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  1. The Indomitable JSBS

    Around midnight thirty I was getting settled back into the truck. Knowing the chances of a quick response from support shift, I go ahead and dial their number whilst I get ready to roll. Then I take off. About thirty minutes later it rings through then goes back on hold. After fifty minutes I get the same girl I recently had the displeasure to speak with whom informed me we could not conduct our business while I parked on the shoulder.

    I tell her what I'm calling for, our three some ...

    Updated 06.19.2012 at 07.52 PM by Blank_Look

    Schneider National
  2. Schneider - Company vs IC

    IC is what Schneider calls O/O, Independent Contractors. It is probably a safe bet that every driver considers the possibility of owning their own truck and earning their own money. Now that I'm getting fairly comfortable with my driving I have to say that it is now rolling around in my head.

    I questioned my father-in-law about using his truck when he's not using it, kinda like leasing it from him, that way it can be earning him money when he's not using it and I can work my own pace ...