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  1. facebook

    by , 12.06.2010 at 03.18 AM
    I use facebook more than myspace these days. I like the myspace format better but I found most of my family has facebook so that's where I post most.

    Updated 12.06.2010 at 04.12 AM by shandera

  2. Pics

    by , 07.23.2010 at 09.04 PM
    It was going to take to long to upload pics into an album here so if ya wanna take a peak at my family try my myspace, there a tons of photos there.
  3. Not doin to bad.......

    by , 07.23.2010 at 08.56 PM
    The last few days have been good. I had a meeting with Katie's social worker and they plan to return custody to me as of August 13th if not before. #### what a long road.

    Kate graduated from the program she has been in for two years on June 23rd. Sometimes I've cursed her dad for placing her in the states care but since she has been home I've seen such a turn around that I can honestly say from my point of view it has been worth it. I'm so very proud of the changes she has made and ...
  4. Some people....

    by , 07.17.2010 at 10.33 PM
    Some people just make me nuts. I'm doin all I can to keep up the positive energy and SOME morons just haven't clue how to be sensitive or even considerate.

    Case in point: My mother called the other night.She did her usual crap then had the balls to ask me if I have been seeing my dad or granny yet??? WTH.......most people know that when you are close to the end you start seeing loved ones who have come to help you cross yes I was just mad as you-know-what.
  5. catch up at.........

    by , 04.07.2010 at 03.58 PM
  6. Free at at last

    by , 10.03.2008 at 07.44 PM
    As of 9am yesterday i am officially divorced and happy as hell. Now to get on with life and get busy living.
  7. Day 1 Bakersfield

    by , 06.23.2008 at 09.19 PM
    This move has not gone smoothly at all. After multiple setbacks we are finally on the road and in Bakersfield.

    The move was delayed first due to multiple reasons. We've encountered everything from a murder 2 houses a way to wiring problems, to having to leave my truck behind.

    Yeap several times I've wanted to say screw it and not go, but a mortgage payment is a mortgage payment and I can't back out now.

    I think this should fall under be careful what you ...
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