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Day One: Research Criteria

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After a lot of eHow articles and skimming the posts here on the forums, here are the criteria I'm going to use to determine which school I go with:
  1. Time in instruction. I'm actually not as worried about the classroom time if they'll give me the material to review at home, but I want as much time-in-truck as possible. I would prefer one-on-one time, but more than three to a truck is too many. I can learn from watching, so two to a truck would probably be the ideal. A minimum of 44 hours of instruction is required by , the Professional Truck Driver Institute, so that minimum has to be guaranteed.
  2. Number of days in instruction. Four weeks should be the minimum, but I'm hoping to not be in school for more than two months, so four to eight weeks.
  3. Certification is preferred, but not required. There are many things that might keep a school from certifying and if everything else is acceptable, the certification can slide.
  4. Equipment. I'm pretty sure W/S uses only Freightliners and Volvos, so it'd be good if that's what I train on.
  5. Instructors have to have at least three years of actual driving experience. My boyfriend has been driving for two years, so why would I settle for less than that?
  6. Financing. This is an important one. I need financing and would like at least some help with grants.
  7. Price. $2500 to $4000 is probably right. I can't pay cash up front, so less than that is probably a scam and more than that is probably a jip.
So there's the criteria. Time to start doing some of the legwork before I can start doing the REAL legwork.


  1. socaltrucking's Avatar
    Hi trilleth, i went to roadmasters in fontana ca, then hired on with covenant transport, dont make same mistake as me! people i went to school with are in there own trucks now and makeing more money then me caz they went to differnt company, plus, i found out i could of went to school for free, the union i was in up in seattle has a training area, i could of got my cdl when i was layed off on uinemployment, if id of only of known, now i owe roadmasters 6k, the smart people i went to school with went with schnider, the orange trucks, they get more miles and get there own tucks, covanent is mostly a team company, only have solo routes on east coast, if ur planing on teaming with ur bf then u wont have to worry much, ull be with him soon as ur out of school prob, just be carefull and do ur home work and ul be ok