27406 Bilingual female looking for experienced person to drive team

Discussion in 'Drivers Looking for a Team Driver' started by SuperHighFlyer, Oct 28, 2021.

  1. SuperHighFlyer

    SuperHighFlyer Bobtail Member

    Oct 27, 2021
    Based in Greensboro NC
    Speak, read and write Spanish and English fluently.
    I HAVE ZERO EXPERIENCE besides trucking school. I graduate December 17th. 2021

    Please read my profile for more details about me so that you can decide if I'm a good match to team with you or not.

    I'm a no-nonsense, by the book person and business oriented. I don't believe in cutting corners or placing someone in danger just to 'get it over with'.

    Looking for an older female that knows the ropes. You teach me and I listen and make your driving a walk in the park without talking your head off.

    Thanks for reading.

    P.s. If you're this far and are already replying to this message STOP and read my profile before you do!!!

    Click: Profile
    Click: Information
    Then read
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