2016 pete 389 + 2018 great dane reefer

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    Mar 5, 2012
    Ontario Canada
    Time to make it official on TTR.
    Looking for 150,000 cdn for both units.
    Truck only listed for 110,000
    Trailer 60,000. Together 20,000 discount. Much prefer to sell both units together in the same deal.
    HST tax of 13% will apply (claim it back from government)

    In US currency as of this writing the dollar trades at $1 usd = 1.37 cdn. Your total would be 109,489 + the tax comes out to 123,722 USD (both units). Call it an even 120 if you are paying cash and this is a straight forward deal. Comes with summer time contract if you want it (between Ontario and Michigan daily runs August 1 to October ~20~31 [first frost usually around the 25th] ) I now work for this customer in a managerial capacity and love it. This is an easy, no nonsense run. No time wasting waiting for loading, at the receiving end typically 1-2 hours max, been doing it for 7 years now.

    2016 389
    840,000 km
    11,000 hours
    full lockers
    18 speed
    tires drive 50% steer 90+%
    cummins 500/1850
    fuel 90/135
    bunk heater, inverter 2000W
    *also comes with all my unused sensors and replacement chicken lights, tire chains, 2 pails of oil, oil and fuel filters, bunk heater service parts, etc.*
    Never needed any major work. Runs great, ready to go.
    -Have factory build sheet for anyone interested
    -Owned this truck from basicly new (51,000 km when I brought it home)

    2019 great dane everest
    9100 hours
    75g fuel tank
    lots of chicken lights and driver rear read out temp display, auto tire inflation system, basicly every option you can get except interior lights
    new reefer chute
    -Also have factory build sheet for the reefer (bought it new from dealer)
    *also comes with all my load bars, replacement lights*

    20230614_143727.jpg 20191130_034135.jpg 20191130_034111.jpg 20230614_144902.jpg 20230614_145139.jpg

    2016 PETERBILT 389 For Sale in Ridgetown, Ontario

    Here is a link to my google drive with many pictures:
    389 pics march21/2024 - Google Drive

    Call or text
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