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Looking for a good company

Ok, so how do I handle a stressed out truck driving husband? When he calls me he sounds so stressed out about making time and how the traffic is, how do I deal with him? Any suggestions??

  1. Reefer companies

    by , 01.12.2012 at 05.07 AM (Looking for a good company)
    Hey everyone, my husband is looking to go back on the road and is looking for a good company that hauls reefer products. He has worked for Swift in the past in their owner operator program and we ended up paying them every week, the loads were not there so they say. He then went with an owner operator who had several trucks that hauled reefer and he is hooked on hauling that kind of product. He loved what he was doing except that the guy was not very consistent on paying each week. There were times ...
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