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Dam Yankee

To All.. I've received my cdl permits...

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by , 02.13.2009 at 08.43 PM (747 Views)
I received my CDL permits for General,A,Tank,Bus,Air breaks,( all the BS)and am going for Haz-Mat,yea buisy,buisy. The question I have is "Do I have to deal with this again?(at school) or just the hands on part? Must I do 5-8 weeks or is there a short bus(I mean,short class)? LOL Thanx.DY..


  1. jasondt2001's Avatar
    I feel your pain man, I'm going for my Hazmat, Tankers, and doubles as we speak... you might get more questions answered if you put it in the forum though.
  2. bluethunder's Avatar
    When I went to school I already had my permit Air Brakes, comb. veh. The school said they company I was going to drive for wanted me to have haz-mat. So while I was in school I only had to do the Haz-mat part. I would call the school and ask them anyway would not hurt