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Professional Driver Institute, Inc.

City Churchville

Training Class A CDL

Course Length 160 hour program: 4 weeks (Full-Time) / 10-12 weeks (Part-time)

Student Driving the Truck Roughly 30 hours (depends on class size) 100 hours of practical training includes BTW, observation & range exercises

Cost $5,595

Commercial Driver Training, Inc. – West Babylon

City West Babylon

Training Career Training 1

Course Length 8 weeks

Student Driving the Truck 44 hours

Cost $5,900

Commercial Driver Training, Inc. – West Babylon

City West Babylon

Training Career Training 2

Course Length 4 weeks (FT) / 12 weekends (PT)

Student Driving the Truck 35 hours

Cost $4,595

Commercial Driver Training, Inc. – Hurley

City Hurley

Training Career Training 2

Course Length 4 weeks

Student Driving the Truck 32 hours

Cost $4,650

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Residents of New York looking to start a career as professional truck drivers will first need to attend a school offering truck driver training in New York and complete all the requirements for working as a truck driver. Today, truck driving is considered to be one of the most sought after professions. Many trucks that these drivers need to drive can be described as luxurious mobile apartments with amenities like beds, refrigerators, an internet connection and satellite television.

Most employers look for truck drivers graduating from respectable trucking schools when considering fresh recruits. Every reputable trucking school offers courses running for a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks for preparing the drivers with all the required training and skills essential for maneuvering heavy trucks professionally and safely. A truck driving school also educates the students about the regulations set by the government for the heavy equipment drivers. In addition to all these, truck driver training in New York also includes CDL training for educating the students about the requirements of obtaining a commercial driver’s license.

Truck drivers operating in the streets and highways of New York can be of two types. Drivers of the first type drive light overhaul or delivery trucks while drivers of the second type drive heavy trucks or tractor-trailers. Individuals driving the light service trucks usually operate in the local routes; they work within precise areas close to their homes. The ones driving the heavy trucks, on the other hand, need to spend several days or even weeks driving between different destinations. They are, however, allowed to take breaks in between. Commercial drivers operating in a long-distance route need to file information describing their trips.

If you have performed thorough research on the advantages of becoming a truck driver and decided to pursue a career in truck driving, you must gather detailed knowledge about the steps you will need to accomplish before becoming a licensed commercial driver.

1. The first thing that the aspirant truck drivers need to have for obtaining a commercial driver’s license or CDL is the leaner’s permit. They can visit the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to get a CDL study guide.

People who are interested to have several truck driving employment options available to them should opt for being tested for the ‘Class A’ commercial driver’s license. A ‘Class A’ CDL permits the driver to operate all vehicle combinations weighing over 26,000 lb while the vehicle is towing more than 10,000 lb. This CDL type makes you eligible for almost all the truck driver jobs that can exist. CDLs of both ‘Class B’ and ‘Class C’ only act as permits for operating single trucks. Anyone wishing to drive big rigs like tractor-trailers professionally will need to obtain a ‘Class A’ CDL. Irrespective of what your driving goals are, if you wish to work as a commercial truck driver, it is advisable that you pass the ‘Class A’. This will increase the job options available for you significantly.

After passing the written test, the applicants will obtain their learner’s permits. Students receiving truck driver training in New York should keep their learner’s permits for a minimum of 30 days before they pass the road test on Class A vehicles and finish their final licensing. The next step will describe how you can get your desired employment after passing your courses at the CDL School.

2. There are several CDL schools pre-approved by the trucking companies. To increase your chances of getting your desired employment, you should prepare a list of trucking companies for whom you want to work in future. Contact them to find out about the CDL schools pre-approved by them. The companies will tell you about which schools you will need to attend and graduate from to make you eligible for working for them. Usually, joining a pre-approved CDL school of a trucking company reserves your position as a future employee of that organization. Now it’s your turn to decide which trucking company you will choose as your prospective employer.

There are also trucking companies that run their own CDL schools. The cost of attending an in-house truck driving school run by a trucking company can range between $2,000 and $3,000. This makes these schools much cheaper options compared to the private trucking schools, which typically charge $5,000 or more per student. Like all other academic and vocational courses, the cost of studying at a truck driving school can also be financed. Most trucking companies reimburse this cost by paying an amount every month. This means the longer a person will work at a company agreeing to reimburse the training cost, the more will be the chances of getting the entire cost of CDL training covered.

3. The trucking company that will hire you after completing the CDL training successfully will announce a specific hire date for you. You will need to report to the company’s office a day before the hire date. Once hired, you will have to attend an orientation program that usually continues for 4 days. The next step of the orientation program is driver training. During driver training, you will be sent out for driving on the road accompanied by one of the company’s most experienced drivers. The duration of the on-road training varies from one trucking company to the other. In some companies, the driver trainer is the one deciding the length of the training based on the trainee’s fitness of operating a truck alone. Typically, new drivers need to drive under the supervision of the driver trainer for 2 to 3 weeks. However, the training phase can extend for a period of up to 8 weeks.

When a driver operates a truck alone, he or she is paid based on the number of miles driven. However, during on-road training, the new drivers receive flat rates, which typically range between $300 and $500 per week.

Your truck driver training in New York is complete once you have accomplished all the above steps successfully. Truck drivers of today are well paid, which allows them to lead a good life. Moreover, the profession offers them the opportunity of exploring several destinations, which makes the job of truck driving even more exciting.