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KC Transportation offers its employees the following pay and benefits:

  • 42 cpm  + additional attainable bonuses for OTR Drivers home every 2 weeks
  • 39 cpm + additional attainable bonuses for OTR Drivers home EVERY weekend.
  • Driver Choice: home EVERY WEEKEND or home every 2 weeks with $150 bonus for each entire weekend out.
  • Referral Bonus
  • Sign on Bonus $1000 for OTR
  • 1 Day Paid Orientation
  • Stop Pay
  • Delay Pay
  • Vacation Pay
  • Holiday Pay
  • Per Diem
  • Affordable Medical with Prescriptions and Vision Insurances
  • Free Dental Insurance
  • Free Life Insurance
  • FSA (Flexible Spending Account)
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Company Match 401k Plan
  • Direct Deposit, Weekly Pay
  • Rider Program - OTR Only
  • Fuel Cards, RFID tag fueling

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$18 per Week
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Kc transportation

I have been here just over a year. I live in Princeton indiana. Main terminal is in Carlton mi. All cascadia and governed at 65. Run loads for Ford chrystler and Toyota. Starting pay is .42 cpm for new drivers I avg 3400 miles weekly this year and I'm home almost every weekend for 34 reset. Runs go to Kansas city mo that as far west also Huntsville Alabama also oceola Arkansas also couple places in north and south Carolina and I mainly run from Princeton Indiana to buffalo west Virginia. I leave Sunday take my break pick up and drive back and forth and I'm home Friday for 3600 miles weekly and I run my 67-70 hrs out. Have dispatch issues and some schedule issues when I need to see a Dr or something but they have been really good to me and my family

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KC Transportation aka KC Integrated Services

Hey grasshopper ...i worked for KC twice ...06 then again 08 ...06 was local but they lost alot of fords lanes and so they were laying lots of us off like 30 at a time ....then about 2months later they asked me to run tri state but it didn't work out for me wasn't getting enough miles ,DO NOT LEASE A TRUCK FROM THEM ....until you have gotten your feet wet for atleast a yr OTR .....if you're in the motor city area type in EHS trucking ,im giving this info to you because you are married and have babies ....this is a local job running Chrysler frght ,..we will work your butt off ,but at the end of the day ,you park the trk and go home be with moma and babies....we will put you onboard ,train you alittle to make you don't kill anyone or crunch up equipment....this is Gods truth

....it's just because you have a wife and babies OTR can be poisonous to marriage also not good for your children,take this advice from someone who knows first hand ....good luck ,god bless ya !!!!

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KC Transportation - Carleton,MI ??

I work for a "lease operator"(mini fleet) who leases from KC out of MI. He has purchased 6 trucks in @1.5yrs from them. I will state that being a newer driver (13mo)that this should be a dream position for me, but I miss some of the randomness of OTR. I make .37/mi(KC pays 37.5&hazmat required) and do dedicated freight for the auto industry. I have run as many as 3800-3900/week and just came off a bid run to buffalo wv from princeton, IN that was 3590/week. The lowest I think I have got in terms of miles has been like 2400. 

The KC family is a homelike feeling. I have had little to no issues with dispatchers and its always nice to be called by name. There are issues I feel need to be addressed in reguard to load planning, etc.(9 hrs between drp and pickup)but have never been denied 10hrs, when mentioning to dispatch. They literally plan out your 14hr day in drivetime/load/return trip with around an extra hr on each end for restroom,food, fuel. You will work, so not much for truckstop tourism. Some companies do shutdowns 1 or 2x a yr so free unpaid 1wk vacation(such as the week of christmas) a cpl times a yr.

The equipment is well kept to say the least and have been overly impressed in upkeep of trailers and trucks. I am sure much of this is dictated by companies such as Ford, GM, Chrysler, and of course Toyota. Its impressive in my opinion. They will also do lease op on columbias for around 550 with other costs included in that with meeting certain criteria.(not sure what all).

There is not much room for screwing up and they tend to fire you first and not worry about the whys. My boss is a pretty good buffer, but I do hear stories and there seems to be a small shortage of drivers for the freight available. I guess everyone has different lvls of what they can tolerate in regard to how far they can be pushed to run. 

I never have to worry about waiting for a load, can come home every day if i wish(50 miles from term) and rarely run on weekends. So my experience has been good overall, but I still miss the road. LOL.

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