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What IF The Eyes Could See?

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What if our eyes could see what IS here (proven to be), but can't be seen...let alone everything else? Is there an angel beside you right now?

Humor me a minute and you'll see what I am speaking of...

Atoms: I remember reading in the Bible where the smallest (humblest) things can pack the most power (and God loves humility)...come to find out it's true! BUT, we cannot see them with our eyes...only science has allowed us to see them...fact is they were ALWAYS here but we simply didn't see them so for us they didn't exist. Now we know they do...example: nuclear weapons. Now I can see why God has the Israeli's use unleavened bread and HATES puffed-up, proud people. Makes sense. AND, the most powerful angels are Cherubs (the smallest angels).

If you think about it, something sooooo small the eyes CANNOT see them pack the world's most powerful punch, go figure. What if our eyes could see other things in FRONT of us that simply cannot be seen? It is a fascinating thought to be sure. Simply put, the power in EACH atom packs so much energy it is hard to fathom HOW.

Look at Israel, a very small strip of land that WHOOPED all the Arabs in 1967 and took what they wanted for protection (Golan Heights, etc.) even after all those nations came after them. Amazing. So, I am convinced that small doesn't mean weak to be sure. AND, even though Israel is very small...Iran (and the rest of them) KNOW not to screw with Israel! Also, spread out a world map...what is in the CENTER of the world? Little bitty Israel. Almost looks like a bullseye if you think about it. Is Israel the "Atom" of the earth? I have my world map spread in front of me now...Israeli's had no idea (thousands of years ago) WHY that part of the earth was given to them. NOW, it makes perfect sense indeed if you read Biblical prophecies!

Germs/Viruses: Our eyes CANNOT see these bad boys without modern science, yet they are now known to have killed BILLIONS of peoples over the years. Although the eyes cannot see these germs and viruses, doesn't mean they weren't there. We just hadn't "seen" them yet until advances in science.

Think about it...atoms control EVERY single aspect of our lives, yet we cannot see them. I remember the Bible saying, "people will believe the biggest lie rather than the smallest truth."

Conclusion: Maybe we all should show a little humility once in a while and possibly we COULD see what the eyes cannot see? American's, especially, are EXTREMELY proud people. I, for one, have never seen an atom in real life (have seen science briefs)...but who knows, really, if they are truly there? I guess that's where faith comes in? I think it is time for some of us to re-examine our faith in other things?


Check out this lady's blog entry on the same topic, I thought it was good: Opening The Blinded Eyes.

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