2nd Battlion, 183D Regional Training Institute (RTI)

Pay Scale, Salary, and Benefits

Earn a regular paycheck and qualify for tuition assistance for part-time employment. Most prior service candidates will earn between $395 - $450 during a weekend. Benefits- -Paid training -A monthly paycheck -GI Bill -Retirement benefits for part-time service -Low-cost life insurance (up to $400,000 in coverage) -401(k) type savings plan -Healthcare -Student Loan Repayment


Job training requires professional development training, a combination of duty during weekends and during consecutive weeks. As an Instructor, you will spend time in the classroom and on the road. Requires military enlistment. Applicants must meet minimum qualifications. Must be able to pass a physical exam and meet legal and moral standards. Must be between the ages of 17 and 35. Must have 88M Motor Transport Operator MOS. Must have served in a leadership position.

Hiring Area

Hiring Area

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