5yr Experience Dry Van, Wanting Something Different

Discussion in 'Seek Employment' started by needanewjerboutwest, Mar 7, 2023.

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  1. needanewjerboutwest

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    Mar 5, 2023
    Greetings beautiful truckers of TTR,

    About 5 years ago I made an account here (which I don't remember the username or login details) and asked for help getting my CDL. @Chinatown gave me a recommendation for my first company and they've been fantastic (Thank you, Chinatown!!) but I'm bored out of my mind doing regional dry van work in the south east.

    I've started doing some homework and would like to not only find a new job, but relocate entirely come this fall somewhere on the western side of the country.

    I'd really like something more challenging and most importantly I'm really wanting to work with a company that has manual transmissions (I trained with a manual so no restriction) and not dry vans.

    So I guess I'll post my ideal and you guys can call it as ya see it

    • W2, company driver only
    • Absolutely no team
    • No dry van. I'm open to flatbed, tanker or whatever. I would probably need some light training but I'm a pretty decent self learner once left to my own devices.
    • Based in a western state. PNW is fine as well.
    • Manual transmission. I trained on 10 but a 13 or 18 would be fun as long as the employer would let me take it up the highway and back a few times to figure it out.
    • Decent pay for my experience level. No less than 1k a week take home, preferably more but if the company has other upsides I can be flexible with pay.
    • Home time does not matter
    • I'm willing to go everywhere except Chicago and the North East. However, regional to the western US would be a huge plus
    • Not looking for local

    I really don't know how the hiring market is right now, so if y'all think I'm being ridiculous let me know and I'll put a pin on it.

    Other then that, any company recommendations?

    Full disclosure: I have 1 warning and 1 ticket. The warning is a left lane violation, the ticket is for 66 in a 55.
    And I got a weed possession charge when I was 18, but that's over 10yrs old now. I could get it expunged but I've never really seen a reason to do so.
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