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  1. Its Miller Time somewhere in FL

  2. Does anyone know about the schneider dedicated route for georgia pacific?

    I am about to finish school next week and looking at joining Schneider for the dedicated route with Georgia Pacific. I would like to know if anyone has ran this before and can give me an idea of the home time and normal area ran. I am in Atlanta, Ga and they said it could run from Florida up to Maine and, but could run out far as North Dakota and down to Texas. Any info would be helpful about the dedicated route as well as Schneider as a whole.
  3. I need help!

    by , 08.16.2014 at 11.21 PM (HELP! My Big Dilemma)
    I recently got my CDL but am a nervous about going for my first job OTR.
    I learned almost nothing in school as far as backing goes and did not drive on busy highways just city streets. I don't know much and have to admit I am not the smartest person out there not even close. I have wanted to try this for years and finally got up all the money to take the course. I am a very slow learner so I was at it for a number of years before passing the state test. I have some people tell me go for ...
  4. Hoepfully my final words on this subject

    by , 08.16.2014 at 04.39 PM (The wandering mind-no telling what may pop up)
    Do not corall me into some dark must corner of a truck-stop somewhere off the beaten path and yell into my face with with breath that could scrape away paint from the Titanic about how all the ills of your life can be laid at the electronic feet of your recently installed EOBR. This is an argument that should have died years ago but some how how manages to re-animate itself, especially with every wave of new drivers that know nothing except what they learned in school and how to parrot their ...
  5. maxxforce egr

    I am wondering if anyone has tried running with the egr unplugged on the maxxforce 13 or 15 engine. I own a 2013 paystar with a maxxforce 15 engine and I am willing to try almost anything to make this truck more reliable. I'd probably even delete the egr and dpf if that was possible
  6. Ive screwed myself...............agai n.

    Hello people. I have been driving for 18 years with only minor incidents under my belt during that time. This time I've had my nightmares come true. I work a local gig and deliver and pick up an average of 17 stops a day.(the most was 23). Last week I had a classic rear end collision. I was heading North bound on a three lane highway in the middle lane, came up to an intersection where the light had turned green already and it was about 350 feet ahead. traffic was in motion as I approached and ...
  7. A Rate Index is for Suckers

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