2016 Kenworth w900 Tractor Protection Valve?

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    May 29, 2017
    Hello everyone! Just reaching out for some outside feed back and insight. So i believe I have a faulty tractor protection valve so I made a real honest and daring attempt to do it my self but holy moly it is definitely not a job for beginners and I would go as far as to also include advanced mechanics to the list. It's not that valve removal is difficult because of the air lines and fittings but rather the location where it is placed, accessible is not in the job description, the limited space is one thing but you also a have significantly reduced range of motion when you introduce the tools because of other things that are in the way. Well enough of my venting and blabbering but I'm wondering has anyone successfully replaced a TPV in a Kenworth W900?

    My unit has the valve directly under the cabin, underneath the foot brake pedal, mounted to the cabs undercarriage with a variety of quick connect air lines connected in addition to having 2 more valves attached off the side. [GALLERY=][/GALLERY]
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