Ross Neely Systems in Birmingham, Alabama

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    Definitely do not want to work for this company. They do not maintain their equipment, the staff well I need not say any more there, and the company treats the drivers like dirt. Matter of fact they treat dogs better than they do the drivers. The freight they expect you to run it overnight. It is few and far between if you get a load that doesn't have to be delivered the next morning after you are dispatched. They tell you they will have you home for the weekend but their weekends consist of Friday late/early Saturday mornings and leaving on Sunday mornings. At the pay scale they are paying I don't understand how any of the drivers survive or take care of their families at all. You work for this company if you want to go bankrupt. It is a very bad company to work for and I would not recommend anyone to work for this company. Their are more companies out there than this one, avoid this one at all cost. If you work for this company you will never find another job, they either will not give out employment history or verification or it will be negative if they do.
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    Jan 28, 2008
    I remember this company's slogan used to be "BREATHE FREELY SHIP ROSS NEELY" I have come up with a better one " BREATHE FREELY SKIP ROSS NEELY". Well here is another low class hole-in-the-wall outfit here in Alabama, God knows we have our fair share of them and then some. Folks please do your homework and check out a trucking company you are considering employment with, they are checking you out aren't they. This site is an great place for that and please check at the D.O.T. SAFESTAT website to get a co's safety info. Here is ROSS NEELY'S SafeStat:

    Inspection Selection System (ISS-D) Recommendation.
    (As of December 21, 2007)
    ISS Inspection Value:89
    ISS Recommendation:INSPECT
    Basis for Recommendation:Safety

    Recommendation ISS Inspection Value:
    Inspect (inspection warranted)75-100
    Optional (may be worth a look) 50-74
    Pass (no inspection required)1-49
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    This company has been in business for just over 50 years. The gentleman who started the company in 1958, Ross Neely, Jr., is 81 years old and still runs the business. He still has a CDL and even drives a truck when they get behind. Pay is a little lower than a lot of the big companies but drivers are home every weekend and treated like human beings not just a number. Saying this company is just another low-class hole in the wall Alabama trucking company is not being truthful. Very few companies in any industry have had the longevity and success as they have. This day and time if the drivers were treated as bad as you claim they would not survive. Also read a while back that one of their drivers won the Alabama Trucking Association Driver of the Year Award. I believe he was in his fifties and started working for Ross at the age of 16 loading tires. They must be doing something right.
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