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Starting School Soon

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by , 08.21.2008 at 07.39 AM (955 Views)
Starting trucking school at Western Pacific Truck School in Sacramento on September 2nd


  1. pappygrayowl's Avatar
    Good luck to you. Keep the rubber side down.
  2. Sawmill2Driver's Avatar
    thanks pappy
  3. rikdev50s's Avatar
    biggest problem newbies have is trying to be in to big a hrry. Just keep it slow and steady... Good Luck
  4. Sawmill2Driver's Avatar
    2nd week of school now. its going well... seems like a very good school... the first week was in the classroom studying for cdl permit. was very well prepared to take dmv test, and passed it no problem. this week started with pretrip, and straight line backing... am getting the hang of this
  5. Sawmill2Driver's Avatar
    After 1 week of classroom got my cdl permit. 3 days of in the yard, straight line and alley dock. (alley dock was hard)
    Got to go out on the road. First time ever driving a truck.
    Man the 53 foot box is really long. had some trouble judging the turns at intersections, but didnt hurt anything. double clutching is going to take a little practice but i did ok.... fun fun.
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