California Only: Get Financial Aid For CDL Truck Driving School

Can’t find a grant for CDL school?
These trucking companies will pay for your training:

The truck driving industry has been a relatively economically stable industry that continues to undergo a great deal of growth in both fiscally turbid and fiscally prosperous times. What makes truck driving notable is the fact that the industry provides relatively stable and competitive wages to truck drivers. Most drivers are given adequate benefits, including health, vision and dental insurance plans, as well as access to money management packages such as 401ks.

Also notable are the various avenues available to getting involved in this industry with little or no cost to the would-be trucker. Applicants who are interested in pursuing truck driving school in California have a great deal of finical aid and incentive based options in order to help fund the tuition associated with truck driving school.

A plethora of government grants, student loans and scholarships are available to California residents interested in participating in trucking school in California. It is important to discuss financial aid opportunities with the trucking school you are interested in enrolling with. In many cases, your particular set of financial circumstances may also play a role in the financial aid opportunities available to you. For instance, Pell grants are available to truck driving students who meet certain financial requirements.

A more common form of financial aid is Federal government aid provided pursuant to the Workforce Investment Act. WIA grants can, in many instances, fund the entire cost of your trucking school education. WIA grants are made available to people who have recently been laid off and are a fantastic resource for those interested in pursuing a new career path as a truck driver.

Also available at your disposal are California state based grants. Such grants are offered by the state of California and help offset the cost of trucking school tuition. The availability of California state based grants will depend on your particular set of circumstances. Details concerning eligibility requirements can be found at most trucking school facilities.

Be sure to contact your local trucking school for information about the financial aid opportunities available to California truckers.

Can’t find a grant for CDL school?
These trucking companies will pay for your training:

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