under. A few were simply unable to catch on to the basic skills, none had a realistic expectation of trucking, and one was even so blind at night she could only drive 25 mph on the freeway (they need to test for this on DOT physicals). After the blind trainee, I quit training for good.

    I would say if you are experienced, go for it, but if you need realistic training that will allow you to stay safe while earning a living, look elsewhere.

  3. Freeman says

    I was employed by Covenant Transport in the year Sept 2013 and enroll in there pre~legal .program( what a joke ) The pre~legal program helps you aquire lawyer to help you with tickets r personal.Well to make a long story short Covenant has complete access to anything you submit pre~legal. So basicilly you pay a Covenant Transport to monitor you. GOOD LUCK

  4. Billingsly Moss says

    I was an O/O for 10 years, before that , a shop foreman. I live in Chattanooga , and thought living close to the terminal , as well as the benefits ,would be a big advantage . I sold my truck, and hired on at Covenant This WAS several years ago, and things may be better now, but a bunch of kids for dispatchers, with no authority to make any decisions, without asking someone else. The experience I had was low miles, low pay, sitting too much, never got loaded back the same day, being treated like an idiot, that had no ability to keep a truck running , and going down the road. The truck I was issued was filthy it smelled like a dog, and the air didn’t work properly. I soon realized that trying to get ANYTHING repaired on the truck, meant you would be penalized , and sit at a terminal for days, even on the most minor issues. If you are learning, and not accustomed to a fast paced trucking job, Covenant my be just the ticket for you, but I was on the road to make a living, all the money I could. Sitting all weekend on the back row of a truckstop is not a job, your their slave.

  5. Scott Abram says

    Im an 18 year trucking veteran and just recently finished Covenant orientation. I attended orientation at the Chattanooga, TN. facility. Most other companies will house their prospective new hires in a hotel that offers a continental breakfast, and then will be transported to the company yard for classroom instruction. My recruiter told me that I will be staying in the hotel that Covenant owns. And physicals, blood pressure test, drug tests, and orientation will be held in the building right next door to the hotel. Your 3 meals a day are in the same building as the lobby. Lower your expectations. Yes it is a hotel, but not run as you might expect. There is no house keeping changing your linens every morning. If you want clean sheets you will need to wash them yourself. Laundry facilities are free to use. They take the blood pressure test VERY seriously. If your blood pressure is too high they will send you home to consult with your doctor. Once under control they will bring you back to try again. With that said, the breakfast they serve is the same thing 6 days a week. Scrambled eggs, sausage, english muffin or toast. And oatmeal is an option. And you may have an apple or orange. Coffee, soda, and water for beverages. Soda is not available on Monday and Wednesday mornings. The mornings that the blood pressure tests are taken. Breakfast is designed to be low sodium. Enjoy your meal, but dont add salt and dont drink coffee the morning of your test. Orientation is conducted via video. You will watch about 50 videos ranging between 1 minute and 25 minutes. Videos will be watched in between taking care of other business, paperwork, road test, backing test, (for experienced drivers), etc. Contrary to what you may have heard or read, orientation and everything else is Not faith based. Religion never came up, so you don’t need to worry about being “preached at!” All incentives offered are centered around “Hazmat teams.” They will pay to add hazmat and tankers to your license. Trust me, its worth the frustration and headaches at your local DMV to add the endorsements. I already have hazmaz and tankers, but my partner does not. So, we are not considered a “hazmat team” and it costs me around $200.00 a week untill he adds the endorsements. So far we have been running New Jersey to California and back. Plenty of miles and freight for all of us work-a-holics out there! I will post more a little later on down the road when I acquire more experiences with Covenant. Just remember, upon your arrival to the Chattanooga facility lower your expectations and you will be just fine.

  6. Isaac wade says

    Don’t go to covanant transport its a waste of time there are no miles and they seam not to care if you have a load or not. We are team driving and only getting around 3000 miles a week its not worth it at all.

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