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Driving Job/ or is it

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by , 03.25.2009 at 09.22 AM (635 Views)
With todays world we as truckers are having a hard time keeping the weels turning, witch means we are not making the money we need to live and prosper. We are faced everyday with sitting in a truckstop wating and hopping for a load anywere so we can make some money, well here I sit, and sit, and sit, spending money for food and what ever to keep from going nuts as the dispatcher goes home everyday not realy caring that his truck is not moving, or his driver is going broke. I hope we can survive this downfall in the word and come out the better for it, as for me, well I may just go crazy sitting here.


  1. gandrew's Avatar
    My best friend in the business just threw in the towel. Almost 5 years as o/o, AA&E hazmat and so on, could not make it work. He and his wife are home in FL and will be talking to a lawyer about their options. Times are tough, no doubt. Keep your expenses down by eating in your truck, don't go to hotels too much and slow down to get better fuel mileage. By July we will be smiling again. Keep the faith.