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  1. Skull says

    Stay away from this company.They wont let you idle your truck in the winter unless its below +10 F.You have to run the back roads thru chicago(no toll roads at all).They will run as a regional even though your OTR ( 300 mi a day or less ).

  2. Summermist says

    Their equipment keeps breaking down,they call you to work even when you are on your hometime,they turn your truck down for a seatbelt ticket…you are sitting as much as you are driving…the managers and dispatchers ae not nice…you get more done with road repair than you get done with your dispatcher… i dont work for them but my fiancee does and he tells me everything that goes on with them and we have a baby girl at home that he barely gets to spend anytime with because when he is at home they still call him in his hometime to go get a load or meet someone to get their load and switch out and then meet someone else to get the load you switched and switch it….its neverending with them…his truck is in the shop every other week it seems …this is like the 3rd truck he has had with this company cuz they keep breaking down,even the mechanics end up quitting…they are the absolute worse company to work for and i have known alot about trucking companies for at least 15 years,family memebers or people i know are truck drivers….STAY FAR AWAY FROM DEBOER ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE FAMILY….If you are looking for mileage you will be lucky to get 1800 miles and skull is right they make you run backroads rather than going through tolls and you only can put like 50 gallons of fuel in your truck at a time….anyway all in all Deboer is not a good company for anyone to work for….i read a post from a guy that worked with them that got hurt on the job..they called and would change his appt times ,they called his dr to change his work restrictions, messed with his workmen comp and decided to fire him while he was still under doctors care and he had doctors note…that tells you what kind of company they are

  3. rambo says

    I have driven for a lot company’s over the years. I think all company’s want to make money. Now if you can drive and do what the company ask of you. you will not be setting,if you are tired and can`t drive.tell them. Don`t get mad. treat your dispatcher with respect, you will get a lot better runs,and never go over his head,without telling him that you want to change a load.always ask,who can i talk with.Now why was
    summermist only getting 1800 miles a week.Could be a lot of reasons.Question. did you refuse any loads,were you late for pick up or DL I`ve found out over the years a trucking company is what you make of it

  4. wolfpackboi says

    Deboer I just worked for…the good-miles.the bad old outdated equipment, no tolls thru Chicago witch u go thru 100 times,no idle time(30) percent,and the bonus program is a scam.if u have to work for a couple min for experience then get a better job!

  5. mike brown says

    I am going to deboer on jan.6,2014 from what I’ve been reading should I go or not the only reason I am going is because I have no exp. If you guys know of any other companies please let me know thanks Mike Brown. (AKA biscut)

  6. sunflowergoddess says

    Currently, my husband had lost his job trucking and now works for this company. He has been working for them so far and has been on the road 16 days and only have given him one day home. Not home yet, but was told he was. It is very unnerving considering that they told him he was coming home only to get a bit of stuff for his truck and then he was supposed to be back on the road. Pay was also supposed to be weekly, and yet it is not. Still not a pay check. Getting concerned. I know that some of the worries that I have as a truckers wife are small and insignificant compared to other issues in the world, but I would like to know that the time away from his wife and son are well spent. Kind of stressed out that they are not sticking to their word.

  7. mike jay says

    company very bad about doing maintenance will make driver pay for anything that breaks dwn that they can justify to make drivers pay 4 no break dwn pay unless 24 hrs broke dwn, can expect 2 wait 4+ hrs 2 get loaded without driver compensation. sleeping quarters a real joke dirty rooms, in a tin building with only bathroom down stairs. The most break dwns I ever experience 3 within 30 days. drivers must buy tools out of pockets no reimbursement for tools. pstarting pay 30cpm. Image of company is 2 do least as possible on the cheap. If possible try 2 find another company.

  8. Paul Ingerson says

    deBoer is a joke.. There so called late model trucks are rejects that Swift has used and abused. I was with them over a year and a half, and have seen more Volvo repair shops and motel rooms then I care too…

    They demand you to make deliveries on time, which would be no problem, if given the chance.. But after making a delivery, they send you 3 hrs drive to make a pick up, when you only have an hour on your time to do so, then want you to del 800 miles away the next morning, all on e-logs..

    I tried to quit, told them so, just wanted to get me home to unload my stuff so I could return there truck to a terminal, but they kept me from doing so.. I had enough with this new head strong female dispatcher, and ended up just parking the truck, and telling them to just come and get it.. Never have had to do that before, I just had enough of there crap…

    Word of advice, if your there now, or thinking of going on with them, just run.. Run away as fast as you can…

  9. Jim Holloman says

    There is no such thing as a perfect trucking co. Don’t believe everything you read. I am a retired driver of 42 years and have worked for several company’s. Do what you are asked and you will have no problems. Most of these people on this site just don’t want to work. Trucking is not for everyone. Not a nine to five job. Just get the load and get it delivered and you will be fine. If you don’t like a company you are working for give them notice and find another. My son works for deBoer and seems to be happy there so it’s not all bad.

  10. Lendin Yowell says

    Hey guys this company didn’t pay me for several loads and I didn’t get a copy of their IFTA license for my taxes and now have comptrollers on me to pay what they should have paid. Does anyone have a copy of their IFTA for this company they can send me via email at

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