How to Get Pell Grants for CDL Trucking School

Can’t find a grant for CDL school?
These trucking companies will pay for your training:

Everyone is out to better themselves nowadays and one of the best ways to get a job that actually pays well is to get an education under your belt. The trucking industry needs a workforce, just like any industry and from the looks of it, trucking companies will not be going out of business anytime soon! Trucking is a major industry that is absolutely necessary. As long as there are stores that sell goods and manufacturers that need parts, there will be truck drivers and trucking companies to carry this freight across the country.

If you are looking to break into an industry that is always hiring, then the truck driving industry may be exactly what you are looking for! In fact, a lot of people are turning to trucking school and the trucking industry to help them earn a living after getting laid off or losing their previous job. Even people who used to work in offices and corporate positions are driving trucks! If you are looking for an education that will actually get you a job in a career field that is hiring, then trucking school may just be for you.

Of course, like any career, trucking does require an education. CDL training generally lasts anywhere from 9 to 24 weeks, though there are longer courses available as well. A lot of trucking schools will hire you for a period after you have completed the basic training so that you can get some experience. After this period of time, you are free to find employment with any trucking company.

A lot of people get deterred from going to CDL trucking school because you usually cannot get college loans to pay for it. When people just start looking at it from the outside, it seems like a hard thing to break into. However, in reality, getting your trucking school education paid for with Pell grants is not that difficult. Pell grants are obtained for education by filling out a FAFSA, which is a Federal application for Federal student aid. This is a program that helps members of families who do not make a lot of money by helping them pay for college classes. There are a number of different requirements that you must meet before you are eligible for Pell grants and here are some of the more basic ones.

First of all, you must complete a FAFSA. Second, you need to be a U.S. citizen, national or eligible non-alien. Third, you need to be an undergraduate student or in some cases, already be on the way to completing your first degree level. Fourth, you must be enrolled in some kind of program that will lead to a degree, diploma or certificate upon completion. Fifth, you need to maintain the appropriate and satisfactory academic progress, as is defined by the actual grant program. Sixth, you need to sign a paper stating that you are not in default on any kind of federal loan. You also need to sign a statement citing that the Pell grant will only be used for educational purposes. And finally, you must not have been convicted for the crime of possessing or selling illegal drugs while you were receiving financial aid.

So, upon hearing all of these requirements, it is easy to think that it is difficult to obtain a Pell grant for something like truck driver training. However, once you look a bit closer, you will realize that there actually are ways to pay for cdl training using Pell grants, you just need to know how to go about it.

First of all, you need to find CDL training that has longer programs. You will probably not be able to use your Pell grant for a 9 week school but a 24 week driver training school with a residency program might actually work! You might also be able to take trucking classes at a local college, as opposed to going to an actual trucking school. If you want to get a Pell grant for trucking school, here is what you need to do.

First, make sure you are eligible for a Pell grant by meeting the requirements. Next, start looking for CDL schools (or, colleges offering trucking education classes) that are compatible with Pell grants. You can find schools like by searching for the larger, more established schools. In truth, there are a lot of trucking schools out there that take Pell grants, it is just a matter of getting in touch with the right ones. You should be on the lookout for a program that takes at least 24 weeks to complete but also for a program that will end up certifying you or giving you some kind of diploma.

Upon finding a truck driving school that will except Pell grants, you need to get online and fill out your FAFSA. This can be done online but will require quite a bit of information. You may need things like financial statements, bank stubs and other records to accurately fill it out. Once you have filled out your FAFSA, you just submit it and wait for the results. You should hear back before too long with the amount of money in Pell grants that you are entitled to. Once you receive this information, you will know exactly how much you have at your disposal and can choose your trucking school and courses more accurately. Pell grants are awarded based on the EFC of those who apply. An EFC is a number that is assigned to you and it is derived from all of your financial data. Basically, the lower this score is, the more money in Pell grants you will qualify for. The best case scenario, at least in terms of your FAFSA and Pell grants, is to have an EFC (Expected Family Contribution) of zero.

Stop living your life for other people and not taking control of your own future. Learning to drive a truck is a skill that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. It is a great plan if you need a great paying job on short notice but it is also a fantastic backup plan if you are just looking for something to tide you over as you try to get a different job. One thing, however, is definitely for sure: using a Pell grant to pay for trucking school is definitely not a waste. You will be able to use that education anywhere in the country and will be able to earn a competitive wage anywhere you take it.

Can’t find a grant for CDL school?
These trucking companies will pay for your training:

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