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Davidson County Community College Truck Driving school

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Davidson County Community College
This place is absolutely the best deal for your money, the course is about 380 hours of hard ###, but fun work. Class room and on the road training. For less than $1000 dollars in 8 weeks you are ready to drive, trust and believe that. You learn the do and don'ts of being a professionnal driver. We have had several companies come to visit , schenider , Crete, Cargo transport, Marverick, TMC Averitt, Old D, Trans Am etc.... Epes.. If you are interested in a great program to learn how to be a professional driver , and you don't have a lot of cash put your fannie in the seat at DCCC you want regret it. I have companies beating at my door, Tyson foods for one, I and happy as hell I made that decision to go there. Check it out for yourself. Its hard but its fair, and the instructors are great and they are your mentors and your friends.. My class graduates in two weeks/ Out of 24 students 23 will pass. One student quit. We are working our DOT testing , those test are a breeze compare to the test for the school, they are tough but it prepares you for road. Good Luck inding the school for you , but check it out