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Company Overview
Number of trucks: 13,000
Number of terminals: 430
Specialty: manufacturing, retail, government, exhibit/trade shows, associations, importers
Labor status: Union

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  1. Alfred says

    Hard to get into, harder to stay at, imossible to say where they will be in 3-10 years. I was laid-off twice in 2.5 years, the last one laid off guys with 18-20 years, so don’t spend your whole paycheck. Overall I had a good experience, but Union Labor Swagger, and everyone’s a tough guy atmosphere. Side with the company your an a–hole, side with the union and you are a target. It is no wonder this company has spent the last 3-4 years gasping for air.. Great equipment, but don’t tell that to the drivers, you will get an earfull, and it’s usually the bums that spend their first three hours at the shop to get a light bulb replaced EVERY day. Here is the funny part, they all stand at the shop door drinking coffee, talking about how long they’ve been and how good they are at YRC. This company uses the “See it now, fire you later” application tactic. That is, their application asks for SO much information, there is NO way you can answer it all accurately, which is fine until some dumb paper pushing company butt kisser feels it is time for you to go. I do not recommend this company, as you will have to start on-call up to 7 days a week, on the dock, or driving. Even if you are brought onboard as a driver, you will have to bid (union seniority rules) for that spot again in 6 months. Chances are you will be a dock worker on what they call 10%. That means you are committed to working 5 days in a 7 day week. Weeks run Monday to Sunday, so… That means if you work M-Tu-W-Th-F you have the weekend off, but if you do not work say W+Th, then you are on the call list through the weekend. You have two hours to report for your shift.. If you are late, or if ANYTHING happens in your first 90 days, you are fired. 10% people DO NOT have a minimum number of days to work, so again, don’t spend you whole paycheck. Lastly, dock workers make what drivers make, are not subject to Drug/Alcohol checks, unless you are a driver working the dock and they have no respect for drivers or their stuff, so don’t leave anything laying around. One more thing, your heath care is great, BUT, paid Week to Week, which means, you only have beni’s if you work around 18 hours the previous week or that week, I can’t remember, but it’s laim just the same. Good Luck..

  2. Gary says

    I work at a terminal in the south. That is a very accurate description of the union/YRC atmosphere! I was trying to clarify something. Does a new hire get 5 sick/personal days after 90 days of employment if you were hired before April 1?
    I think my TM is trying to get over on me and a few other new hires. I worked for Roadway fulltime in the 90’s and I remember getting 5 sick days after my first 90 days.

  3. Don says

    I agree with Alfred also. I began working with YRC 02 Jul 2015. So, that means I am one of the low men on the totem pole. During the end of summer I was running three or four trips per week. One return trip got me back to the terminal on Labor Day about 20:45. My next trip out was on 19 Sept. 2015. I SAT AT HOME FOR 11 DAYS CALLING THE UPDATE DISPATCH LINE, EVERY FEW HOURS (WHICH MOST OF THE TIME STILL HAD 12 TO 24 HOUR OLD STUFF ON IT) TO SEE WHAT NUMBER I WAS IN LINE TO GET A TRIP OUT.

    Seems they are just like other trucking companies, they will blow lots of smoke and tell you just how great it is going to be just to fill a seat. All of the drivers that have been there longer make trips. Others will set thinking, “I’m number 3 for the next call block (every 6 hours drivers are called to take the trips) and I never receive a call from dispatch. I’ll call the dispatcher to see why I have not received a call yet. I am then told, “Oh, other drivers with more time are ahead of you. You’re 23rd in line”. All than now means is I’ll be SETTING FOR AT LEAST TWO MORE DAYS MOVING BACK UP THE LIST AGAIN. Then still most likely not receiving a call for a trip. That has happened more times than not already.

    My last trip was on (26 Nov. 2015) Thanksgiving day. I have been at home since. I called the update line at midnight last night and I was number 4 on the list. Today is 03 Dec. 2015 and it is now 12:10 P.M. I just called for the noon listing. I am now 13th on the list. Four trips went out at 06:00 this morning, no surprise I was not one of the drivers called. Seems a more senior driver bumped me out of the trip. So, I’ll set the rest of today again.

    I have already this morning began to research other driving positions. Once again I have found another company that does not care about all of their drivers. Just the ones that have seniority. MY ADVISE IS NEVER WASTE YOUR TIME, AND ESPECIALLY YOUR MONEY WITH YRC. YOU WILL SET FOR DAYS, OR WEEKS WITHOUT BRINGING ANY PAYCHECKS HOME. WITH YRC IT IS ALL OUT GO OF YOUR MONIES WITH VERY LITTLE, IF ANY COMING BACK INTO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. Most of the dispatchers seem to not care that drivers are setting at home. But, they will act as if they do. They will tell you that they care. I do not believe them any longer. They go to work each day and are paid. Drivers without trips set at home worried about paying bills, and making ends meet. AGAIN, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON YRC. THEIR EQUIPMENT IS TRASHED OUT (except for some of the newer tractors they have finally begun to get) SPEED IS SET AT 63 MPH AND POWER CUT WAY BACK. SOME TRACTORS ARE SET AT 57MPH AND POWER CUT ALSO. VERY UNSAFE TRYING TO CLIMB A HILL AT 38MPH ON THE INTERSTATE. OR, WORSE A MOUNTIAN GOING INTO ALBURQUERQUE, N.M. AT 19 MPH (AT NIGHT IN THE DARK) AS TRAFFIC IS RUNNING 75+MPH. Once I locate a different driving position I will be gone as so many other new drivers hired either the same time as I was, or shortly afterwards. At one point I had about 12 newer drivers behind me. As of Thanksgiving that was down to 3 remaining.

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