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  1. Thursday, March 26, 2015

    Orientation and Load Securement classes behind me, I am now an official employee of Western Express Flatbed Division. This is going to be a very exciting new chapter in my life, one I hope will not be in the 'jump-off-a-cliff' category of exciting.

    This has been an eventful couple of days. A tornado did damage near my former home near Moore, Oklahoma, and last night, my youngest daughter and grandson were hit by a drunk driver racing a pickup truck, rolled five times, and they somehow ...
  2. Truck Rates For New Drivers

    by , 4 Days Ago at 12.42 PM (Driver Resources)
    I am going to post this as a separate thread from the CR England thread to make it easy for people investigating starting companies. This original posting itself will be updated as things change so you don't have to dig through pages to find updated rates. I will list TOP 20 companies and no more than that. 20 Companies should be plenty to to get started with.

    The companies listed below all meet the #1 requirement, in addition other provisions are listed below.

    #1 ...

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  3. Friday, March 20, 2015

    The end of my Fast. The beginning of Spring. And I got hired by Western Express as a Michigan-based flatbed truck driver, something I've never done before.

    Not one of the many companies I queried about hiring me would have anything to do with me, including my own former employer, the one company who knows the truth about what happened. But not matter.mthey all said no, except Western, and I'm thankful for that.

    This will be my last employer.mi have about 3-4 more years ...
  4. St. Patrick's Day, 3/17/2015

    You know there is something deeply Irish in you when your soul just smiles and quivers while watching a flashmob do an Irish dance in Sydney.

    My very Irish grandfather, John Burke, and his mother, Great Gramma Bertha Julia Burke, would be pleased to know their offspring Jimmy acknowledges their and his own bloodline to the Old Country.
  5. Monday, March 16, 2015

    My fasting period is coming to an end and this will be a critical Monday. I expect a telephone call from two companies both will remain unidentified for now - about whether I'm accepted as a driver.

    I have also seriously begun exploring leasing opportunities. I need and want the increased challenge and somewhat-increased flexibility and income that comes with running my own business.

    I've read and heard all the anti-lease trolls spitting their venomous, vein popping disdain ...
  6. Saturday, March 7, 2015

    Big day today! A very big day.

    Today is the start of the Iditarod Race, the last great race, pitting man and dog against the elements as they cross 1,000 miles or so across flatland, rivers, and mountain ranges, ending about two weeks from now in Nome, Alaska.

    This year is a big change from years past. Because of the very light snow pack and warm weather Alaska has had this winter, the ceremonial start will be held in Anchorage, as always, using trucked-in snow to cover ...
  7. Humans. Can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em

    I hoped to write every few days or so, but it hasn't worked out like that. A recent bad experience put a sour taste in my mouth for a while, but I'm getting over it with time.

    I have a road test with a local OTR company in Monday and if it works out, I will hopefully be back on the road soon thereafter. They got a bit sideways with FMCSA a while ago and straightened themselves out, fired all the bad guys, bought new equipment, and found new, better customers. They have almost a completely ...

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