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  1. War on the Roads: Part 2

    by , 08.23.2008 at 03.25 PM (Becoming a Freight Broker)
    Trucking companies promote safety among their drivers in a variety of ways. New graduates from driving schools are placed into a driver training program in which the new driver is paired with a more experienced driver-trainer for six to eight weeks. The driver trainer continues the education the new driver started at driving school. The amount of experience the driver-trainer is required to have varies by company, with the lowest amount of experience being six months. Other company programs include ...
  2. Road Trip

    by , 08.22.2008 at 06.27 PM (My new career in trucking)
    I thought I'd take a little vacation before school started so I drove up to Ohio to visit relatives. I was surprised how much more careful I was driving around trucks, and keeping my speed down. I figured it'd be my luck to get in an accident or get a ticket after all these years, right before I start school. The trip took me about an hour more than usual, but there were no problems. When I got back home I was also happy to see that I got my acceptance letter to school and my approval from the TSA ...
    Pre CDL
  3. Starting School Soon

    by , 08.21.2008 at 07.39 AM
    Starting trucking school at Western Pacific Truck School in Sacramento on September 2nd
  4. Dowell Transport

    by , 08.20.2008 at 04.45 PM
    run for your life if you even think about Dowell , they well ruin your life, this is one of many companys that are mixed up with the red caps, you can't quit them, you die or go to prison first unless your run fast as hell like we did then you get black balled and find it hard as hell to get a job.
  5. Shock and Awe (talking to recruits in Atlanta)

    by , 08.20.2008 at 07.02 AM
    I was sitting in the lobby of the hotel we use in Atlanta the other day (Monday) and a group of seven came in and plopped down in the lobby couches around where I was sitting...

    They were very excited and gung-ho about their orientation starting that day with "Super Service".. (an OTR company based out of Ky.).

    One of them asked me if I was going to orientation too....

    I said - "no, I am going to work in a few minutes..." ...
  6. the new 4 letter word

    by , 08.20.2008 at 02.48 AM
    For some time it seems to me that saying you're American is like using a 4 letter word. Being in the Army I travel a lot all over the world. I get the briefs about keeping a low profile etc. I'm beyond the point of appologizing for being American.

    On my first overseas tour I felt really out of place. I was stationed in Japan, btw I'm 6'1 and very pastie, I stick out just a bit. You know what I learned though. You have to show you are not the stereotype that everyone thinks you ...
  7. I need an experienced team partner

    by , 08.19.2008 at 04.01 PM
    Hi all,

    I will be starting with Schneider in about 1 week for training and then OTR. I have 6 months previous experience back in 2006, this is why I have to do the training thing over again - no big deal though, it best to be safe then sorry. Are there any experienced female drivers that are with Schneider who are currently looking for a team partner OTR? The list I have is all males, which is ok but it doesn't hurt to ask around in the meantime

    Thanks, comments are ...