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I believe in happy endings...

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Maybe life doesn't always work the way we plan or expect it to. But have you ever really stopped to notice that if you keep an open mind, the worst disasters can be turned to your favor?

Last July, my husband was fired by what had been one of his favorite companies. I drove over 15 hours to pick up him and our daughter.

When we got home, he was in a state of total defeat. His attitude was "who cares", followed by a bad case of not wanting to drive trucks anymore.

Well, the truth of the matter is, other than working in a citrus plant, this is all my husband knows. That kind of work will not pay the bills anymore. And since I have been a housewife for 18 years, any work I get is nothing more than minimum wage. So I knew I had to get him back out there.

But try as I might, he wouldn't just saddle up and get back on the horse. So he had to be prodded into it.. and he was. I tormented the poor man.. and am glad I did.

After nearly a week of Melva and Cindy and I doing things like a complete facial on him... I finally got him into the pick-up to go hunt for jobs.

The first two were a complete bust. But the last one took him on. And he is still with them, and wouldn't hardly look anywhere else!

He is surrounded by people he enjoys, and has a boss that values him, not only as an employee, but as a person.

If someone had told me on that trip to Colorado that things would work out so well, I might have doubted them. Today, I wouldn't.

Happy endings do happen. You just have to be willing to look for them!


  1. Knife Edge's Avatar
    Awww thats good news.....Well said and good luck in life!
  2. dshaw1965's Avatar
    great story, thanks i needed that
  3. Everett's Avatar
    That story is true as it happen too me several times over, same boat, dont want to get up out the type stuff, but if your willing too work, there work out there, thanks for sharing,God bless evereyone,Everett.