60-70 cpm/2-5 days home

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  1. Brndns170

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    May 16, 2021
    Driver requirements:
    •2 years of experience
    •No accidents or violations in the past 2 years
    •Current medical card
    •Ability to pass DOT Drug test
    •Go getter attitude and self dependent on the road. We pay good for good work.

    The pay will be based as follows:
    •2 weeks on the road 60 cents, 2 days home
    •3 weeks on the road 65 cents, 4 days home
    •4 weeks on the road 70 cents, 5 days home
    •Paid weekly
    •Bonuses for good DOT Inspection

    What you can expect from us:
    •No East coast or Long Island
    •Occasionally NJ, PA, and upstate NY if we have to
    •All trucks are two years old or newer
    •Ipass / Pre-pass in each truck
    •24/7 support while you are on the road
    •When you need help, we are there for you
    •We are not a cookie cutter operation. You matter. It’s time you get treated like you matter. Give me a call today and join our team! Thank you.

    •Brandon (330)495-1148
    •DNM Transportation
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