2005 International 4300 DT466 Turbo issue.

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by pgguy2003, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. pgguy2003

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    Apr 14, 2019

    I think I know what the issue is, I am just fishing for a bit of clarification before I move forward. When I cycle the key ON. I can here the actuator click about 5-6 times. The truck has low power and you can clearly hear the exhaust is restricted. I am assuming that the VGT vanes are corroded and sticking causing the turbo to not work correctly. I think this can be rectified by disassembly and cleaning or turbo replacement. If anyone has an experience with this feel free to point me int he right direction. Thanks!

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    Feb 4, 2009
    That actuator noise you hear is in fact the turbo internally stuck, jammed or coked up and it's trying to free itself. It will cycle the linkage 5 times at key on and if it senses improper travel or excessive current it will disable the vgt. Taking it off and cleaning is possible, but in my experience, the bolts will break and due to corrosion, rust and scale they just don't come as clean to get reliable life out of it and therefore installing a reman turbo is the quickest and best way to get back on the road.
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