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  1. Joe says

    I was employed with watkins and shepard for over 8 years. I mainly work out of the Taylor, MI. terminal. I rather enjoyed working for the people out of that terminal. The reason I chose to leave was due to them messing with my pay one to many times. The reason I say that is main office in Montana decided to change the way they paid some drivers. The end result was I was making nealy $200 a week less doing the same job I had been doing for nealy 8 years. I was still putting in the same amount of hours. And to add insult to injury, they cut my vacation pay by $150 a week.

    Now I did try to run over the road with them for a short time. I did not care for it. Did way to much sitting. Especially if you went to their Dalton GA terminal. They would have you do an early morning delivery in Atlanta and maybe have to make pick ups on the way to the Dalton terminal. That wouldn’t be so bad but you would waiting at various stops and not make any extra money. Of course the local drivers were paid by the hour. Oh, and did I mention after all that, you would have to sit all day and MAYBE get a load out of Dalton around midnight. Good luck if you show up on the weekend.

    Oh, and if you live on the east coast, be prepared to sent out west and get stuck there. My dad worked for the same company and everytime they sent him west it seemed like he threaten to quit in order for them to get him home when he was suppose to be.

    The good thing about them is that if your returning to the industry after being out of the truck for years like my Dad they have a short training period. He only had to take a refresher course at a trucking school and then he went their school and was out on the road in a week. Was suppose to be 10 days but he was the only student and the trainer felt my dad was wasting his time and kicked him out early.

    Some drivers seem happy, and some don’t. I felt they screwed me one to many times and that is why I left. Good luck if you chose to go there.

    P.S. The trucks do have APU’s but with the exception of a few trucks with tripacs the others suck.
    The last truck I had was equipped with a pony pack. I was constainly fixing it because the only place to get it fixed was Montana. Didn’t help me much since I lived and worked in Michigan.

  2. Joe says

    I can’t speak directly to the previous post but if you look through other postings in the forum I think you will find that most people have more positive experiences.

    • says

      Joe, I agree that there are a number of satisfied W&S drivers on the forum, and you’re certainly welcome to point that out and reply to negative reviews. You also have an understandable bias to show W&S in a positive light, and in the interest of full disclosure it would be good to state your position at the company. Executives from other companies have responded on here without disclosing their position and it ends up looking like shilling, which I don’t think is something you or W&S would do.

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