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just waiting

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Hey guys i talked to wil_trans yesterday about a job.I don,t know anything about them.but with me not getting my deploma i have no choice.i need a job real bad bills are pileing up no more money in the to what you have to till i can do better.thinks ya for all the help.if everything goes ok they said i could start september 8th.


  1. nighthunter1981's Avatar
    not getting what diploma? high school? hell that dont matter as long as ya got a decent driving record u can pretty much say where ya wanna work~
  2. Craftsman's Avatar
    Like the man said, you've earned that CDL. It takes a lot of patience to drive a truck for a living, but can be a lot of fun and financially rewarding. Make sure that everything you do is in the name of safety. Don't forget there is nothing wrong with getting out and looking either. Take care.
  3. vhall's Avatar
    thanks nighthunter & craftsman