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Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by tri-z, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. tri-z

    tri-z Bobtail Member

    So i've started school and doing well unfortunately I can only attend on weekends because of my current job. The instructers are great and it is always 1 on 1 so learning is a breeze.

    My question is regarding the amount of wheel time one can legally do once I begin my career.

    Lets say I start out at 4 am and drive for 4 hours and then stop not to unload but to visit with someone have a bite to eat etc. and let's say I am off the road for 4 hrs how much time do I have left in that 24 hr period. Did i just screw myself out of 4hrs of drive time?
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  3. Aligator

    Aligator Light Load Member

    Jun 21, 2005
    You screwed yourself.
    Once you start you have 14 hours to finish your day. And the only thing that can possibly save you is 8 hours sleep. 7 doesn't count.
    Besides, most companies want you rolling, not visiting. I've never had a chance to stop and visit a friend - not in my first 165,000 miles, anyway.:)
  4. LogsRus

    LogsRus Log it Legal

    Nov 23, 2006
    Indianapolis, Indiana

    To answer the best I can:

    You started @ 4:00 am your 14 hour was up @ 6:00 pm. In between that time you can only drive 11 hours. Basically you have 3 hours to kill (visit with friends etc) but you will need some of them 3 hours for line 4 time (fuel, loading etc). But the 4 hours you did stop what you could do now is split break (which is why someone attatched the split breaking; I think).
    So you stopped for 4 hours, now @ 6:00 pm or sooner you only have to take 8 hours in the sleeper instead of 10 hours. This is if you know how to split break. Which I stress drivers need to understand how to split for your case above. I also have a power point I would be glad to e-mail you on split breaking. As the one below and there is another one on the Regulations thread that I have sticky so it should be towards the top.
    This is a topic I believe drivers should be focused on learning as long as they understand everything else:icon_smile:
    So pm me your e-mail address and I will be glad to e-mail you what I have on HOS. Different people explaining it will only help you (Hopefully) get it, since that certain word just might click and then seeing someone else's stuff you just might say ok I got it! :toothy8: So give it a try!
  5. tri-z

    tri-z Bobtail Member

    I guess that explains it. I haven't gotten this far in training as of yet.
    So if your on a long haul and have no scheduled stops (fuel, Loading, Un loading etc.) once your drive time is up your done for the day.

    Yesterday I did alley docking and after about 10 min behind the wheel I was doing well. After about 2 hours I was the master! The school I am attending here in S. Florida has very patient instructors that explain why you are doing what your doing. I guess it also requires some skill on my part. I have a 10ft trailer for my toys and I can get into any spot with it. I think that knowledge has helped. Looking forward to next weeks class. I'll keep everyone upto date on my progress
  6. munrkr

    munrkr Medium Load Member

    Dec 14, 2006
    0400 - 0800 BTW
    0800 - 1200 Off Duty (visiting)
    1200 - 1400 BTW
    1400 - 1500 Fueling
    1500 - 2300 Sleeper
    2300 - 0400 BTW

    Totals: BTW 11
    Sleeper 08
    Off duty 04
    Fuel 01

    Would this be legal/example of "split breaking" ?
  7. Gobi

    Gobi Bobtail Member

    Feb 6, 2007
    I am still in school but it is my understanding that you HAVE to have 10 straight hours of offtime in order to reset and be able to drive again. So 8 hours of sleep and two hours of personal time before or afterwards would be legal. If you get behind the wheel to even go down the road to get a bite to eat or something, that will cause you to have to stay another 10 hours in order to get your 10 straight off-duty.
  8. LogsRus

    LogsRus Log it Legal

    Nov 23, 2006
    Indianapolis, Indiana
    No on a good day say you drive 11 sleep 10, you can drive again for 3 hours (now that did not include pre, post, fuel etc)
    DOT does not state how many hours you can drive in a day! Just keep in mind when going to the next day that the driving time after your last 10 hour break is still counting against your 11 & 14 (midnight does not mean it is a new day).

    Now Canada does not allow anymore than 13 hours of driving in a day.
    Sounds like you are doing great and have a great school, keep up the great work:king:
  9. DanJ

    DanJ Light Load Member

    Oct 10, 2006
    It doesn't have to be 10 in a row. But one break has to be no less than 8, with the other no less than 2.
  10. MedicineMan

    MedicineMan Road Train Member

    Jan 13, 2007
    Woodville, TX
    I really wish they would just do away with that split loging thing. it confuses everyone and almost never gets used. Just make an allowance for team drivers and be done with it.

    Just forget that the day is 24 hours long. it has nothing to do with you anymore. Your day is 11 hours of driving and 10 hours of sleep. and you have 3 hours to load/ fuel whatever before you have to sleep again.
    These ruels are stupid, I thought the last ones were bad but these are worse.
    example. If you start out at 8am, drive untill 7pm, sleep untill 5 am drive untill 4pm, sleep untill2am, drive untill 1pm..... see where this is going yet??? ..... sleep untill 11pm, drive untill 10am...... cathc my drift yet? if you are only out ne night then who cares but over a week your sleep schedual has fliped compleatly. ANd yet they wonder why half of us develop sleep apnea, narclepsy etc.
    If they'd give us a decent set of regs the they wouldn't need all the safety people to constantly keep us (our logs anyways) honest
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