2nd backing accident in over a month..most likely going to get terminated

Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by Nyseto, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. MGE Dawn

    MGE Dawn Road Train Member

    May 19, 2019
    Vancouver, WA
    Same. Also overheated the clutch... you know, in an automatic truck. Didn't even know it was possible until the little error message came up on the dash
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  3. D.Tibbitt

    D.Tibbitt Road Train Member

    Apr 26, 2013
    Gettin' down westbound
    That is great we need more drivers like yourself
  4. Lepton1

    Lepton1 Road Train Member

    Nov 23, 2012
    Yukon, OK
    Here's the thing about someone guiding you, very few drivers KNOW proper hand signals. If someone wants to help spot me the first thing I do is set the parking brake and talk with that driver to make sure we are on the same page regarding hand signals.

    In the oil industry there are standard hand signals. When pulling onto a fracking site you aren't allowed to move, forward or backward, without two or three spotters. There is a team of spotters, all wearing head sets. One always stays in front of you and one or two are behind you.

    As you are looking at the front spotter the standard hand signals are as follows:

    BOTH arms up with palms facing you with arms moving forward and back means back straight up. If the palms are away from you it means move straight forward.

    One arm up with palm facing you and the other arm is held straight to the side means back up with the wheel turned hard to move the trailer in the direction of the arm held straight out. If the up arm palm is facing away from you then turn hard in the direction of the outward arm as you move forward.

    Two arms above the head, palms facing each other in a rubbing motion means straighten up the tractor to the trailer, whether moving forward or backward.

    STOP - this is the most important signal. No matter what, make SURE you both understand the stop signal: two arms crossed overhead with closed fists. A single fist doesn't cut it, especially at night or if your rear view mirror is shaking.
  5. Powder Joints

    Powder Joints Subjective Prognosticator

    Sep 25, 2007
    Rosamond, SoCal
    The scary part of this post, is in my view point you have learned nothing by your experience.
    Your post is blaming someone else in both instances.
    Your a new driver and already forgotten to read the deal on the mirror G.O.A.L.
    Also you NEVER, and I mean NEVER back up to get on the freeway. Just keep going till you find a suitable, safe place to get turned around, (avoid u turns your not ready for that yet).
    You are clearly not paying attention to your driving at all. 2 accident both preventable, yes you should have been fired.
    Hopefully the light will go on in that little gray area called a brain and think about where you are, where you need to be before you get there.
    First step in learning from a mistake is to accept responsibility for the mistake,
    Backing in a truck stop, radios off, windows down (yes even if its snowing), get out and survey the area making notes of the possible hazards.
    I used to make trainee's list the possible hazards on a note pads prior to backing in.
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  6. Farmerbob1

    Farmerbob1 Road Train Member

    Jan 17, 2017
    Definitely. After nearly 4 years driving, I can back pretty well, but I still always choose the easiest parking solution that is unlikely to be blocked by tard-parkers.
  7. just go to Craigslist there's plenty of rent a foreigners looking for a driver.. put you right into a truck immediately ...just know going forward two accidents in that short period of time is not going to leave a lot of good doors open for you..
    you may have to work under a 1099 with no insurance or work for a really lousy company
    . hello Western Express lol that's going to treat you like crap but hopefully you learned your lesson..
    the problem is a fact that if he wasn't a trained spotter with a big company like the Knight Swift holdings corporation and Victor Aka big Vic overseeing the safety and security why Kevin Knight brought him in charge...decisions you have to think about one important thing is the fact that you did not GOAL..
    which is why nine times out of 10 A backing accident is a preventable accident no matter what it is..
    these big companies in these insurance companies like to hang that goal over you get out and look..
    juss sayin
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  8. Nyseto

    Nyseto Light Load Member

    Jan 30, 2018
    Director of Safety
  9. Nyseto

    Nyseto Light Load Member

    Jan 30, 2018

    My plan has been to go local after swift driving a garbage truck or whatever for a short time. Save up money and get me a pick up truck with a gooseneck or a promaster van and work for myself
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  10. FlaSwampRat

    FlaSwampRat Road Train Member

    Jun 1, 2019
    Valrico FL
    Research, research, research before buying a lil truck. Most of those guys are pulling flatbed rigs for other people now because they can't make any money. The one commercial account guy at advance Auto up the road from me drives his dually Dodge with no bed and a fifth wheel to work there because he can't make any money with it. I have heard some of those trash truck guys make some really good money so that might be a good lead.
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  11. good luck on the hotshotting thing again there's plenty of low-ball hauling companies unlike landstar and Mercer and Bennett
    the hotshotting is kind of becoming like expediting and trucking as far as going downhill in quality so it's not so hard to get in the door..
    companies like two three I mentioned that will present a problem because whether you're hotshotting with a dually or what you're doing they will look at your safety record in general before leasing you on
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