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The average salary for drivers at Dynamic Transit is $67,000 per year.

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  • Overall
  • Home Time
  • Equipment and Maintenance
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Your not micro managed. Treated like an adult not an underling. You are what you make it.
144,000 miles before you get a vacation paid each year. My only one complaint.

Time off if scheduled 7 days in advance no issues in a family's emergency instant planning to get you home. Equipment 2017 389 Peterbilt (100) brand new. Very few 386 2013 Peterbilt All trucks equipped with evolution APU. IF YOU WRITE IT UP IT GETS FIXED. Miles are there if you want to work. Meaning if your willing to go where the freight is NSEW and not just stay in one part of the country you can make good paychecks. My insurance isn't as good as it was before Obamacare but who's is these days. I have been here 2 yrs and have driven 271,877 legally safe paid miles. Im treated with nothing but respect by my dispatcher,and office staff. The shop is there as needed there are rare occasions when I might have to wait until morning. My one and only complaint is we need someone there 24 hrs a day. .42 mile at two years of service I love it here and plann on staying as long as they will have me. The owners are a husband and wife that drove team at a different company and then started Dynamic Transit. They know trucking. And it shows in the dedication in excellence. From the well being of the drivers each year of employment the owners buy your dinner up to 50.00 . Christmas bonus, and dinner if your in town of the dinner. See there's many advantages here. And your a driver not a steering wheel holder.

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$54,000 per Year
Company Driver
Trailer Type
53 ft reefer
Years of CDL Experience
5+ Years
Church Hill Tennessee
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Love Dynamic

In response to a few disgruntled drivers at Dynamic Transit out of Granite City Il. This OTR model company really suits someone looking to get paid. They give you the standard day off per week out with an extra day. Their strength is length of haul. In a world that is increasingly more monitored and regulated, Dynamic runs a legal company that still gets a guy paid. The very few times I sat for an extra day between loads isn't as financially painful as it would be with those companies that over hire. After 12 yrs of driving, the number one question I always ask when considering a company is...Are these guys looking for freight for their drivers or drivers for their freight. Dynamic Transit is very efficient and handles the new regs without damaging a guys earning potential.

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another driver
dynamic transit granite city il

nice new equipment that didnt work. went without ac for weeks and had no bunk heat in the winter. turned off idle cause it burned to much fuel. truck batteries would be dead just about every morning and had to get jumped. in shop several times just to have truck come out worse than what it went in for. yet alone they stole items from inside my sleeper. gave you impossible runs and then try to write you up cause you cant do them and are late. safety person lost his class a due to accidents and speeding and they put him in safety to tell you how to drive, lol. used open door policy to owner, a foriegner from iraq i think and was told not to bug him on his time off. sat alot between loads. when i quit, they wouldnt give me my last weeks pay....

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another driver
dynamic transit granite city il

I dont have the same experience as either of you. Dynamic trucks do have a battery feature that shuts the left bank of batterries down once they dip below 12 volts and a second bank of batterries to run APU. The only way you would wake up to dead batteries is if you let the truck run out its 5 min idle shut off and left the key on. Ive never had a dead battery issue. No a/c or heat for weeks? If you sat in that truck and overheated or froze THATS your own #### fault! Dynamic has a policy to get hotel rooms when thats the case. They aren't going to let you burn up or freeze because of an equipment issue. 7 hours to get a light repaired? So get off your butt and do it yourself. The equipment room will give you everything you need. I think YOUR one of those drivers that likes to sit. Drivers like you use it as an excuse. 

I make pretty consistant grand a week plus checks. Least ive ever took home was about 700 for a week.

As for Fred? Wtf does it matter wether hes iraqi, iranian, afghani, Japanese, Chinese, wtf ever? He's an American business owner that runs a successful trucking company. Thats a hobby? Doubtful! Theres tens of millions of dollars in this company. I doubt thats "just a hobby". Ive never even met the man, but ive never heard a negative word from another driver about him. Quite the opposite.

I know the safety guy your talking about. Hes not that safety manager, but he does work in the safety deparment. If you have an issue at 0600 on a sunday mornin.... you know somethin? Hes there. Ive found he works 7 #### days a week.

Any trucking company is what it is.. what YOU make it. How YOU make it. If you worked for dynamic and failed then you need to look at yourself. Ive never had my check undercut or penalized for advances or anything like that. Ive always been treated fairly and up front. Ive seen drivers come in making demands and acting like a pompous #####. Guess what? They dont last. Have a positive attitude and you'll be treated in a positive way.

Im done

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