3 months with Werner and fired

Discussion in 'Werner' started by Funzo, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. Funzo

    Funzo Bobtail Member

    Nov 13, 2013
    Pleasantville, NJ
    Thanks very much for your insight. I thought about the fact that future students had to deal with my trainer but I also thought if his previous students could stick it out, so could I. Hindsight being what it is and with the information you gave me I certainly wish I had done things differently.

    I wonder if anyone has any ideas what I should be writing on applications about why I was terminated? Once I get into an interview I think I can explain but I've been filling out alot of applications and they all want me to explain in sentence or two.
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  3. Florida Playboy

    Florida Playboy Road Train Member

    Dec 19, 2012
    I just want to say I love your cute avatar Funzo. Don't worry somebody will hire you, just don't go to CR England or Western Express.
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  4. Ebola Guy

    Ebola Guy Heavy Load Member

    Oct 11, 2009
    Manitowoc, WI
    That is a toughy. First I was thinking, put something like "Details upon request" but that wouldn't look good. Then I was thinking, you should minimize the reason as much as possible, like "minor accident" or accidents. Maybe the better thing to do is call the company first and explain your story. Hopefully, they will have an understand and will give you a chance. Then fill the application out afterwards.

    Regardless, you don't want to leave it blank because that can be construed as lying by omission.
  5. BrenYoda883

    BrenYoda883 Road Train Member

    Sep 18, 2013
    I have been thinking about that too.. what reason did werner say they were firing you for...

    I will say.. I think it is a raw deal that they fired you for $1000 worth of damage.. I know other drivers have made more costly errors... I think they could of put you back on a trainers truck for some more training... or spent some time with you in the lot t the terminal doing tight u turns and such with cones to help you out..

    I know for myself that I am much better at judging distance and space today than when I got off the trainers truck.. fortunately I didnt hit anything while I was still learning...

    I do agree, that maybe calling companies and being able to verbally explain before just havi g them weed through applications may help...

    Also, do not forget that you still do have 3 months experience... so dont rule out companies that want 3 months..
  6. Lowa3468

    Lowa3468 Heavy Load Member

    Feb 10, 2014
    Portland, Or
    Put in there (personal reasons). That is more than enough and if they want to know more they will and can ask which you will have to figure out if you want to share it or not
  7. ndrun

    ndrun Bobtail Member

    Jan 28, 2014
    Good stuff for all you guys that have been stuck with a lousy trainer. Dont ever let these second class idiots set you back. If youve made some mistakes and hit some stuff maybe thats on you but but learn from it and get back at it. You can succeed if you decide you can and dont let anyone tell you otherwise. Take the set back and get back at it. Put this stuff in the past and listen to the winners who can help and show you how to do it right.
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  8. truckinmike1984

    truckinmike1984 Light Load Member

    Jul 2, 2013
    Everywhere, USA
    Flat creek will hire anyone...regardless of their abilities or lackthereof. The pay your friend claims is also VERY exaggerated...Charles Patterson who owns Flat Creek...is a crooked man lol. They run teams in junk equipment making percentage...not mileage. They haul chicken west and get cheap brokered produce 10-20 pickup loads to haul back to florida. Usually goes to either publix in deer park or down by the farmers market. Usually the teams drop the load in kinston at the yard and their 'local' drivers take it to delivery. The teams have 75$ each taken out of their checks to pay the 'local' driver for delivering the load. You never get the same truck. It's also VERY ragged out equipment both trucks and trailers. Only plus side is when you go home...you can stay home as long as you want. They don't push you to come back to work right away....you go home n call in when you want to run again. If you don't have a courier...they'll pair you up each trip out. Most of the drivers are the rejects from other companies that are there because for one reason or another can't get a job elsewhere. I worked there for a year when I'd been out of driving for a year because my wife had complications after giving birth to our oldest daughter. I lucked out n got a good codriver. My first few were nightmares who claimed to have had years of experience...they couldn't drive to save their lives. They scared me worse than any rookie in school ever has. But if you are down on your luck and need driving under your belt...go to flat creek...just keep your head down when at the "office/shop". Oh n be prepared to get yelled at by Charles if you call after hours for any reason...n he'll be drunk so have fun lol.
  9. Davezilla

    Davezilla Medium Load Member

    May 19, 2009
    As a trainer for Werner, this is always an issue. Students need to start turning their trainers in. Werner doesnt stand for this kind of crap... I know, Ive been yelled at for very small things, like not getting someone a salad because we were on a high value load. They definitely wont tolerate this kind of behavior... but nobody ever turns them in until its too late.

    I routinely get students who have been with other trainers... they really need to learn how to speak up for themselves.

    The problem with trucking is that most Americans dont want to be the guy who files a complaint. In reality, its not a complaint... you are a student, they are the trainer... there are higher standards for teachers than for normal bosses.

    Anybody who trains with Werner is free to call their SDM and get a new trainer. I did it, Ive done it to students, theyve done it to their previous trainers. There is no shame in it.

    Its not like you are being a quitter... if you change trainers, at least you are still trying.
  10. Davezilla

    Davezilla Medium Load Member

    May 19, 2009
    And dont be too embarrased... trucking is a top 5 most deadly jobs.... and a lot of people get rushed through training. Its extremely common for people to have problems... and there is no shame in it.

    Some people are made for trucking... but its a hard job, a lot of time away from home... and very few people are really meant to be truckers. It doesnt say anything about you if you got fired. Its not like other jobs... its really super easy to get fired until you really know what you are doing.

    Good luck man... I hope things work out for you. If there is a will, there is a way.
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