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  1. Stuff Changes

    Aint written in a while because things have been pretty mundane. But have had a few interesting things as of late.

    A little over a week ago while I was parked at the OC a fellow Schneider driver backed into me. I had just closed my curtains to change clothes, so I didn't even see it coming. He cracked my hood and knocked my headlight out of adjustment.
    A few days later another driver backed into me at the F-J. Again, my curtain was closed. I was facing west and was keeping the ...
  2. Murphys Flaw

    Well today sucked straws. As posted earlier, you know how the day started. Now comes the rest of the story.

    They got the light repaired over my cab. Looked to be a wiring issue. Come for the light, stay for the PM. I told them I was under critical load and would have to check with my DBL. A half truth, to be sure. This load wasn't critical, but it was the load to get me to my critical, dedicated load.
    And home for the night, which I find critical.

    My DBL says, ...
  3. Schneider - Totally Dedicated..... Sorta.....

    Friday my DBL called me to let me know I would be starting the dedicated account. He informed me I am required to be available five days a week (ok) and that I would be salaried (nice.)

    As we had discussed before, this is a brand new gig, so we'll just see how this works out. Not a problem. I'm game to work it out. It seems to accomplish all our desires; I get a predictable schedule/paycheck, increased home time, they get an important account promptly serviced. Win/win, right. ...
  4. Schneider - Roll With It

    Last couple of weeks have profited fairly well. I had an eye doc appointment Friday afternoon so my DBL assured me he'd work it out with me.

    F-A-I-L! But it wasn't his fault. I had things pretty well paired out where I'd be cutting it close when the unexpected happened.

    I was loaded from one shipper with a double drop; a partial live unload with a drop and roll to follow. As it turned out, the first drop was overshipped by one pallet, and they refused it.

    That ...

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    Schneider National
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