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Background checks

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I am a recent grad trying to brake into the industry. The problem is i have somewhat of a criminal background. My charges are drug related. Possession, under the influance, and such. But they are old charges. Between 13 and 20 years old. Should i be Listing these on my applications? My understanding was that companys go back 10 years. But recruters are telling me thay go back a lifetime. Can anybody tell me the truth.


  1. Mommas_money_maker's Avatar
    If you go to Canada its a lifetime check and they wont let you in. With that being said just answer the questions honestly on the App's.

    If the question says :any felonies in the last 7 years then thats a no

    If it says : Have you ever had a felony, thats a yes

    Hazmat and especially TWIC will check out lifetime but your charges probably wont disqualify you from getting them.
  2. jtc's Avatar
    they only check the last 10 years even if its a third party conducting the search for the company plus they can only report convictions not arrests
  3. ahmed's Avatar
    This site can be used for back ground check. from here we can find previous addresses and phone numbers, criminal records, assets, marriages, divorces, sexual offenses and much more.In short time they gave me data and i was able to find the my employes previous records.Law enforcement organization also use their database.
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